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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

QPR Remember and Honour Ray Jones - Retire His #31 Shirt

UPDATE 4:00 PM :

In memory of Ray Jones, QPR players involved in this weekend's home fixture against Southampton will all carry the name 'Ray Jones' on the back of their shirts, following clearance from the Football League.
The talented striker, who would have been 19 today (Tuesday), was tragically killed in a motor accident last Saturday morning.
As a way of remembering their team-mate, the players have come up with the idea of donning shirts with the youngster's name on their backs.
Manager John Gregory told www.qpr.co.uk: "In conjunction with the players, we have decided that this would be an appropriate way of publicly remembering Ray."
Following Saturday's fixture against Southampton, the number 31 shirt will be officially retired in memory of Jones. QPR
At the request of John Gregory and the entire QPR first team squad, the number 31 shirt has been selected to honour the life and times of Ray Jones.
Jones, who died tragically in a motor accident on Saturday, was handed the number 16 jersey at the start of the season by Gregory, but owing to injury, never had the opportunity to wear it.
As such, it is the number 31 shirt that Rangers fans most associate him with.
Jones scored six goals with the number 31 on his back last season and Gregory believes it is a fitting tribute to retire the shirt in his honour.
"The number 31 shirt was synonymous with Ray Jones," he said, "and we feel it is only right that no-one else will ever wear it again for QPR.
"That was the number he wore when he scored those crucial goals for QPR last season and that is the number we will want to remember him by."
Jones was due to celebrate his 19th birthday today (Tuesday).
May he rest in peace. QPR

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