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Update: #QPR's COO Unequivocally Confirms QPR's #WarrenFarm Training Ground Going Ahead

Just to Update the previous post:

  QPR Fans have been led to believe that QPR had abandoned their plans for a new Training Complex at Warren Farm

  But at this past Tuesday's London Assembly "Regeneration" meeting with QPR's Chief Operating Officer, Mark Donnelly and others,  Donnelly spoke about the new Stadium and area plans.  He then unequivocally stated the QPR Training Ground at Warren Farm in Ealing was going ahead.

- Donnelly's comments start at around the 40 minute mark of the London Assembly Video of the Meeting-

   I'll leave to others to "Square the Circle" with previous comments about the QPR Training Facilities.

#QPR Still Interested in #WarrenFarm?...QPR COO Met with London Assembly to Discuss "Regeneration"

   QPR Fans have been led to believe that QPR had abandoned their plans for a new Training Complex at Warren Farm

 But this past Tuesday a tweet from the London Assembly Member, Murad Quershi who serve on the Regen Committee declared: @muradqureshiam: At Regeneration Committee @londonassembly where @qpr 's Mark Donnelly confirms club is still committed to Warren Farm facilities in Ealing”

In response to a query:  QPR REPORT @QPRReport
@MuradQureshiAM @LondonAssembly Can You Clarify? Because Fans have been led to believe @QPRFC was no longer "committed to "

Murad Qureshi @MuradQureshiAM
@QPRReport @LondonAssembly @QPRFC I ask QPR about Warren Farm in meeting on Tuesday & a clear response that the club is still committed

As for this past Tuesday's London Assembly meeting with QPR's Chief Operating Officer, Mark Donnelly

London Assembly

QPR V West Ham- Assembly examines their regeneration schemes

15 September 2014

The London Assembly’s Regeneration Committee will meet tomorrow to examine the stadium-led regeneration schemes underway at the Olympic Park and proposed at Old Oak Common.
Construction work at the Olympic Stadium
The Committee will hear from West Ham United FC and QPR FC on how they plan to engage with their local communities and deliver successful regeneration schemes.
The Committee will question the following guests;
  • Neale Coleman, Deputy Chair, LLDC
  • Tara Warren, Marketing and Communications Director, West Ham United Football Club
  • Mark Donnelly, Chief Operating Officer, Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club
  • Kim Bromley-Derry, Chief Executive, London Borough of Newham
The Committee is also inviting Londoners living or working near a football stadium to have their say on how rebuilding or refurbishing facilities has affected them or benefited their community. The survey is currently live.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, 16 September from 10.00am in Committee Room 5 (The Queen’s Walk, London SE1).

Media and members of the public are invited to attend. The meeting can also be viewed via webcast.
Notes to editors:
1.    The stadium-led regeneration survey:
2.    Gareth Bacon AM, Chairman of the Regeneration Committee, is available for interview. See contact details below.
3.    As well as investigating issues that matter to Londoners, the London Assembly acts as a check and a balance on the Mayor.

For more details, please contact Lisa Lam in the Assembly Media Office on 020 7983 4067. For out-of-hours media enquiries please call 020 7983 4000 and ask for the Assembly duty press officer.  Non-media enquiries should be directed to the Public Liaison Unit, Greater London Authority, on 020 7983 4100. London Assembly

Archived webcasts are normally made available within a couple of hours of the end of the meeting.

Regeneration Committee - Tue 16 September 2014, 10am (With QPR's Mark Donnelly)

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Renaming QPR "London FC"

  Reading Terry Venables' new autobiography, "Born to Manage" (a prize from Queen's Park Rangers FC), I was fascinated - and shocked - to read that Terry Venables, when manager of QPR back in the early 1980s, had suggested changing the name of QPR to London FC. But QPR Chairman Jim Gregory had demurred.

  Venables writes "I even suggested changing the club's name, but I have to admit that Jim Gregory was uneasy about the idea.  His love affair with QPR was genuine. When I put it to him that London FC would be a name for the future, he could see what I was trying to achieve but never sounded convinced."

"I find it astonishing that London is the capital city, yest there is not one club with London as part of its name.....Rangers is not even in Queens Park. That was why I wanted to see us adopt a new name . London FC would have been simple, straightforward and instantly recognisable but it didn't happen as it went against the grain for traditionalists such as Jim."

  Ironically just a few years ago (September, 2008), Charles Sale in the Daily Mail reported that "The super-rich owners of London Championship team QPR have been discussing changing the name of the club to Queens Park City in order to emphasis its location in the capital. Renault boss Flavio Briatore...has been openly debating the idea with friends in football and motor racing." Daily Mail

  In response to that Sale article, QPR Chairman Flavio Briatore issued an official Statement
"This is pure fabrication and I don't know where the story has come from. I haven't spoken to anybody about this subject. "I don't know the journalist, but I know the story is totally untrue and we will be contacting our lawyers to pursue this matter further. "I can categorically deny that there is any truth in this article...."

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#QPR Officially Join the #PremierLeague Today


-- From the 1880s and on! - The Bushman QPR Photo Archives 

- QPR Report Messageboard



 - QPR History: Queen's Park Rangers Rules of 1896-97 (from the Bushman Archives)
 "...the colours be green and white stripes"

- 1896-97 Member's Card of the Man who gave the Club the name, Queen's Park Rangers (Bushman Archives)

- QPR Programme Editorial from 1957

- From 1963 Video: Frank Sibley Interviewed on the eve of his making his QPR Debut at the age of 15 (Still the youngest QPR 1st team player)

- Year Flashback: David McIntyre's  Player-by-Player Assessment of the 2012-13 "Team"

- QPR Officially join the Premier League Today

Premier League "...Queens Park Rangers join the champions of the Championship, Leicester City, and Burnley in getting promoted to the Barclays Premier League. They will formally become members of the Premier League at the shareholders' meeting on 4 June. " Premier League[/quote]

Explaining the Process and Meaning of Premier League Membership

Premier League - Thursday 06 June 2013

Premier League AGM marks changing of the seasons
The promotion of Cardiff City, Hull City and Crystal Palace to Premier League is formally confirmed

At the Premier League's Annual General Meeting in Darlington on Thursday, 6 June, one of the procedures undertaken is the formal end of the 2012/13 season and the start of the 2013/14 campaign, where the relegation and promotion of clubs are confirmed. This is done through the transfer of the ownership of shares from the relegated clubs to those promoted.

The Premier League is a private company wholly owned by its 20 member clubs, who each are a shareholder (the FA holds a "golden share" with the ability to vote on certain issues). Although the Premier League is a company incorporated in England under the Companies Acts, it differs from a normal company in how it manages its affairs.

In contrast to a normal commercial company, the Board of Directors has less power to manage the Premier League's affairs, with the shareholders being more active in the decision-making process, in that they are consulted on and make all significant commercial and operational decisions.

Shareholder meetings, where such decisions are made, are held at regular intervals during the course of the season with the AGM taking place at the close of each season. During shareholder meetings decisions have been made on matters such as youth development, governance, solidarity payments and media facilities.

The 20 clubs who will gather for the AGM this year will include the three promoted clubs, Cardiff City, Hull City and Crystal Palace. Before then, the Premier League asks the three clubs who were relegated from the Barclays Premier League at the end of the season (Wigan Athletic, Reading and Queens Park Rangers) to transfer back their share certificates that confirmed their status as a shareholder in the Premier League, which then cancels them.

Before the AGM, the Premier League Board of Directors meet and confirmation is made of the cancellation of the relegated clubs’ shares and the three new share certificates for the promoted clubs are signed by the Premier League directors and company secretary. The clubs are entered into the share register, as required under company law.
At the AGM, Anthony Fry, the new Premier League Chairman, formally welcomes the new clubs to the League and the clubs are awarded their framed share certificates.

Then they will await with anticipation the release of the fixtures for the 2013/14 season on 19 June to see who their opponents will be. " Premier League

- BBC - Football League clubs to discuss B-league plan at AGM Football League clubs will meet in Faro, Portugal on Thursday for their Annual General Meeting, where the issue of B teams will be top of the agenda.

Monday, April 28, 2014

#Obama Wishes #QPR Good Luck...35 Years Ago Clive Allen's Debut Hatrick...10 Years Ago: Gianni Paladini Buys into QPR....40 Years: Loftus Road Attendance Record Set

  - 7h
With and . President Obama actually wished Qpr best if luck in the playoffs. Pretty cool

-- From the 1880s and on! - The Bushman QPR Photo Archives

- QPR Report Messageboard



You can still get in your Q's for Thursday's - just use the hashtag! Panel of & Hilly

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TOTY: Schmeichel, Trippier, Cresswell, Morgan, Shackell, Drinkwater, Reid, Bryson, Hughes, Ings and McCormack
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- 3 Years Ago Today: The Sun with the Headline "Guilty" re QPR and "Faurlingate"

- 35 Years ago Today: Clive Allen's Full Debut: Scores a Hattrick vs Coventry

40 Years ago, Yesterday: QPR Crowd Attendance of 35,000 is set versus Leeds United

41 Years ago Today: Already-Promoted QPR Beat Fulham

10 Ago today, Gianni Paladini Buys Into QPR-

Looking back [10] years, on this day....At the time, Jones and Blackburn (and Davies) were running the club. Bill Power had just recently also bought into the club. Within a couple of months of Paladini's purchase of shares, Power and Paladini had taken over from Blackburn,Jones and Davies. 18 months later, Paladini was Chairman.

BBC - April 28, 2004 - Paladini buys stake in QPR
QPR have finally found an investor
Italian businessman and agent Gianni Paladini has bought a 22% stake in Queens Park Rangers.
Paladini, who has represented Fabrizio Ravanelli and Benito Carbone, has invested around £650,000 and more cash may follow in the future.

QPR have been seeking investors since coming out of administration in 2002.

The board are speaking to other groups interested in buying a major stake, including American Tim Krause and a consortium fronted by Brian Rowe.
Krause is the president of Milwaukee Wave, the American club QPR entered into a partnership agreement with last year.
Lifelong R's fan Rowe was commercial director at Loftus Road under former owners Jim Gregory and Richard Thompson. BBC

Standard/Matt Hughes - April 28, 2004
Rangers are lifted as Italian pumps millions into club.

QUEENS PARK RANGERS have received a huge boost ahead of Saturday's promotion clash with Swindonin the form of a multi-millionpound investment from Italian businessman and agent Gianni Paladini, writes Matt Hughes.
Paladini's Leeds-based property company, Moorband Limited, have bought a 22 per cent share in QPR Holdings and could increase their stake further if the club win promotion-to the First Division. Paladini has more than 30 years' experience as a football agent and will play a key role in restructuring the QPR squad this summer."

QPR 1st - 28th April 2004

QPR1st gives a cautious welcome to the investment made by Moorbound Ltd, a company of former-football agent Gianni Paladini. We are pleased to see that the Club Board has at last succeeded in attracting inward investment to QPR, but there are a number of questions that we would like to see addressed, primarily to do with the deal itself and with the business credentials of Mr Paladini and his team.

In particular, we are keen to know roughly how much has been invested to secure 22% of QPR shares and what further investment plans Mr Paladini's company has. These questions alone have become pressing, since Mr Paladini's emergence as a bidder has generated substantial rumour, which QPR1st does not believe is good for either the Club or its support.

Also, should Mr Paladini's company exercise its option, as a part of this agreement, to extend the 22% to 51%, it would make this deal the beginning of an effective takeover rather than an 'investment', although QPR confirms that the Board is at the advanced stages of negotiations with other interested parties.

Given the potential that Mr Paladini could shortly have control of QPR, we call on the Board to explain what checks of Mr Paladini's business credentials and background have been done (we understand from QPR chief executive David Davies that every test so far put in front of Mr Paladini has been met on time). Meanwhile, we are seeking talks with Mr Paladini, to establish exactly what his company's involvement will mean for QPR.

QPR1st -15th April 2004 - Three investors circle QPR

QPR1st has learnt that a third potential investor in QPR has emerged. In some respects this could be positive news if it means that people are beginning to see Rangers as a viable business proposition. However, there is still plenty of room to be cautious, since two have previously explored investing in QPR and have not yet gone through with it while the third has plenty of history elsewhere in the football world.

The latest interested party to emerge is Gianni Paladini. This was reported in the Daily Express this morning but the story has subsequently been confirmed to QPR 1st by QPR chief executive David Davies. Davies stated that Paladini is looking to invest, rather than take a controlling stake.

Gianni Paladini came very close to a majority buyout of Port Vale in December 2003, through a corporate vehicle named Vantis. However, at the very last minute, another party was given priority by the Port Vale board. Some sources say that this was related to Paladinis' stated desire to be the new Port Vale Chairman, others that he simply wasn't a credible bidder with sufficient funds. In an interview with BBC Stoke he claimed he had shown the Port Vale board proof of funds before they pulled-out of the deal.

Whatever the truth, there does appear to have been a significant falling-out between Paladini and Bill Bratt the Port Vale Chairman.

QPR 1st continues to explore Paladinis' provenance. It is understood that Vantis had recently taken an interest in 'investing in' or 'acquiring' a couple of clubs ... Port Vale and Notts County.

Opinion amongst Vale supporter groups appears to back the Port Vale boards' position in rejecting Paladinis' advances. Port Vale Supporters' Trust (VAST) and Supporters Direct uncovered a series of County Court Judgments against him. Davies explained to us that these are public knowledge and arose from disputes between Paladini and another football agent. That does not mean that they should be ignored, however.

Supporters groups also discovered that, despite his early denials, Paladini was a director of several companies, including a Leeds-based property development company.

Davies confirmed that the critical difference between the Vantis interest in Port Vale and the current Paladini interest in QPR is that at Vale Vantis was attempting a complete takeover attempt, whilst Paladini is seeking to invest in QPR as an individual and not to take a majority stake. This,claims Davies, should ease supporters' worries about the ground being property-developed, as the rest of the QPR board would have to agree to such a thing. At the time of the Paladini takeover attempt at Vale, it was claimed by some that he was only interested in Vale for property development.

Meanwhile Milwaukee Wave, whose owner Tim Krause has long been looking at investing in QPR, remains interested and looks to be moving to reflect that through investment.

Last, but not least, the Brian Rowe-led consortium, which also includes the Anelka brothers, is still looking to invest.

Davies confirmed that there was a possibility of a combination of two of the three parties/ groups working together and being able to invest independently. He also confirmed that an announcement about this could come earlier or later than this Monday, as stated in the Express.

Meanwhile, the board must pick none, one or two from three. QPR1st calls on the board of QPR to take great care making their decision. Whilst recognising that failure to secure inward investment will almost certainly leave the club dangerously exposed as the season draws to a close, we recommend that prospective bidders be examined as closely as ever. At a time when the club is about to play a crucial promotion game, we have a critical weekend ahead of us. QPR1st

Dave's Queens Park Rangers Site - "Moorbound Ltd Buy 20% of QPR" -Moorbound Ltd Buy 20% of QPR"
Moorbound Ltd Buy 22% of QPR Holdings

QPR have announced that Moorbound Ltd have bought 22% of the PLC's issued shares giving the club a much needed cash injection of around £650,000.

The deal sees Azeem Malik and Gianni Paladini join the board at QPR. Gianni Paladini is a former agent who represented many of the foreign stars who joined Middlesborough in the 1990's. Ravenelli, Juninio and Emerson were all on Paldini's books but he is now no longer a football agent after investing his money into QPR.

Chief Executive David Davies was delighted with the investment and told " "Moorbound were hoping to retain some confidentiality until the end of the season, but following speculation in the press, the Board have decided to confirm the investment.

"They have taken a substantial stake in the business and with Gianni's experience in football, it should be a great aid to us.

"They bring skills to the table and Nick, Ian and I are looking forward to working with them."

Gianni Paladini has the option to buy up to 51% of the shares if no new investment is forthcoming which would make his move a take-over and a little more concerning to QPR fans. Paldini attempted to take over Port vale earlier this season but fans grew nervous of the agents plans and were very pleased when his bid failed. ....


Tuesday 27 April 2004

QPR Holdings today confirmed that 22% of the issued plc shares have been sold to Moorbound Ltd of Leeds, and that Mohammed Azeem Malik has joined the board of QPR Holdings plc.

At the plc's last AGM shareholders voted to allow the board to issue further shares. To acquire 22% of the plc, Moorbound must presumably have bought a combination of newly issued shares and QPR Nominees shares. The plc has not announced how many new shares it has issued.

Gianni Paladini's representative Azeem Malik is recorded on the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants' website as being employed by Rehman Michael & Co of 277 Roundhay Road, Leeds.

Moorbound Ltd was incorporated as a private limited company in June 2003 and its registered address is also Rehman Michael & Co, 277 Roundhay Road.

Director Bill Power, posting on the messageboard today in response to concerns about the future of the Loftus Road ground, said: "I don't think I am breaking any confidentiality agreement by confirming that anyone who has asked to buy a majority stake within QPR have a stipulation in the agreement stating that they must guarantee our ground stays as is or improve it."