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Saturday, September 30, 2006

When QPR Were Top! Eight Years ago... "QPR Top Loo League"


BBC - September 30, 1998

QPR top loo league

Toilet humour: At some grounds the advice is "close your legs and pray"

Queens Park Rangers might not be flushed with sporting success, but according to a fans' survey, their toilets are tops.
A study of conveniences at away grounds ranked lavatories in categories from "The Ritz", through "Graffiti, Puddles and Wildlife" to "Cross Legs and Pray".
The authors of The Football Fans' Guide, in association with Match of the Day Magazine, visited loos at each of the 92 Premier League and Football League grounds.
Heading "The Ritz" table, the pristine privvies at Loftus Road are tiled in blue and white team colours - and even have soap, mirrors and working hand dryers.
But Brummie team Aston Villa were found to be letting the side down drastically with dank, smelly loos which earned them a place in the "Nose Peg Required" section.
And right at the bottom of the lavs league, in the "Cross Your Legs and Pray" category, is Mansfield Town.
The offending Quarry End block - where the report's authors advised users to "take canoes to negotiate the rapids cascading over the floor" - is now scheduled for demolition.
It's Most Awful Toilet in the League Award stands.
Cambridge United fan Janet Williams, who co-wrote the report, says: "Some stunners still remain.
"The male MATITLA went to Darlington for a stench that could be bottled and used in chemical warfare.
"And Swansea won the female MATITLA for floors awash with rank water, drink cans and sweet wrappers."
And she was forced to relegate her own team to 65th place when she found a frog in a cubicle.
Innovation clinched the number three spot for Manchester United, where judges were impressed by an automatic lights in the Old Trafford toilets.
The "Most Embarrassing Loo Award" went to Macclesfield Town for the female loo door which swung open to reveal a view of the entire away terrace.
Liverpool's newly decorated block won them the 19th spot, ahead of Merseyside rivals Everton.
The litter-strewn Goodison Park loos were rated as "A Bit Iffy" and gained them 51st position.
the report's authors point to "Toilet Facilities and Stadia" - a study produced by the Sports Council - which states that there should be one urinal for every 70 male spectators and one loo for every 35 spectators.
The reason for the discrepancy between the sexes is given as women taking twice as long to answer the call of nature.
Ms Williams says: "Most new grounds reach this standard but many of the older grounds don't, which is why many men still give up and head for the nearest wall.
"The Football Trust provides grants of up to 65% towards building new toilets and many grounds have indeed benefited from this.
"Others either cannot find space, or choose to spend their money on other things - while some lower-division outfits cannot afford their 35% share.
Ms Williams said the survey, now in its third year, had shown that some clubs were taking notice of fans' needs.
But she insisted that others still needed to clean up their act.
"For the amount of money away fans pay to visit clubs like Chelsea, the loos should be much better," she said.
She added: "At Stamford Bridge the male loos had a puddle so big supporters were worried about getting their socks wet, while the cubicles at Aston Villa were occupied by the mother of all spiders.
"Part of the pre-match ritual is to go for a drink and a lot of guys increasingly expect more than a mouldy wall to pee against."
The full results can be seen in the November issue of Match of the Day Magazine, which is publishing extracts of the report on Thursday.
It is also running a competition, the Search for the Worst Khazi in Football, with the prize of an Armitage Shanks loo for the nominator's club, and a year's supply of loo roll for the nominator. Pictures of offensive WCs can be scanned in and emailed to the magazine, or sent to Match of the Day, PO Box 27127, London W12 6AD.

One Year Ago: QPR's Paladini Profiled in The Times & Announcing Legal Action Against London Evening Standard

Alex Wade/The Times - September 30,2006
Chairman sees himself as agent for QPR revival

- GIANNI PALADINI was in typically expressive form. The former Fifa-registered agent had just been appointed as chairman of Queens Park Rangers and the phone would not stop ringing. Call after call came in, from well-wishers, QPR fans and, yes, one or two agents, with congratulations.
Paladini — who looks at least ten years younger than his 60 years — talked animatedly in English and Italian. Loftus Road has rarely echoed to the language of Dante, but the club’s long-suffering fans would not be surprised if a scene from The Divine Comedy appeared in the programme for Monday’s Coca-Cola Championship fixture against Crystal Palace. QPR have become the club at which anything can happen.
Confirmation of Paladini’s appointment yesterday comes on the back of events straight out of a soap opera. “Not a month has gone by without someone trying to get rid of me,” Paladini said of his 18-month involvement with the club.
An acrimonious boardroom dispute turned nasty when, minutes before an early-season home match against Sheffield United, a gang burst into the inner sanctum at Loftus Road, held a gun to Paladini’s head and allegedly forced him to sign a letter by which he would resign from the board. Four men have since been charged with conspiracy to commit blackmail and joint possession of a firearm with intent to commit grievous bodily harm.
This week, fresh controversy surrounded the affable Italian. It has been alleged in the press that he is using QPR to line the pockets of various agent friends with deals that the club cannot afford. Typical is the suggestion that one recent acquisition — Marc Nygaard, on a free transfer from Brescia — is said to have resulted in a £60,000 payment to Brian Hassell, an agent.
Similarly, it is claimed that £40,000 was paid to Mel Eves, a Midlands-based, for the transfer of Ian Evatt.
“These allegations are stupid,” Paladini said. “They are made by people with no understanding of how football works. If they want to paint a picture of me as a crook, they should find something I have done wrong. In fact, I have done nothing wrong, and they have no idea what they’re talking about.”
The phone rings again, and it is Nygaard’s agent. The tall striker’s stock is high, with two goals in the past two matches, including a header against Millwall on Tuesday night. His agent is chasing payment. “The first payment is due, but I haven’t had a chance to sort it out. There has been so much chaos here,” Paladini said.
First payment? “Yes, the first payment — the deal was for four payments over the term of Nygaard’s contract.” So there was no £60,000 lump sum? “Not at all,” Paladini said, clearly exasperated. “Contracts are never done like that. The deal is for four payments and I haven’t paid a penny yet.”
This, according to Paladini, is how all the deals for which he has been responsible have been structured. He adds that he has overseen only three signings. “The others were all signed off by either the ex-chairman or the chief executive,” he said. “I am angry that I have been dragged through the mud like this. They have called me a thief with no evidence at all.
“What does it prove, that I know other agents? I have spent my life in football. If you a solicitor, you know other solicitors. I need to know all the agents in the game, and knowing them means I can do a better job for QPR. I understand how transfers work. Football is a business and you need to know this side of it as much as the passion.” The phone rings again, and afterwards Paladini is coy. He alludes to a deal, nearly complete, in which QPR’s £10 million debt to the Panama-based ABC corporation — arranged when the club came out of administration — is renegotiated. The ABC loan costs the club £1 million in interest each year, but Paladini hopes to cut this in half.
“People must think there is some kind of mafia involvement here, but I want the best for QPR and I’m putting together the right people to achieve this,” he said. “The moment I came here I felt an affinity for the club, its fans and its history, and I wanted to get involved. I want to be part of the team that takes QPR back to the Premier League.”
Between 1958 and 1967, Paladini was on Napoli’s books wearing the No 10 shirt that, thanks to Stan Bowles, Rodney Marsh and Tony Currie, has iconic status at Loftus Road. It would be some joy for him — and QPR fans — if this thread had more than merely symbolic resonance.
The Times

GIANNI Paladini today began legal action against the London Evening Standard after the paper published yet another libellous and factually inaccurate article about QPR.
The QPR Chairman has instructed one of the country's top libel firms, Carter-Ruck, to commence legal proceedings immediately by formally requesting an immediate apology and retraction of damning statements made by the paper.
Paladini will also be writing to the Press Complaints Commission, urging them to conduct an immediate inquiry into the unprofessional way the Standard has conducted its so-called investigation.
"I held detailed talks with Carter-Ruck yesterday," Paladini confirmed. "It is their belief I have been libelled by the paper and on that basis I have instructed them to commence legal action. This will be on a strictly no-win, no fee basis so it will have no financial impact on the club.
"I am demanding an immediate apology - not just for me, but for everyone who works for, and who loves, QPR.
"I am deeply saddened that this is happening but enough is enough. The Standard has chosen to mount a witch-hunt against QPR and are clearly being fed a string of deceitful lies, inaccuracies and misleading information by individuals who have their own axe to grind against the club and me.
"These individuals cannot possibly be true fans - how could they harm us by pedalling such rubbish?"
Once again, the Standard is falsely claiming the FA are investigating how much QPR has paid agents to bring players into the club.
Paladini added: "Let me state this clearly and categorically. I have spoken to the FA and there is no probe or investigation into our finances - or how much we have paid agents. Yes, they ask to be kept informed of how the club is being run - as they do with all clubs.
"That is right and proper and we have always co-operated. But we have nothing to hide and there is nothing that has caused them any concern. I have their assurance that we are not under suspicion.
"Anyone reading the Standard right now would think QPR is being run by the mafia. Let me tell you the only crime being committed at the moment is by the Standard. Every club, no matter how big or small, has to deal with agents - there's nothing I can do about that.
"If I tried to by-pass them, players would simply refuse to come to QPR. Is that what the Standard wants? A club with no players? What would our fans think of that?
"The Standard has made me look like someone out of the Godfather and that's why I will also be writing to the Press Complaints Commission, urging them to launch their own investigation into the journalistic standards of this paper.
"Not only have they printed lies about the club, their columnist David Mellor has launched a particularly nasty and deeply personal attack on me - even though we have never met.
"It is my belief the Commission will want to seriously reprimand this paper for the way they are conducting themselves."
QPR Official Site

Following these QPR statements on the QPR Official Site

30 Sept: 2005 "The Real Story - No investigation, no probe and nothing but nonsense from the Evening Standard

23 Sept 2005 "No FA Probe" - Gianni Paladini tells qpr.co.uk that the FA are NOT investigating Queens Park Ranger

22.09.2005 Latest ANGER & DISTRESS Gianni Paladini has reacted with anger and distress regarding allegations made in the press on Thursday

December 7, 2005 -
QPR OFFICIAL SITE "Today the Evening Standard issued an apology to QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini.

Ex-QPR's Dean Wilkins Appointed Brighton Manager

Another former QPR Player moves into management. Dean Wilkins (brother of course of Ray Wilkins) who started out at QPR and was given his debut by Terry Venables has been appointed Brighton manager.
BBC - Brighton confirm Wilkins as boss

Dean Wilkins has been appointed manager of League One side Brighton on a permanent basis.
The former Albion captain, promoted from youth coach when Mark McGhee left earlier this month, has agreed a contract until the end of the season.
Dean White has been appointed as his number two but retains responsibility for scouting and recruitment.
Albion chairman Dick Knight said: "Dean Wilkins has convinced the board he has the makings of a very good manager."
Wilkins added: "I am extremely proud and humble to be given the opportunity to continue to make the necessary changes required to take the club forward in this transitional period."

Friday, September 29, 2006

Two Supporters Groups Issue Statements re AKUTRs & Club's Response

In mid-September, the fanzine, AKUTRs came out with its latest issue in which a number of assertions were made. After remaining silent on the matter, for about two weeks, on September 25 the club issued:
QPR Statement - Statement by Gianni Paladini on the recent edition of 'A Kick Up The Rs:'

In reaction to the Club's statement, two Fan organizations, first QPR1st and then LSA issued statements:

QPR1st - September 27th Statement - AKUTR's and The Club

September 27, 2006

"QPR1st supports the right of supporters to express their views in a variety of ways including fanzines and message boards.
We acknowledge that the Club also has the right to challenge what it considers to be unfair or inaccurate comments in fanzines through the official site, the programme, fans forums or by requesting a 'right to reply' within the fanzines themeselves.
Nevertheless fanzines have limited resources with which to defend themselves against legal action and therefore 'threats to sue' can be perceived as an act of intimidation. We would urge the Club to withdraw such threats and to seek to redress what they regard as a wrong through other less confrontational means. The Trust would be happy to act as a mediator between the Club and AKUTRs in the belief that QPR is at its strongest when it is united"

LSA SECRETARY'S STATEMENT - September 29, 2006
The LSA offers wholehearted support for Dave Thomas and AKUTR's right to freedom of speech. We deplore the actions of the club in taking legal action which could kill off one of the most respected fanzines in England.
AKUTR's has played a crucial role in keeping our club alive in difficult times and we would be poorer without it.
We agree that a right of reply should be given to the club to answer the points raised in the last issue. We would be happy to play a role in ensuring that these matters are dealt with without recourse to legal action against one of the most respected supporters of our beloved club.
However if the club pursues with legal action against Dave we will offer wholehearted support in any manner we deem fit, including publishing material and raising a financial fighting fund to defend AKUTR's in court.
LSA Site

Southampton Preview: Southampton going for Fifth Consecutive Win

Southampton Official Site

Saints look set to be without two key players for tomorrow's home game against QPR, tickets now on general sale.

Inigo Idiakez has not trained all week with a hamstring problem and he is a major doubt to face the London side now managed by former Pompey boss John Gregory.
And Djamel Belmadi pulled out of training yesterday with a thigh injury and boss George Burley is anxiously waiting to see how it settles.

Burley said: "Inigo has been feeling his hamstring for a while and has not trained at all this week so he is a big doubt.
"Djamel felt his thigh and pulled out training so we have two experienced midfielders who are doubtful. But that is football and we have to deal with it."

Nathan Dyer would be the likely straight replacement for Belmadi while the injury to Idiakez could open the door for a league debut for Mario Licka.
The midfield playmaker has made just one brief Carling Cup appearance since picking up a foot injury in the pre-season friendly against Panathinaikos.

But he came strongly through this week's Reserve game at QPR, playing the full 90 minutes and setting up the first goal with a clinical through-ball for David McGoldrick.
However if he is judged to be slightly lacking in match-fitness then Burley could use Andrew Surman in a central midfield role.

Alternatively he could push Jermaine Wright back into the middle and switch Chris Makin to right-back with Gareth Bale returning on the left or using Alex Ostlund on the right with Makin or Bale on the left.
Burley said: "We have plenty of options and good cover in midfield with Nathan Dyer, Andrew Surman and Adam Lallana all coming through.

"These injuries might open the door for Mario Licka who will be in the squad. He is over the injury but needs games. He did well for the Reserves and finished the match.
"He is a naturally fit lad with loads of energy and he could figure. After this we have a two-week break to get players fit and that could help the likes of Claus Lundekvam, Michael Svensson and Darren Powell who are all getting close."

With the team playing well and on a winning roll, a big crowd is expected for the visit of QPR who moved out of the relegation zone with a 2-0 win over Hull in Gregory's first match in charge.
Fans are advised to arrive early to avoid queues at the ticket office or to book online.

Saints: (from) Davis, Wright, Baird, Pele, Makin, Belmadi, Viafara, Idiakez, Skacel, Rasiak, Wright-Phillips, Jones, Licka, Bale, Surman, Dyer, Ostlund, Sarmiento, Cranie, McGoldrick, Miller.


Its been a turbulent time for South Coast giants Southampton - but after a series of trials and tribulations, the future suddenly seems a lot brighter at St Mary's.

Despite seeing their South Coast rivals mixing it with the Premiership big-guns in the upper echelons of the top-flight, Southampton fans will take huge satisfaction from the fact that their own side finally seem to have turned the corner.

George Burley's men occupy third place in the table and seem sure-fire certainties to be there or thereabouts come the business end of the season.

Their upsurge in fortunes coincides with the arrival of eight new summer signings - the most high profile of which saw Bradley Wright-Phillips swap Manchester for Southampton, in a move believed to be worth £1 million.

Although Wright-Phillips - who if the rumours are to be believed was the subject of a bid from the R's this summer- has so far failed to set the world alight, the strength in depth Southampton boss Burley now has at his disposal is impressive.

Inigo Idiakez is arguably Premiership class; Rudi Skacel has played at the highest level in Europe with former club Hearts; and teenage full-back Gareth Bale is undoubtedly the star defender of the Championship season thus far.

Indeed it was Bale who got the ball rolling on the Saints' season, with two spectacular goals in as many matches ensuring Burley's men kick-started the campaign with four points from a possible six.

Back-to-back draws against West Brom and Barnsley continued the steady start, before the Saints eased into the second round of the Carling Cup, thrashing Yeovil 5-2.

Another point at home to Preston stretched their unbeaten league run to five matches, before Ipswich brought them crashing back down to earth, with goals from Simon Walton and Billy Clarke sealed maximum points for the Tractor Boys at Portman Road.

Undeterred, Southampton made light work of a potentially tough away fixture at Selhurst Park in their last away outing, with Kenwyne Jones and Gregorz Rasiak on target in a memorable 2-0 victory.

The former Tottenham man has been in scintillating form since then, with three goals in his last two outings firing the Saints into the top three.

Last league game: Burnley 2, Southampton 3.

Superhoopsbet.co.uk match odds:
Saints 4/9 QPR 6/1 draw 11/4

Saints star-man Grzegorz Rasiak

Key player: Grzegorz Rasiak
The former Derby striker has enjoyed a tremendous start to the new campaign, hitting back at the critics who dubbed him a 'flop' during his short spell with Tottenham Hotspur.
Clinical in the air and classy with the ball at his feet, Rasiak has already bagged eight goals in the Championship this season and looks set to take the Saints' goalscoring charts by storm.

Head to head:
Saints wins: 21
QPR wins: 21
Draws: 18

Last meeting:
QPR 1 (Langley), Southampton 0.
Football League Championship.
January 14th 2006.

Latest News:
Svensson's comeback put on hold
Southampton defender Michael Svensson has had his latest comeback put on hold because of a stomach bug.
The centre-back was due to play in a reserve match against QPR on Tuesday as he continues his recovery from two years of knee problems.
But the Swede is now expected to feature against Crystal Palace reserves next Tuesday.
Physio Andy Barr said: "The hamstring and knee are fine and he was ready to play but he's gone down with illness."
(Source: BBC Sport)

"Paladini's Threat to Fans" - Evening Standard

Evening Standard - September 28, 2006
Football Talk by Raoul Simons
Paladini's threat to fans

Queens Park Rangers chairman Gianni Paladini is threatening to sue his own clubs fans.The former agent is angered by an article in fanzine A Kick Up The R's which , he claims, is ''deeply misleading,inaccurate and scandalous''.In a statement, Paladini demands an apology before adding:''if they are not prepared to provide that, the matter will be dealt with by the courts''.
Paladini does not appear to have have been put off by the English legal system despite his experience as a key witness in the unproven QPR blackmail case.There, defending QC James Sturman claimed that he had listed 50 lies/untruths given by Paladini on 75 different topics.

Forthcoming Staff Changes at QPR: Announcement Next Week


With the recent arrival of John Gregory as first team manager, the Club will be announcing details of the restructuring of the football department early next week.
One or two additions to the management team will be announced, as well as redundancies in other areas.
These are unfortunate, but are deemed necessary in the Club's current situation
Stay tuned to www.qpr.co.uk, where all the official breaking news comes first and fastest

Ex-QPR: Breaker & Penrice, Holloway & Bulpin all at Plymouth

Plymouth Official Site-Holloway on Penrice & Breaker
"GARY Penrice has settled into his new role as chief scout at Argyle with great ease.
Manager Ian Holloway was delighted to have him at Home Park on Tuesday to work with the centre-forwards but Penrice will be based in Bristol for the majority of the time.
Des Bulpin has been helping Holloway with training and Tim Breacker is expected to arrive on Wednesday to complete the Argyle coaching team.
"He (Penrice) was here on Tuesday but you can't live in Plymouth and be the best chief scout because you would be worn out," said Holloway.
"He will be based up there but he has all the videos of our games this season because he needs to look at our centre-forwards, which he has always done for me.
"Des is helping me on the training ground and Tim has agreed, and will be starting next Wednesday, which is music to my ears."
Penrice has already compiled a list of potential targets for Holloway and, should Argyle pick up any injuries, the manager may be referring to that list.
"Penny has done fantastic for me already," said Holloway.
"I am sure I could borrow the people he has identified and they would not be any worse than what I have already got, and that is all I can ask.
"He has done a fantastic job in less than a week."
Breacker will complete the coaching structure Holloway has been yearning for since arriving at Argyle a couple of months ago.
"Tim will be coming in as a member of staff," said Holloway.
"We will have to look at the title but he will be based down here.
"Every one of my staff; I would take people on their say-so and that is why managers get staff they can work with and trust.
"It is about their opinions on players and all my coaching staff go out scouting as well..."
Plymouth -

FA Cup Final Sub Steve Burke Turns 46

Ex-QPR Winger, Steve Burke
Born September 29, 1960.

Burke was signed by Tommy Docherty from Derby County for 150,000 pounds, in September 1979 (before he made his Derby League deut). In his first season, Burke played a lot of games. But once Docherty left, over the next few seasons, Burke played fewer and fewer games and in September 1986, joined Doncaster on a free transfer. Burke did however come on as the (one!) substitute in the FA Cup Final replay "travesty"

Rowlands Signs New Contract...Stewart in Jamaica Squad


Martin Rowlands has put pen to paper on a two year contract extension with the R's.
Rowlands - whose current deal was due to expire at the end of the 2006/07 campaign - is now contracted to the Club until the summer of 2009....
To date, he's made 106 appearances in all competitions, scoring 20 goals.
Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk, the 27 year-old revealed his delight at securing his long term future: "I've signed for a further two years and I couldn't be more delighted. "I feel at home here and with John Gregory coming in, it's great to be part of a new era. "The new gaffer was keen for me to put pen to paper as soon as possible, so now it's up to me to repay the faith he's shown in me.''
R's Chairman Gianni Paladini was equally as ecstatic with the news, telling qpr.co.uk: "It's fantastic. The negotiations took a while, but it was certainly worth the wait. "He is a key player here and has a huge part to play in our future. Yet again, it signals the Board's intentions of securing the long term future of one of our star players. Official


Damion Stewart has been called up by Jamaica for their forthcoming friendly international against Canada. The 26 year-old defender ...is in line to earn his 37th cap for his country when the Reggae Boyz line up against Canada in Kingston on Sunday 8th October.... Official

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Marking One Year: Gianni Paladini Completes His First Year as QPR Chairman

Today marks the one year anniversary since Gianni Paladini officially became Chairman of Queens Park Rangers Football Club. (Subsequently, Antonio Caliendo became Chairman of QPR Holdings Ltd.) The official assumption of the Chairmanship came just over a month after the August 24th Board meeting which saw then-Chairman Bill Power voted out of the Chairmanship

QPR OFFICIAL SITE - 28 September 2005 Statement GIANNI PALADINI

Gianni Paladini has been appointed Chairman of Queens Park Rangers Football Club and QPR Holdings Ltd.

Interim Chairman Gualtiero Trucco has stepped down and the Board of Directors have unanimously chosen Paladini to take on the role on a full-time basis.
The changes were agreed at a Loftus Road Board Meeting on Wednesday afternoon and Paladini is delighted by the honour of this 'challenging but exciting' role.
"The Monaco investors have recommended that I be appointed Chairman and I am deeply honoured that the Directors have allowed me this opportunity.
"I hope now that after a period of instability we can all look forward to the brightest of futures at Loftus Road.
"We have a wonderful manager, an exciting and improving squad and a real opportunity to push for a place in the play-offs and even the Premiership.
"I believe these are wonderful times to be a QPR supporter and I just want to play whatever part I can in bringing both success and stability to this Club.
"I fully appreciate that supporters will have been a little bewildered by recent events and I wish that so much of what has happened could have happened differently.
"But I believe we now have the right people in place, both on the pitch and behind the scenes, to take this club forward.
"I would like to thank every single fan for their continued, passionate support for QPR and I would also like to pay tribute to all the staff here.
"Life hasn't been particularly easy for them recently either but every single one continues to work as hard as ever for the benefit of this club.
"It has never been clearer to me that, both in the stands and behind the scenes, this is a wonderful place full of very special people."

To mark this anniversary: The previously-compiled and posted four part compilation "Tetralogy" of Official club Statements along with a couple of interviews and Q&As with Paladini regarding primarily OFF-the field issues.

QPR's Past Year, Off-the-Field -

Part I, August-October 2005

Part II: November, 2005-January 2006

Part III –Feb – April 2006

Part IV: May – August 2006

Addendum: "Statement by Gianni Paladini on the recent edition of 'A Kick Up The Rs:'

Birthday: Stefan Moore Turns 23

Stefan Moore Turns 23: Born September 28, 1983.
Forward signed from Aston Villa at the beginning of last season. Currently on loan at Port Vale.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

QPR's New Loan Signing from Chelsea, Teenage Midfielder, Jimmy Smith

QPR Official Site
QPR are delighted to announce the one month loan signing of Chelsea midfielder Jimmy Smith.

The 19 year old today (Wednesday) met up with his team-mates for the first time and is expected to be involved in the first team squad for the trip to St Mary's on Saturday.

The England Under-19 international - who is an attack-minded midfielder - made his first team debut for the current Premiership Champions in the final game of the 2005/06 season...
Official Site

Staff Changes at QPR

[At the current time, despite the reported coaching staff departures, the official site's club directory continues to reflect no changes other than Gregory in; Waddock Assistant Manager and Mcdonald departed.]

Waddock role remains uncertain

27 September 2006
By Ben Kosky Wembley & Kingsbury Times - 27 September 2006

NEW QPR boss John Gregory admits he has yet to decide exactly what role his predecessor Gary Waddock will fill at Loftus Road.
Officially, Waddock has been appointed Gregory's number two - but the incoming manager has hinted that he may shake up the coaching structure during the coming weeks.
Alan McDonald, who had been assistant manager under Waddock, left the club within 24 hours of Gregory's appointment and the Rangers boss said: "I don't work with friends, I work with people who are good at what they do.
"Gary's going to be part of my staff, which means he'll work with me on the training ground on a daily basis and he'll be in the dugout on Saturday afternoon, unless I decide to use him somewhere else in the coaching set-up where he's more suitable.
"I think it's got to be like that - I've never worked with Gary before as a coach and I want to find out his strengths, harness those strengths and use them in the right areas.
"I want to assess what everybody here does, but I haven't dismissed the fact that I might want to bring in three or four of my own people."

Reserve team manager Justin Skinner - appointed just three months ago - and assistant physio Bobby Bacic have also left the club.

And Gregory hopes that Waddock, who spent just under eight months in charge of the first team, can take heart from his own initial experience of management - an unsuccessful year with Portsmouth and an even shorter stint at Plymouth.
The QPR manager returned to coaching with Leicester before resuming his managerial career at Wycombe Wanderers, followed by four years at Aston Villa.
He recalled: "I was 34 years of age and thought I had all the answers, but I failed miserably as a manager, got sacked and was out of work for six or seven months.
"Brian Little took me to Leicester as a coach and I sat and watched him for five years. I learnt so much from him and by the time I left to manage Wycombe I was confident in my own ability.
"I hope Gary will stay on and learn. It's a painful experience, what he's been through and it will hurt - but he's basically got a second chance.
"Even though things didn't work out the way he wanted, he can take a back seat and maybe take things in. He's QPR through and through and I want people like that alongside me."
Whether or not he initiates further changes to the coaching staff, Gregory has already outlined his intention to stamp his mark on Rangers' training ground culture - with the emphasis on winning.
And the manager will even be happy to see training ground punch-ups on a regular basis, explaining: "I love to see people that want to punch each other on the training ground and I don't mind players getting into a ruck.
"If you've not had a fight on the training ground in a month, you've got a problem - either you're too nice or they're too nice. If people want to win badly, that's infectious - having a fall-out in the dressing room is because you care.

"It's all about winning habits and, if I say so myself, that's what I'm good at - getting people into good habits.
"I don't want mobile phones going off all the time and people getting off the bus with a headset on. I don't have ghetto blasters or any of that in the dressing room - you're here to play football and win matches, so get switched on.
"That needs a drastic tidy-up. I like everything just so - if all the chairs aren't facing the same way, it irritates me."
Gregory has signed an initial nine-month contract at Loftus Road and added: "I want to stay as long as it takes, but if I'm not successful, Gianni [Paladini] probably won't want me around and that's fine - I like working with a challenge.
Captain Birch puzzled over Rs future

27 September 2006
Tom Harvey Wembley & Kingsbury Times - 27 September 2006

Marc Bircham

MARC Bircham admits he is still in the dark about his future at QPR, despite reclaiming his first-team place in recent weeks.
Bircham was one of eight players surprisingly transfer listed by then-manager Gary Waddock towards the end of last season.
An Rs fan born and bred, the 28-year-old believed at the time he had played his last game for the club.
However, after proposed moves to Leeds and Leicester fell through, Bircham remained at Loftus Road and earned a recall to QPR's starting XI against Ipswich on August 25.
The midfielder, who has since started the last four matches, even captained Rangers in Saturday's 2-0 victory over Hull as John Gregory took charge of his first game as the club's new boss.
But, while being keen to stay in W12, former Millwall man Bircham believes he is still available for transfer.
He told the Times: "I must be one of the few players to be captain and on the transfer list at the same time but I haven't been told otherwise so I suppose I still am.
"You'd have to ask the powers that be but for all intents and purposes, I think I still am on the list."
Bircham was substituted just after the hour during the Hull victory but insisted he had no qualms with the decision.
He said: "I wasn't disappointed at all. I was one of the few who played 90 minutes in the Carling Cup in midweek and because I didn't have much of a pre-season I was a bit tired so I was fine with coming off in the second half."
Bircham also believes the arrival of Gregory can give the Rs a real boost for the remainder of the season.
Gregory was appointed as manager last week, three-and-a-half years after leaving the Derby County hotseat.
The defeat of the Tigers moved QPR off the bottom of the table and out of the relegation places and a delighted Bircham stated: "The new manager lifted the place, lifted the crowd and it's worked for this week.
"It was exactly what he needed - a good win and a clean sheet. We took a while to get going but we knew what to expect with Hull - that we would have to win the battle before we could start playing."...http://www.wktimes.co.uk/content/brent/wembleychronicle/sport/story.aspx?brand=WKCOnline&category=sportfootball&tBrand=northlondon24&tCategory=sportwkc&itemid=WeED27%20Sep%202006%2011%3A31%3A42%3A867

Ainsworth on Changes at QPR

Gareth Ainsworth Step on the Gaz
Kilburn Times 27 September 2006

IT'S been a week of change at QPR, but these are exciting times and we've all got to look forward.
Like the rest of the players, I heard there was going to be a press conference last Wednesday and, to a certain extent, we put two and two together - but nobody knew who was coming in.
The lads have huge respect for John Gregory. He's got masses of experience and there aren't many managers around that have taken a club to the top of the Premiership, as he did with Aston Villa.
John doesn't know many of us, but it's already clear that if you want to play for QPR, you do things his way. He's the leader of the team and we have to be pulling in the same direction.
Of course there's a lot of sympathy for Gary Waddock and I think it's big of him to step down, but stay on at the club as coach.
Maybe, as John said, this is a chance for Gary to learn a few more things about management before he has another go at it.
When there's a change at the top, it inevitably means you lose people. That's sad, but it's part of the game.
Macca in particular is a great guy, he was good with all the lads and I hope he and the others who have left will establish themselves in jobs somewhere else very soon.
The new manager's made a few subtle changes already - he wants us totally focused on the game and that's how it should be.
So there's no music in the dressing room on matchday - and I must say I found it eerily quiet as I walked down the tunnel on Saturday, but I'll just have to get my fix of rock'n'roll in the car on the way to the ground instead!
Kilburn Times

Birthday: Ex-QPR (and Plymouth) John Delve - 53!

John Delve Turns 53: Born September 27, 1953

A "home grown" player given his debut by Gordon Jago in December 1972 at Luton Delve was a defensive midfielder who along with another home-grown youngster, John Beck, seemed to be the perennial substitute for much of our 1972/1973 season. For the next couple of season, Delve and Beck were QPR midfield back ups -especially to Gerry Francis - either when Francis was injured, or if Francis played forward (as he did a couple of times when Stan Bowles was suspended!)
Delve jned Plymouth in July 1974.

Year ago Today: Sturridge, Dyer, Shittu, Santos and Langley played as QPR Drew 1-1 at Millwall

The team one year ago today: Royce, Bignot, Shittu, Santos, Dyer, Cook, Lomas, Bircham, Langley (Ainsworth 64), Nygaard, Sturridge (Moore 82). Subs Not Used: Evatt, Cole, Shimmin.

QPR OFFICIAL SITE -September 27, 2005 QPR Team News
Ian Holloway makes two changes with Dean Sturridge and Lloyd Dyer drafted in to the Rangers starting eleven at Millwall.

Sturridge replaces the suspended Paul Furlong with debutant Dyer coming in for the injured Matty Hislop.

Otherwise Rangers are unchanged with Marc Bircham skippering the side against his former club.

Millwall: Marshall, Lawrence, Vincent, Dunne, Livermore, Hutchison, Williams, Ifil, Wright, Hayles, Asaba
subs: Phillips, Fangueiro, May, Braniff, Jones

Rangers: Royce, Bignot, Dyer, Shittu, Santos, Langley, Lomas, Bircham, Cook, Sturridge, Nygaard
subs: Cole, Shimmin, Evatt, Ainsworth, Moore


Millwall striker Barry Hayles earned his side a point at home to QPR on the stroke of half-time to ensure a scrappy London derby ended in a draw.
QPR started brighter and Dan Shittu nodded Richard Langley's corner wide before Marc Nygaard opened the scoring with a header from Lee Cook's cross.
But Hayles levelled, flashing a header past Simon Royce from eight yards.
After the break Royce saved from Don Hutchison and Hayles' deflected effort trickled narrowly wide of the target.
# Millwall manager Colin Lee:
"Don Hutchison was blocked by Marc Bircham, which allowed Nygaard to get free at the near post.
"Don had already told the referee (Dermot Gallagher) that he was being blocked at corners, so we were a bit upset that he let it go.
"We had chances to win it at the end - and on those I thought we shaded it."
# QPR boss Ian Holloway on Marc Nygaard:
"Marc is not the prettiest player in the world - at 6ft 5ins, he isn't going to be.
"But he will be a handful. One of the Millwall players nearly fell over when he saw Marc in the tunnel, and that is two goals in two games for him now.
"As for the goal, those are moves we practise all the time."
Millwall: Marshall, Ifil, Lawrence, Williams, Vincent, Wright, Hutchison (May 69), Dunne, Livermore, Asaba, Hayles.
Subs Not Used: Phillips, Fangueiro, Braniff, Jones.
Goals: Hayles 45.
QPR: Royce, Bignot, Shittu, Santos, Dyer, Cook, Lomas, Bircham, Langley (Ainsworth 64), Nygaard, Sturridge (Moore 82).
Subs Not Used: Evatt, Cole, Shimmin.
Booked: Shittu.
Goals: Nygaard 25.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reposting John Gregory's Comments re Terry Venables as Coach

Reposting John Gregory's comments about Terry Venables as coach, from a few weeks ago.

Secrets of 30 years in the Venables laboratory
Richard Williams, The Guardian, September 2, 2006

"Not many people outwitted Brian Clough, but Terry Venables did. It happened almost a quarter of a century ago, and the Venables-inspired free-kick with which Queen's Park Rangers got the better of Nottingham Forest one Saturday afternoon in the early 80s encapsulates all the streetwise inventiveness that Steve McClaren will hope to get from his 63-year-old assistant as England begin their Euro 2008 qualifying campaign today.
"Absolutely," John Gregory replied this week as he was reminded of an incident that forms a telling snapshot of the Venables effect. Gregory, then a member of the QPR midfield, had positioned himself next to the defender on the right-hand edge of Forest's four-man wall as Mike Flanagan prepared to take a direct free-kick from 10 yards outside the penalty area. A couple of seconds later Flanagan's low drive was whistling into the corner of the net, having passed through a gap where the defender no longer was.
As Flanagan celebrated with his team-mates, Gregory ran over to the bench. Approaching the applauding Venables, he grinned and drew his forefinger across his throat. Job done. Another dividend from those hours spent on the training ground. "You just wheeled him round," Gregory continued, reflecting on the defender's unscheduled disappearance. "We spent an hour on things like that every Friday."
In those days Venables' training sessions were like laboratory experiments. "He was a really deep thinker and he was always looking to innovate," Gregory said. "We always practised free-kicks and sometimes you needed to be Einstein to understand what was going on. We spent hours on them. He was very meticulous, but it was always enjoyable."
...The secrets of Venables' success as a coach are not simple, but they are straightforward. He treats his players well, he gets them to enjoy themselves and, most profitably of all, he engages their minds.
"I was 27 years old when I signed for QPR," Gregory said, "and I'd spent about a week in pre-season training with Terry Venables when I suddenly realised that although I'd been in the game for 11 years, I'd never been coached.
"He occupied your brain. Everything he did was so imaginative. In the four years I was with him, he rarely repeated coaching sessions. There was always something new, and it made going to work feel exciting. And he wasn't a dictator. It wasn't 'my way or no way'. He'd throw ideas back to you and invite you to have your say."

By the time Venables arrived at QPR, he had already nurtured Palace's team of young stars. Among them was Kenny Sansom, later an England full-back, who remembers the excitement and enthusiasm radiating from a coach not much older than his players...
On the tactical side, both Gregory and Sansom emphasised Venables' debt to the Liverpool of the 1970s. "He stole the offside game from Liverpool," Gregory said. "We even practised it in five-a-side games every day, so that it would become a habit. And then George Graham, who was a youth-team coach at QPR under Terry, took it to Arsenal very effectively."

No Nick Ward Call up by Australia...Paul Jones set for his 50th Welsh Cap

Reuters - Australia name strong squad to face Paraguay, Bahrain

Australia named a near full-strength squad on Tuesday for next month's friendly with Paraguay and the Asian Cup qualifier against Bahrain.
....Australia squad: John Aloisi, Michael Beauchamp, Alex Brosque, Marco Bresciano, Tim Cahill, Scott Chipperfield, Ante Covic, Jason Culina, Travis Dodd, Brett Emerton, Vince Grella, Zeljko Kalac, Stan Lazaridis, Mark Milligan, Craig Moore, *Kevin Muscat, Lucas Neill, *Jade North, Tony Popovic, Mark Schwarzer, Josip Skoko, Mile Sterjovski, Archie Thompson, Tony Vidmar, Luke Wilkshire.
* Muscat and North will join squad for Bahrain match only.

BBC - Welsh Squad
"John Toshack announced an injury-ravaged squad today for Wales' next two Euro 2008 qualifiers....Wales play Slovakia at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on October 7....Cyprus at the same venue on October 11...
It is likely that veteran goalkeeper Paul Jones will take over as skipper, earning his 50th cap against Slovakia....
Full squad: P Jones (QPR), Brown (Blackburn), Price (Ipswich), Page (Coventry), Valentine (Wrexham), Collins (West Ham), Gabbidon (West Ham), Bale (Southampton), Duffy (Portsmouth), Edwards (Wolves), Nyatanga (Derby), Crofts (Gillingham), Davies (Everton), Ledley (Cardiff), Parry (Cardiff), Robinson (Norwich), Vaughan (Crewe), Earnshaw (Norwich), Koumas (West Brom), Giggs (Manchester United), Bellamy (Liverpool), Cotterill (Wigan), Fletcher (C Palace), M Jones (Wrexham).

Monday, September 25, 2006

Meanwhile at Swindon: Official Statement re Bill Power & Boardoom Issues

Meanwhile at Swindon

Swindon Town Official Statement - September 25, 2006

Swindon Town Football Club have made a fantastic start to the season. Under the leadership of Dennis Wise and Gus Poyet the squad that has been assembled have performed well, gates are up and the board are confident that the objective for this season, namely a return to League One, can be achieved. Dennis has been responsible for motivating the team, complimenting the squad he inherited with additional players and instilling in a level of fitness and motivation that has not been seen at the club for many a year. Dennis and Gus have the Board's appreciation and full support and we wish them both a long and successful career at STFC.

For the last week or so, however, the success on the pitch has been overshadowed by reports and rumours both in the press and online, of a 'Boardroom Rift'. There is absolutely no substance to these rumours. The Board would like to take this opportunity to advise the loyal supporters of STFC that no such 'Rift' has occurred. This evening, representatives of the club will be meeting with representatives of the various supporters groups to discuss these matters further.

The current Board consists of Willie Carson, Bob Holt, Sandy Gray and James Wills. Bill Power, for the six months leading up to air-crash, had been in the process of investing funds into the Club. Bill with his business partner, Phil Emmel and had been invited to join the Board. When Bill Power provided funds at the end of last season, it was the first time in five years that funds had been raised externally by someone new rather than from the existing Board. As has been repeatedly reported, the club needs an additional £750,000 per season to balance its cash requirement, and for the past five years the current Board have provided these funds to keep the club afloat.The announcement of Bill Power's withdrawal from the Club the task of raising of funds again becomes the responsibility of the current Board. With this years forecasted overspend, the funds required to balance the books will be greater challenge.

The Board would like to provide further clarification with regards to the role of the advisor to Sir Seton Wills, Mike Diamandis. Please click here (Mike Diamandis) for more details.

The Board would like to express its concern at the reports alluding to a 'falling out' between Mike Diamandis and Bill Power. Since the accident there has been no direct contact between the two parties, due to the severity of Mr Power's injuries and his state of health. Prior to the accident, however, Mr Power and Mr Diamandis enjoyed the beginnings of a healthy relationship.

Mr Diamandis introduced Mr Power to Willie Carson socially, and Mr Power took the opportunity provided to invest in one of Willie Carson's horses, he also is part of a syndicate that owns a horse also co-owned by the Diamandis family. A meeting took place in the close season between Bill Power, Mark Devlin, James Wills and Sir Seton Wills, where an understanding was arrived at with regards to the forthcoming season's expenditure. Mike Diamandis was not present at this meeting as he was taking a step back from being involved with the day-to-day management of the Club.

The Board meeting that took place a few days prior to the air-crash an attempt was made to clarify the understanding of this pre-season meeting with regards to this season's expenditure. However this matter was not resolved, however an agreement was reached that further discussions would take place within the next few days. Prior to that Board Meeting neither Mike Diamandis or Bill Power were totally aware of the various undertakings that the Executives of the Club had committed to, and it was at this Board Meeting that further clarification was asked for by both Mike Diamandis and Bill Power. Several months earlier a memorandum was circulated to the Chief Executive and all senior managers clearly detailing what level of decisions and financial obligations could be undertaken, without prior Board approval. As regards the reported overspend to the budget, the Club are currently rigorously conducting internal inquiry into these matters. Such investigations will take place in private, and the Board has no further comment to make at this stage with regards to this matter.

The Board is confused as to where the rumour of a 'Rift' between Mr Diamandis and Mr Power originated, as it has been well documented that there had been no contact made since the air-crash with Bill Power or his representatives due to the severity of his injuries. Once again, the Board would like to go on record by saying that reports of a 'Rift' are totally unfounded. It is the Board's belief that there are a small minority of individuals who have their personnel grievances with Mr Diamandis and are putting into the public domain inaccurate and deliberately misleading reports, to the detriment of both Mr Diamandis and the Club. The Board would urge these individuals to stop misleading the fans of STFC in this way.

The first time any communication took place since the previously mentioned Board Meeting was last Wednesday. In attendance were Sir Seton Wills, James Wills, Mike Diamandis, Bob Holt, Bill Power's wife Terry Bill Power's business partner Phil Emmel, and a lawyer who represented Bill Power's interests. This lawyer had in the past, represented both Mark Devlin and STFC.The purpose of the meeting was for Terry and Phil to advise us that Bill's return to full health was somewhat protracted, and for those reasons he wished to withdraw from his involvement with the Club. Bill Power's lawyer also expressed his understanding of Bill Power's investment in STFC, which differed from the Board's understanding, however we are sure that these differences can be resolved within the next few weeks. These matters are private and at this time cannot be reported on further.

The Board acknowledges that the way the events of the last week have been inaccurately reported have generated anger and frustration amongst certain sections of the STFC fanbase. The Board also recognises the rights of fans protest peacefully and welcomes discussions with fans to air their concerns. The Board, however, cannot condone the personal insults, slurs and attacks that have been directed towards its members and advisors in recent days. Sir Seton Wills has expressed his personal concern, and should the health, welfare and safety of the board and its advisors, their families, or property, be compromised in any way then Sir Seton will have to consider his continued financial support for the club, the consequences of which are obvious.

As regards the long-term future of STFC, the departure of Bill Power will result in the need for extra funds to be sought. The Board and its advisors will be working tirelessly to secure these funds, and are committed to securing the long-term future stability of STFC. One such meeting with a potential investor took place this morning. As has been the case in the past, Mike Diamandis will be at the forefront of these discussions. The Board therefore finds it irksome that Mr Diamandis is being labelled as the instigator of all the Club's woes. In reality, he has spent the last five years ensuring the club's very survival, whilst simultaneously trying to find a consensus with The Borough Council so that Swindon Town Football Club can move to a 21st century stadium and thereby secure the long term prosperity of the club. The Board urges these individuals who have been so vocal in their opinions of Mr Diamandis to stop hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, make themselves known to the Board, and enter into constructive dialogue as to how best to move the Club forward. The Board also requests that journalists refrain from repeating in the media the plethora of untruths and rumours that are to found on various websites.

If any individual or group can provide additional funding for the Club we would urge these individuals to come forward expressing a desire to invest and become involved in the running of the Club, in part or in full. The Board have made clear, on numerous occasions in the past, that they would welcome and encourage these discussions. Should an individual or group prove to have the financial backing and management ability to ensure the future of the Club an agreement would be formalised and immediately the current Board would resign and relinquish the day to day running of the Club. Prior to the air-crash Mr Power was offered such an opportunity.

The challenges of the next few weeks and months to ensure that the long-term survival and prosperity of the Club are the Boards prime objective. We urge the loyal supporters of STFC to get behind the Club and help us achieve this objective.

The Board of Directors, Swindon Town Football Club


Paladini Taking Legal Action re "A Kick Up The Rs" Publication


Statement by Gianni Paladini on the recent edition of 'A Kick Up The Rs:'

The publication 'A Kick Up The Rs' has recently published a deeply misleading, inaccurate and scandalous article about myself and Queens Park Rangers FC.
A number of serious allegations have been made in that publication which are not true. The publication failed to contact myself or anyone else at the Club to verify their allegations.
Considering the seriousness of the allegations, I have been reluctantly forced to take legal action. The matter is now in the hands of my solicitors.
I expect a comprehensive retraction and apology from the publication for publishing these falsehoods. If they are not prepared to provide that, the matter will be dealt with by the courts.
I am sorry it must come to this, but in order for me to be able to defend myself from such blatant and hurtful untruths, I have no alternative than to take this action.
I shall make no further comment on this matter until either the apology and retraction has been received or legal proceedings are concluded."
Official Site

Ten Years Ago today: Home Cup Exit for QPR!

QPR, under just-appointed manager Stuart Houston, got knocked out of the Coca Cup second round, losing 1-3 at home to Swindon. In those days the second round was played over two legs. We'd won the previous week 2-1 at Swindon....and all was set. But unfortunately not!
(In the next round, Swindon played Manchester United at Old Trafford!)

A Year Ago, Taking Issue with the Standard

["This issue" concluded a few months later with an apology from The Standard - See below or Standard Apology]

From a year ago

QPR OFFICIAL SITE - September 23, 2005 -NO FA PROBE
Rangers Director Gianni Paladini has told qpr.co.uk that the FA are NOT investigating Queens Park Rangers.

Friday's Evening Standard contains an article claiming that the Football Association are considering a probe following a complaint from an agent regarding the signing of Ian Evatt.
But Paladini has dismissed the whole story as 'ridiculous' and says that he has spoken to the FA himself about the matter.
"This is simply ridiculous and I am getting very tired with the agenda of other parties who have leaked information and who are clearly seeking to discredit me and the Club for their own ends," he said.
"I have spoken to a well-known senior executive at the FA and he has assured me that, as he understands it, there will be no probe and no investgation.
"For whatever reason, this newspaper is trying to make a big story out of a puff of nothing."
Paladini then went on to discuss further details of Ian Evatt's transfer, and refuted suggestions printed in Friday's paper.
"First and foremost, Ian Holloway wanted the player. So when we spoke to the lad we asked him to meet us with his representative.
"Ian came along with his agent Jonathan Wall and Mel Eves and because Mr Wall is not licensed, Mel formally brokered the deal.
"Then out of the blue this company, First Artist, complained that he was their player. Well if that was the case, why did Ian Evatt come along with someone else?
"This is an issue between First Artist and Ian Evatt and yet the Standard are suggesting impropriety on our part. It's pathetic.
"First we had this nonsense on Thursday which appeared to imply wrongdoing and now this. And yet the governing bodies are perfectly happy and there are other clubs spending vastly bigger sums than us.
"Leeds spent £1.89million on agents fees last season and Leicester spent £611,000. So why this nasty piece? Why the accusations and the negativity towards OUR football club?
"For whatever reason, this newspaper has chosen to make a big issue out of this and I have nothing but contempt for them."
QPR Official Site

And a few days later on the QPR Official Site

QPR Official Site - September 30, 2005 THE REAL STORY

Contrary to reports in Friday's Evening Standard Queens Park Rangers Football Club once again confirms that it has NOT been the subject of a 'full-scale' FA probe in to 'the management and ownership of the club'.

A representative of the FA's Financial Advisory Unit visited Loftus Road on Thursday afternoon as part of an ongoing review of all Football League clubs. This constituted a 'follow-up' to an original visit to the Club which took place in June 2004.
The actual details of the process leading up to the FA's visit are as follows. In November 2003 the Club received a letter from the Football League referring to the establishment of a Panel in 2001 to: "co-ordinate and review the workings of the Football Association's Financial Advisory Unit in relation to its dealings with League Clubs."
The letter continues: "The Panel's objectives are to ensure that each League Club is normally subjected to one visit in each five year cycle... to understand the financial position and processes of the member club and to provide advice and recommendations where appropriate to clubs on a confidential basis, in the form of a report.
"The Panel has selected Queens Park Rangers to be the subject of a visit during 2003/04."
On May 5th 2004 the FA then wrote to confirm a date for the visit from the Financial Advisory Unit and the visit itself took place in June 2004 with a report finalised in September of that year.
12 months later, earlier this month, the FA wrote to the Club once again, stating: "As you are aware we performed a financial review of QPR FC in September 2004. As stated at the time of issuing the final report, we intended to perform a follow up visit to assess the progress the club had made implementing our recommendations."
A date was then arranged for the 'follow-up' which took place yesterday on Thursday September 29th 2005.
The visit was undertaken by one representative of the Financial Advisory Unit who spoke to the Club's Chief Financial Officer about Club matters since the initial review. The initial review was then studied to establish whether any changes to company procedures had taken place in the intervening 12 months.
The Evening Standard blusters that this is all a "dramatic new development". But the truth - confirming an ongoing process of review across the whole Football League, first established in 2001 - would suggest otherwise.
QPR Official Site

QPR Official Site - Septmber 30, 2005 - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

GIANNI Paladini today began legal action against the London Evening Standard after the paper published yet another libellous and factually inaccurate article about QPR.

The QPR Chairman has instructed one of the country's top libel firms, Carter-Ruck, to commence legal proceedings immediately by formally requesting an immediate apology and retraction of damning statements made by the paper.

Paladini will also be writing to the Press Complaints Commission, urging them to conduct an immediate inquiry into the unprofessional way the Standard has conducted its so-called investigation.

"I held detailed talks with Carter-Ruck yesterday," Paladini confirmed. "It is their belief I have been libelled by the paper and on that basis I have instructed them to commence legal action. This will be on a strictly no-win, no fee basis so it will have no financial impact on the club.

"I am demanding an immediate apology - not just for me, but for everyone who works for, and who loves, QPR.

"I am deeply saddened that this is happening but enough is enough. The Standard has chosen to mount a witch-hunt against QPR and are clearly being fed a string of deceitful lies, inaccuracies and misleading information by individuals who have their own axe to grind against the club and me.
"These individuals cannot possibly be true fans - how could they harm us by pedalling such rubbish?"
Once again, the Standard is falsely claiming the FA are investigating how much QPR has paid agents to bring players into the club.

Paladini added: "Let me state this clearly and categorically. I have spoken to the FA and there is no probe or investigation into our finances - or how much we have paid agents. Yes, they ask to be kept informed of how the club is being run - as they do with all clubs.

"That is right and proper and we have always co-operated. But we have nothing to hide and there is nothing that has caused them any concern. I have their assurance that we are not under suspicion.

"Anyone reading the Standard right now would think QPR is being run by the mafia. Let me tell you the only crime being committed at the moment is by the Standard. Every club, no matter how big or small, has to deal with agents - there's nothing I can do about that.

"If I tried to by-pass them, players would simply refuse to come to QPR. Is that what the Standard wants? A club with no players? What would our fans think of that?

"The Standard has made me look like someone out of the Godfather and that's why I will also be writing to the Press Complaints Commission, urging them to launch their own investigation into the journalistic standards of this paper.

"Not only have they printed lies about the club, their columnist David Mellor has launched a particularly nasty and deeply personal attack on me - even though we have never met.

"It is my belief the Commission will want to seriously reprimand this paper for the way they are conducting themselves."

In December came this Official QPR Statement re an apology from the Standard


Today the Evening Standard issued an apology to QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini.

The statement comes two months after the London newspaper printed articles relating to business dealings conducted by Paladini.

London's evening paper also falsely claimed that the FA were investigating how much QPR had paid agents to bring players into the club.

The apology reads:

On September 30 we published two articles which referred to Gianni Paladini, the chairman of Queens Park Rangers.

If these articles were interpreted by readers as suggesting that Mr Paladini was guilty of fraud, corruption and malpractice, we apologise.

We did not intend to give this impression and have no reason to believe such allegations are true.

We are happy to set the record straight.

Paladini was delighted with the retraction.

"Justice has been done for myself and most importantly, for the club. That was always the most important point for me to get across as I do not want the club's name blackened.

"I hope that now this matter can be put behind us and everyone connected with Queens Park Rangers can now focus on getting behind the team in what I hope will be successful season."

QPR 2 Hull 0 - Additional Match Reports

Guardian - Monday September 25, 2006
Mark Tallentire at Loftus Road
Gregory starts to paper over Rangers' cracks

John Gregory has spent 3½ years away from club football, says he missed match days most and while he concedes that the big clubs have become increasingly bloated in that time, he feels that the Football League is broadly unaltered. And despite his appointment being the 14th change of manager since Terry Venables was doing the job and signed him in 1982, another thing is also very much as it was.
"This place hasn't changed since I left here 21 years ago," Gregory said. "There's still the same wallpaper in Terry's old office, same desk and the same old leather chair which I've inherited. It all needs a spruce-up. It's like moving into an old ramshackle house and decorating it the way you want it. And it's generally going to be a case of changing the habits of everybody right the way through the club."
It will take more than a few cosmetic changes to improve the long-term outlook for the west London side who have become the capital's punch bag since finishing fifth in the inaugural Premiership table in 1993, but in Gregory they have hired a manager who needs the success as much as they do.

This is the third time that he has returned to manage a club where he was well thought of as a player but the previous two he left under clouds and the experience at the last one, Derby County, which he successfully sued for wrongful dismissal after departing in March 2003, rendered him virtually unemployable.

"I've been absolutely positive all the way through it," he said of his unscheduled career break and after a win which took QPR off the bottom and out of the relegation zone. "Every day that I didn't get up and go to work I felt I was getting closer to a job. I've been desperate to get back into the game but not to somewhere that I didn't want to go."

Working for Gianni Paladini and a Monaco-based consortium would not seem such an attractive a prospect to many but Gregory has promised to throw himself into his task, had the players training at Loftus Road on Friday and managed to get a response out of Gary Waddock's players a day later, when the former manager, now coach was given a generous cheer although he was reduced to supervising the warm-up and handing out isotonic drinks.

The Rangers goals were headers from the strikers Ray Jones and Dexter Blackstock, a pairing which Gregory feels can cause problems in the division and one which has already given Hull's manager, Phil Parkinson, something to think about as his punchless team slumped to the bottom of the table.

"The fitness of my players can be better and it will be better," said Gregory, who considers himself to be a more mellow character these days, although after Blackstock met Lee Cook's hanging cross to clinch the game the manager's display of emotion was straight out from the Martin O'Neill school of celebration. "It was a mixture of happiness and delight, and frustration and anger for things that have happened in the last few years," he said. "It has been building up for a long time."

The fans were perhaps rightly sceptical about the change at the top and the 11,381 gate was a thousand less than their previous Saturday game. Give it a few weeks.

Man of the match: Lee Cook (QPR)

Queen's Park Rangers 2 Hull City 0: Gregory's Rangers return begins with a bang

For more than three years John Gregory has been on our television screens but not in the way he would like, explaining results and performances to viewers but not to any footballers. The pundit's seat is a more comfortable one than the hard plastic ones in the manager's dug-out but Gregory has ached for a return to running a club once more.

Not that he didn't have some doubts after returning to the job this week with QPR. Having overseen his first training sessions back at the club he played for more than 20 years ago, he confessed to asking himself if he had done the right thing. He only took a day to deliberate over the offer of taking charge for this season. If they stay up, his deal will be extended.

Despite having left so long ago, Gregory has noticed that not much has changed. He recalled the former manager Terry Venables luring him to the club. As a comment on how the club has barely moved on, you cannot do better than his remark that the wallpaper in the manager's office is still the same. In Gregory's time as a player, QPR reached the 1982 FA Cup final. Their priority right now is to avoid relegation and the former Aston Villa and Derby County manager does not boast huge resources.

What he will do is prepare his team better than his predecessor Gary Waddock, who is now first-team coach. Gregory was shocked to find there was no research prepared for Hull's arrival.

However, headers from Ray Jones and Dexter Blackstock were enough to dispatch Phil Parkinson's feeble side. Defeat sent them to the bottom, took QPR out of the relegation zone and put Gregory back where he likes to be.

Goals: R Jones (60) 1-0; Blackstock (80) 2-0.

Queen's Park Rangers (4-4-2): P Jones; Bignot, Rehman, Stewart, Rose (Kanyuka, h-t); Rowlands, Bircham (Ward, 65), Bailey (Lomas, 65), Cook; Blackstock, R Jones. Substitutes not used: Royce (gk), Baidoo.

Hull City (4-4-2): Myhill; Mills, Turner, Collins, Dawson; Fagan, Ashbee, Livermore (Marney, 75), France (Forster, 67); Parkin, Bridges (Yeates, 67). Substitutes not used: Duke (gk), Thelwell.

Referee: D Deadman (Cambridgeshire).

Booked: QPR: R Jones, P Jones.

Man of the Match: R Jones.

Attendance: 11,381.

Telegraph - Lift for Gregory
By Nick Hoult
Queens Park Rangers (0) 2 Hull City (0) 0

The pitch is now made of grass and Terry Venables' sheepskin coat is nowhere to be seen, but Loftus Road has a familiar feel about it for John Gregory.

As a Rangers player in the 1980s, he was used to winning matches. Now, as the club's manager, he has restored that feeling and lifted them off the bottom of the table.

It was a comfortable start for Gregory; Hull offered nothing in attacking ambition.

In contrast, Ray Jones and Dexter Blackstock are both decent forwards; both scored, with headers, for Gregory. Lee Cook's invention on the right adds a dash of class and it was his cross, 10 minutes from time, to an unmarked Blackstock for the second goal, that decided the match.

Gregory's demeanour – arms folded, dark eyes piercing the play – suddenly dashed off on a victory jig. After three and a half years without a job, Rangers seems to suit him. "It hasn't changed since I was a player, 21 years ago. There is still the same wallpaper in Venables' office. I'm sat in his chair, at his old desk. He didn't leave his coat behind though. Or his wallet."

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Interesting Week for QPR Fans


The week began with the club traveling to Colchester having lost at home in midweek to Birmingham. Unfortunately QPR lost 2-1 at Colchester and sank to the bottom of the table. After that game, Bircham spoke about QPR being in a relegation fight.

Then in midweek, QPR travelled to Port Vale in the second round of the "League" Cup. (Port Vale, of course are the club that QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini came so close to taking over, in December 2003
[ Recalling Paladini's Port Vale Plans (scroll down to Stoke Sentinel stories) QPR took the lead, before unfortunately, Port Vale struck three times to knock out QPR.

The next day, QPR announced a suddenly-arranged press conference. John Gregory was announced as the new manager (till the end of the season, with a year extension if QPR stay up). Gary Waddock drops down to Assistant Manager. (The association of the name of John Gregory to take over at QPR has been reported several times in the press over the past year since Paladini took over from Bill Power. [Previous Gregory such as "rumours/reports or here

And it subsequently transpired that Alan Macdonald was out. In the words of the Official Site "Alan McDonald has been given notice to terminate his employment at Queens Park Rangers Football Club." Official
Over the weekend, there were reports on the message boards that other QPR staff were also on the way out.

And then come Saturday, came the visit of Hull to Loftus Road. Two second half goals and QPR were off the bottom of the table.

Elsewhere: Gary Penrice FINALLY, officially ended his association with QPR (with no word from QPR) and joined Ian Holloway at Plymouth.

And finally on a positive note, BBC's much-awaited Panorama "Bungs expose" made no reference to anyone currently or previously associated with QPR.

Birthdays: Current Defender Matt Rose & Former Defender Rufus Brevett

QPR Defender, Matt Rose Turns 31. Born September 24, 1975
Now in his Tenth season with QPR, the unluckily often-injured Rose has played some 200+ games. Rose was signed for 500,000 pounds from Arsenal by Stuart Houston in the summmer of 1997.

Rufus Brevett Turns 37 - Born September 24, 1969
Signed by Don Howe from Doncaster Rovers in March 1991, (around the same time that QPR also signed defenders Peacock and Tillson.) Brevett played almost 150 games for QPR before being sold to Fulham in January 1998 (in what generally came to be seen as a bad move by QPR!)

Further Reports - QPR 2 Hull 0

Independent 24 September 2006
New boss Gregory launches the rising By Conrad Leach at Loftus Road

"....The west Londoners were stuck at the bottom of the Championship at kick-off, thanks to the efforts of the previous incumbent Gary Waddock and were without a win in the League since mid-August. Furthermore they were knocked out of the Carling Cup in mid-week by Port Vale, so Gregory could not have picked a club at a lower ebb. But Gregory's timing was good in other respects, in coming up against a poor Hull side, he could not have had an easier reintroduction to life at a football club.
Out of work since he left Derby County in acrimonious circumstances in 2003, Gregory turned up with only Leeds United separating the two sides in the relegation zone. It is a far cry from when he was in charge of Aston Villa and guided them to a club record run of 12 unbeaten games. He also took the midland side to the 2000 FA Cup final, which they lost against Chelsea by a single goal, while they never finished outside the top eight in his four years at Villa Park.
Finishing outside the bottom three this season with QPR will be a success, but they made a start towards that thanks to Ray Jones' header on the hour, which was backed up by Dexter Blackstock's effort 20 minutes later. Not that the home fans were grabbed by the appointment of their former player, there were fewer here than for the Southend match last month, but Gregory admitted that second goal was a huge personal relief for him. "There was a lot of frustration that came out then after three years out of work. It's been building up for quite a long time."
Gregory, speaking in midweek, feels his reputation had been unfairly damaged during the latter part of his stint under Doug Ellis, with transfer bung allegations that were never proved. Gregory thinks those rumours were what prevented people from asking him back into management....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Comments - Gregory AND Paladini Commenting on QPR's Victory

John Gregory on QPR's Victory - Official Site

John Gregory was on top of the world after the R's clinched a 2-0 win against Hull at Loftus Road.
Just four days after being appointed QPR manager, the former Aston Villa manager inspired his side to maximum points, and in doing so, saw them climb off the foot of the table.
"Hopefully we've put a few smiles back on the faces of our fans today,'' he told qpr.co.uk.
Goals from Ray Jones and Dexter Blackstock sealed the points, but it was Gregory's touchline celebration for goal number two that was the main talking point.
"The second goal won us the game which is why I probably went so overboard with my celebration and darted down the touchline.
"It was a mixture of happiness and delight, and frustration and anger, for things that have happened in the last few years.''
Gregory continued: "Getting the clean sheet was the best part of the day for me.
"They got the ball forward very quickly and were difficult to play against, so credit has to go to the back four and Jonah who were absolutely magnificent.
"I thought Lee Cook was terrific. His cross for the second goal was different class and him, Martin Rowlands and Marc Bircham led from the front.
Gregory clearly isn't one to rest on his laurels though, commenting: "We'll be back on the training ground tomorrow to iron out those things that went wrong, but in general I was satisifed with the performance and delighted with the result.
QPR Official


Chairman Gianni Paladini was left speechless after the R's got off to a winning start under John Gregory.

"I'm speechless,'' he told qpr.co.uk.
"I'm just so, so happy. It's a great result for the Club and it's a fantastic start to John Gregory's reign as QPR boss.
"The fans and everyone connected to the Club deserved that result.''
Paladini continued: "Considering the week we've had, that's the most important victory in my time here.
"It's been an amazing day.''

By Andy Sims, PA Sport

John Gregory breezed back into management and lifted QPR off the foot of the Coca-Cola Championship before vowing to try to bring the glory days back to Loftus Road.

Gregory landed his first job in three-and-a-half years when his good friend QPR chairman Gianni Paladini offered him a return to the dug-out this week with the club he graced as a midfielder in the early 1980s.

And following his side's 2-0 win over Hull, courtesy of goals from Ray Jones and Dexter Blackstock, Gregory admitted he is looking to take Rangers back to those heady days under Terry Venables.

"When Terry signed me, he kept telling me what a great club this is and he was right," said Gregory.

"There is a great set-up, it's in a great area in west London and always had great players. I want to repeat that with the opportunity I've got."

Gregory admitted when he took the reins at QPR that he felt he had been tarnished by unsubstantiated 'bung' rumours which stopped him getting another job, and he admitted his return to management had been emotional.

"It felt strange starting again," he added. "At half past two I was sitting there thinking, 'What are you doing'?

"But as soon as we kicked off it was all okay. I'm pleased to be back at work, I've enjoyed the last couple of days but it's all about Saturday afternoons.

"And then when our second goal went in lots of frustration came out. That had been building up for quite a while, but it's gone now."

Gregory was full of praise for his new side, whom he only met for the first time on Thursday, and admitted he was also in the dark about opponents Hull.

"I knew nothing about Hull, other than they are a strong, powerful team, and I was pleased we stood up to them," he said.

"Lots of the lads have given everything for the cause today and if they keep doing that, then I won't be able to complain.

"The players will be feeling fantastic but I'm feeling 10 times better than any of them."

City boss Phil Parkinson refused to hide behind the 'Gregory effect' as an excuse for a strangely subdued performance from his side, who have now replaced Rangers at the foot of the table.

The Tigers held out for an hour before Jones got on the end of Martin Rowlands' free-kick, via Damion Stewart's header, to nod Rangers in front for his first league goal.

Blackstock grabbed the killer second 10 minutes from time with another header from a superb Lee Cook cross to leave Parkinson with plenty to ponder.

"Obviously that (Gregory) didn't help but I won't use it as an excuse," said Parkinson.

"We looked off the pace and when that happens you have to stick together and try to grind out a draw.

"And until the first goal, which came from a set-play, I didn't think either team looked like scoring. If we'd defended that we could have come in with a draw.

"But that's the first game for a while we haven't looked a goal threat. We didn't threaten the opposition goal enough to say we deserved anything."
Sporting Life

QPR Win...Climb out of Bottom Three! Reports & Comments

QPR won 2-0 against Hull (Jones and Blackstock and climbed out of the bottom three.

BBC - QPR 2-0 Hull
John Gregory's reign as QPR boss got off to a winning start as goals from Ray Jones and Dexter Blackstock earned a deserved win over struggling Hull.
Hull were under pressure, but could have led but for QPR keeper Paul Jones' fine save from Michael Turner's header.
Rangers broke through on the hour as Jones tapped in his first league goal after being set up by Damion Stewart.
And Blackstock sealed the victory as he headed home after Lee Cook supplied a superb curling cross.


Second half goals from Ray Jones and Dexter Blackstock ensured John Gregory's reign as Rangers boss got off to the perfect start against Hull.
Teenager Jones headed home on the hour, before Blackstock put the icing on the cake ten minutes from time, as the R's leapfrogged their opponents in the Championship table.
Victory was no less than QPR deserved, with the added bonus of a first clean sheet in eight sending the large majority of an 11,000 strong crowd home happy.
It was goalless at the break, at the end of 45 minutes of nervy football at Loftus Road.
Neither side created any clear-cut chances, although Lee Cook provided the odd moment of magic, in a half in which the R's enjoyed the lion's share of territory and possession.
Gregory had the luxury of selecting Paul Jones, Martin Rowlands and Blackstock, while the previously out-of-favour Marcus Bignot returned to the starting XI.
The fit-again Simon Royce returned to the bench, alongside Nicky Ward, who made way.
After a tentative opening, Rangers forced the first corner when Lee Cook's teasing delivery was cleared by Andy Dawson.
The same player's resultant set-piece was expertly punched away by Boaz Myhill, as the R's forced the Tigers on to the back foot for the first time.
It was the returning Rowlands who fashioned the first chance of the contest on 14 minutes, letting fly with a spectacular dipping shot from the left corner of the box, which Myhill did well to tip to safety.
The R's soon forced a corner, which after two bites at the cherry, Manchester City loanee Danny Mills hacked to safety.
Cook was the thorn in the Tigers' side early on and when his curling delivery breached the last line of the Hull defence, Damion Stewart came within inches of adding the finishing touch from close range.
Cook was at it again on 21 minutes, leaving two defenders in his wake before dragging his shot wide of Myhill's left hand upright.
Ray Jones became the first player of Gregory's reign to receive a booking, when he was shown a yellow card in the 30th minute, for an apparent flailing arm in the direction of Andy Dawson.
Phil Parkinson's men grew in stature as the half wore on, but it was a case of so far, so good, for the R's back four, who remained resolute throughout the first half.
Rowlands' deflected free-kick on the stroke of half-time forced Myhill to gather on the edge of his six-yard box, as the half drew to a quiet conclusion.
Gregory introduced Pat Kanyuka at the expense of Matthew Rose at the break, although it was unclear as to whether it was a tactical change or an enforced substitution.
Zesh Rehman moved to right back, with Marcus Bignot switching to the left side of the R's defence.
Hull started the half confidently and when Craig Fagan flighted an out-swinging corner into the R's box on 48 minutes, Paul Jones was in the right place at the right time to tip away Michael Turner's downward header.
But it was Rangers who took the lead on 60 minutes, courtesy of Ray Jones.
The talented teenager arrived bang on cue to head home Blackstock's knock-down from little more than a yard, after a well-worked quick free-kick from Rowlands.
It was definitely a case of cometh the hour, cometh the man, as the 17 year-old bagged his first goal in Championship football.
Gregory wasted no time in introducing fresh legs after the goal, with Ward and Steve Lomas replacing Bircham and Bailey respectively four minutes later.
Jon Parkin - clearly having seen Xavi Alonso's wonder-goal for Liverpool earlier in the week - tried his luck from long range on 67 minutes, only to get his effort all wrong, as the ball sailed towards the corner flag.
Rangers continued to pose a threat as the match reached its conclusion, with Blackstock heading over in the 79th minute from the edge of the six-yard box after more good wide play from Cook.
Sixty seconds later the former Southampton man sealed all three points for the Hoops, heading an unstoppable effort past Myhill, after Cook left Mills chasing shadows for the umpteenth time.
It was no less than the pacy front-man deserved, after a tireless forward display.
The roar at full-time told its own story, as Rangers registered their first league victory in six fixtures.
QPR: P Jones,Bignot, Rehman, Stewart, Rose (Kanyuka 46), Rowlands, Bailey (Lomas 64), Bircham (Ward 64), Cook, R Jones, Blackstock.
Subs: Royce, Baidoo.
Scorers: R Jones 60, Blackstock 80
Bookings: R Jones 30, Rehman 72, P Jones 85

Hull City: Myhill, Dawson, Ashbee, Turner, Parkin, Bridges (Forster 66), Collins, Livermore (Marney 74), Mills, Fagan, France (Yeates 66).
Subs: Duke, Thelwell.
Bookings: Collins 53, Mills 62, Livermore 68
Referee: D Deadman
Attendance: 11,381


The Tigers' winning run came to a disappointing end this afternoon as they went down 2-0 to Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road.
In a game where City rarely looked like scoring, they were punished by second half headers from Ray Jones and Dexter Blackstock.
There were several changes to the side that started against Hartlepool in the Carling Cup in midweek as the team mirrored the one that beat Sheffield Wednesday in the last league game.
Danny Mills, Ian Ashbee, David Livermore, Michael Bridges and Jon Parkin were all restored to the starting eleven.
In the absence of Sam Ricketts, Mills played at right back with Sam Collins remaining at centre half.
Nicky Forster returned from injury to take a place on the bench and was joined by Mark Yeates and Dean Marney, both of whom had started in midweek.
QPR forced the first corner of the game in the sixth minute when Andy Dawson headed a deep cross behind, but Boaz Myhill did well to fist Lee Cook's set piece away.
Myhill was forced to make the first save of the game on 14 minutes. Livermore was dispossessed on the edge of his own box and when the ball came back to Martin Rowlands, his shot was palmed away by the City keeper.
Rangers should have taken the lead two minutes later. Cook curled a beautiful free kick over to the back post, but Damion Stewart couldn't connect with his head and the chance went away.
A good run from Rowlands saw him have another shot on 21 minutes, but this time it went across goal and wide.
City went on the counter attack in the 26th minute as Craig Fagan charged up the field. It was three-on-three as Fagan played the ball out to Parkin on the right, but his cut back went behind Fagan and the home side cleared.
QPR striker Ray Jones was booked on half an hour following a challenge on Andy Dawason, which left the full back needing treatment from physio Simon Maltby.
The Tigers won their first corner on 33 minutes after Fagan had chased down what seemed like a lost cause. The delivery from Dawson was cleared at the near post and when he returned the ball, Ryan France was flagged offside.
In added time, Rangers won a corner after some good play down the right. The corner went deep and was headed behind by Parkin for another set piece, but this one was well claimed by Myhill.
Half Time: Tigers 0-0 QPR.
Rangers made a change at half time as Pat Kanyuka came on for Matthew Rose.
The Tigers won a corner four minutes into the second period as Stewart headed behind. The delivery from Dawson was perfect for Michael Turner who rose the highest to head goalwards, only to see his effort well saved by Paul Jones.
Collins went into the book on 53 minutes following a foul on Dexter Blackstock.
Rangers took the lead in the 60th minute. A free kick from the right was swung over to the back post to Blackstock who headed back across goal to Jones who headed home from close range.
Mills was booked for a foul on Cook as the home side looked to turn up the pressure.
QPR then made a double change as Steve Lomas and Nick Ward replaced Stefan Bailey and Marc Bircham.
The Tigers responded with a double change of their own. Yeates came on to make his City league debut in place of France while Forster replaced Bridges.
Livermore was shown a yellow card following a tackle from behind on Zesh Rehman.
Rehman himself was booked on 72 minutes after a wild challenge on Yeates before Marney replaced Livermore as City made their final change.
QPR went close to doubling the lead when Blackstock got on the end of a left wing cross, but his header sailed over.
Rangers sealed the points ten minutes from time. Cook beat his marker down the left and produced a beautiful cross for Blackstock to head home.
City tried to hit back. Collins crossed to the back post for Forster, but his glancing header went wide.
Despite being two goals up, goalkeeper Jones still managed to get himself a yellow card for time wasting.
There was no way back for City, despite four minutes of added time, and they got what they deserved from the game as QPR leapfrogged them in the table.


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