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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ainsworth on Changes at QPR

Gareth Ainsworth Step on the Gaz
Kilburn Times 27 September 2006

IT'S been a week of change at QPR, but these are exciting times and we've all got to look forward.
Like the rest of the players, I heard there was going to be a press conference last Wednesday and, to a certain extent, we put two and two together - but nobody knew who was coming in.
The lads have huge respect for John Gregory. He's got masses of experience and there aren't many managers around that have taken a club to the top of the Premiership, as he did with Aston Villa.
John doesn't know many of us, but it's already clear that if you want to play for QPR, you do things his way. He's the leader of the team and we have to be pulling in the same direction.
Of course there's a lot of sympathy for Gary Waddock and I think it's big of him to step down, but stay on at the club as coach.
Maybe, as John said, this is a chance for Gary to learn a few more things about management before he has another go at it.
When there's a change at the top, it inevitably means you lose people. That's sad, but it's part of the game.
Macca in particular is a great guy, he was good with all the lads and I hope he and the others who have left will establish themselves in jobs somewhere else very soon.
The new manager's made a few subtle changes already - he wants us totally focused on the game and that's how it should be.
So there's no music in the dressing room on matchday - and I must say I found it eerily quiet as I walked down the tunnel on Saturday, but I'll just have to get my fix of rock'n'roll in the car on the way to the ground instead!
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