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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kevin Gallen on Holloway, Plymouth, QPR & Winning & Losing

Kevin Gallen Speaks about Holloway, Plymouth, QPR and Winning and Losing QPR

Ben Kosky/Kilburn Times
"...Ian Holloway brought me back to QPR and I've got a lot of time for him because of what he did for me in the past," said the Rs skipper.
"Apart from sending a few text messages and wishing him all the best, we never really got to speak to him after he left, which was disappointing because he put some good years and a lot of hard work into this club.
"We're playing against our former manager and there's no more to it than that as far as we're concerned. What's far more important is for us to go there and get something out of the game.
"It's 11 against 11 and I know it'll be a tough game because he'll have them fired up, as you'd expect. But the league's very tight and if we win we could jump up several places...."

"I learned a lot from Kenny - whether we won or lost the attitude on Monday was always the same," said Gallen. "No-one was allowed to think that, because he scored a goal on Saturday, he didn't need to try.
"Kenny said everyone should be on the same level - when you win you shouldn't be on top of the world and when you lose you shouldn't be rock bottom.
"If you win, that's great - now it's on to the next game, try your best and let's win this one as well. I think in a way that applies to the supporters as well.
"Obviously they're very up and down and they need to stay on the same level.
"There's a long way to go and it's not just about what happened after Burnley, or equally what happened after Southend.

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