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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Former QPR Chairman Bill Power "Leaves" Swindon


The Club has learnt today that Bill Power, due to the severity of the injuries that he sustained in the 5th. August air crash, will not be able fulfil his role at The County Ground as he originally intended.
Phil Emmel, Bill's business partner, informed the Directors of STFC at a meeting that, whilst it is hoped that Bill will make a full recovery in the long-term, it is likely that he will be sidelined for up to eighteen months consequently he will not be taking an active role in the Club nor will take up his position on the Board of STFC.
Speaking on behalf of the Club Bob Holt said that whilst the announcement was a great disappointment, it was not entirely unexpected.
"We recently received an email from Terry, Bill's wife, informing the Board that Bill was not in any condition to have visitors other than close friends and family and that he was in no position to contribute to the running of the Club," said Holt, adding that it was then we realised that his return to The County Ground seemed unlikely.
On behalf of the Board Holt stressed that the Directors respect Bill's decision and recognise that his long-term return to good health must be a priority and do appreciate both Bill and business partner Phil's contributions over recent months, whilst wishing Bill well with his recovery.
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BBC - Power steps down after air crash

The former QPR chairman Bill Power, who invested £1m into Swindon Town FC, is to step down from the club after he was injured in a air crash in August.
The news from the County Ground follows a meeting between his business partner, Phil Emmel, and representatives of major shareholder Sir Seton Wills.
Club director Bob Holt said although the news was a "great disappointment" it was not entirely unexpected.
It is unclear what will happen to Mr Power's investment in the club.
Mr Holt added: "We received an email from Bill's wife saying he was in no position to contribute to the club and his return to the County Ground seemed unlikely."
"On behalf of the club Mr Holt stressed the directors respected Bill's decision and recognise his long-term return to health must be a priority."
On the opening day of the season, 5 August, he was seriously injured in a light-aircraft crash which also involved chief executive Mark Devlin and his 10-year-old son Stan.
Also taken to hospital were marketing manager Mike Sullivan, an unnamed passenger and the pilot, 60, who was seriously hurt.

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