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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

QPR Report: Q and A with QPR CEO Philip Beard...The QPR 25 Man Squad: Who's Home Grown...Mbia Was Asked to Leave Marseille


- Sixteen Years Ago: QPR Linked to Terry Venables and Alan Curbishly to Replace Ray Wilkins

- The Official QPR Players and Staff (and Owners) Twitter List

Club by Club List of the 25 Squads and who Counts as Home Grown`

Queens Park Rangers - 25 squad players

Player Home Grown

1 Green, Robert Paul Yes
2 Diakite, Samba No
3 Traore, Armand Yes
4 Derry, Shaun Peter Yes
5 Ferdinand, Anton Julian Yes
6 Hill, Clinton Scott Yes
7 Park, Ji-Sung No
8 Johnson, Andrew Yes
9 Cisse, Djibril No
10 Taarabt, Adel Yes
11 Wright-Phillips, Shaun Cameron Yes
12 Mackie, James Charles Yes
13 Onuoha, Chinedum Yes
14 Mbia Etoundi, Stephane No
15 Nelsen, Ryan William No
16 Dyer, Kieron Courtney Yes
17 Pereira da Silva, Fabio Yes
18 Ephraim, Hogan Yes
19 Hoilett, David Wayne Yes
20 Murphy, Brian No
21 Zamora, Robert Lester Yes
22 Soares De Espindola, Julio Cesar No
23 Faurlin, Alejandro Damian No
24 Granero Molina, Esteban Felix No
25 Bosingwa Da Silva, Jose No

Queens Park Rangers - Under 21 players (Contract and Scholars)

Adekunle, Oluwatobi Aliu
Andrade, Bruno Miguel Carvalho
Beckles, Benjamin John
Brown, Ben
Buck, Jordan Winston Bryan
Champion, Frederick
Comley, Brandon
Daly, James Christopher
Doughty, Michael Edward
Downs, Jake Louis
Ehmer, Maximilian Andreas
Fitzpatrick, David Hugh Aborlo
Francis, Adam Royston Lawrence
Furlong, Darnell Anthony
Gibbons, Jordan Leon Chidubem
Harriman, Michael Grant
Hitchcock, Thomas Joseph
Hubble, Conor Stephen James
Hunt-Laurent, Joshua Ishaele Jacob-Heron
Koeris, Justin Vernon
Kpekawa, Cole Desmond
Lennox, Aaron Keith
Lumley, Joseph Patrick
Magri, Samuel John
Mitchell, Aaron
Nguemkam Monthe, Emmanuel Gaetan
Page, William Alexander
Parmenter, Taylor Louis
Petrasso, Michael
Sendles-White, Jamie Alexander
Shariff, Abdalla Mohamed
Skapetis, Petros
Smith, Mark David
Sutherland, Frankie Jay
Trani, Tommaso
Wise, Harly John
Young, Ryan Lee
  - Premiership

Ian Cooper/London 24 - QPR Q and A: Chief executive on transfers, Hughes, Green and the future

Phil Beard answers questions on Rangers’ summer of spending, and tells London24 that the focus must now be on developing the club’s own youth policy

Q: With the transfer window now closed, do you feel that QPR have done good business?

What we have done in the last three transfer windows is hopefully send some very serious messages to the fans that we’re serious about trying to build and strengthen the squad.

This summer there was a lot more time as soon as the season finished to sit down and understand how Mark wanted to go about developing the team, and to make sure that what he ended up with was a squad which he felt was his own.

It takes two or three windows to bring in a squad which can compete in the Premier League. It was an evolutionary process. We moved a significant number of players out, over the last two windows in particular, that Mark felt were not able to compete in the Premier League.

Mark has had the chance to bring in 12 players overall this summer. I think he has a 25-man squad that he can look at, at any given time, and see that any of those players can do a job.

Q: A number of high-profile players have arrived at the club. Has the wage bill become a concern?

I wouldn’t say that should be a concern to the fans, because we have got very successful businessmen who own this club.

The figures will back me up when I say that a lot of the players who have come in have done so on free transfers rather than a significant cost. Some clubs have spent £12 million or £15m on one player. You would struggle to get that sort of number for all the players we have signed.

What we have done is strike a balance. I have looked at it long and hard, and there are some very talented young players we have brought to the club who I think will be available for a long time to come.

Mark has brought in players who have significant Premier League experience, like Ryan Nelsen and Andy Johnson. If I were the fans I would back the fact that the owners really know what they are trying to achieve here.

Q: So is the cycle of regeneration we have seen during the last three windows now at an end?

You have to have two or three cycles in order to really bring a squad together that you feel can create stability in the Premier League.

I think we are looking forward and thinking that if there is more activity it will be on the basis of moving one or two players out who would command their own figure in the market.

We’ll be a club which does less activity, which moves players out as well as bringing them in.

Until now, some of the players who have gone out have not commanded the same fees as those who were brought in.

Q: QPR’s owners have spoken of ambition. What is a realistic target for QPR this season?

We have owners who are very ambitious and want to compete at the highest level.

It would be wrong to try to explain what that means, but we haven’t made the investment of this summer to simply compete at the same level as last season.

We had a squad which kept the club in the Premier League, but the investment has been made so that we feel we are a club which can compete against – and beat – every club we play.

We all believe that the squad we have now should be able to get stability in the Premier League – not fighting for survival.

However, it’s a fact that three clubs go down and every club will be doing all it can to make sure it isn’t down near the bottom. The investment has been made in order to progress from last season.

Q: Rob Green signed in July yet already looks set to lose the jersey to Julio Cesar.
Does this reflect badly on the scouting system which identified him as a signing?

It doesn’t raise questions over the scouting policy – if anything, I think the opposite is true.

The club now has two very strong goalkeepers, and Mark will decide which one plays when.

The opportunity came up, it wasn’t something in his mind, that Julio Cesar could come to the club for a very sensible way, and we decided to take that opportunity. The best teams have strength in every position.

Q: How important is Mark Hughes to the club’s long-term future?

The power of Mark Hughes in getting players to come to this club should not be under-estimated. Mark takes us to another level.

I have sat in meetings where had Mark not been the manager here we might not have persuaded some of the players to come to the club.

I look at Mark and see that what he’s good at is getting the best out of these players.

Q: Does the fact that you have spent so little in transfer fees suggest that you have signed players who are past their best that no other clubs want?

What Mark has tried to do is have a balance. Watching Andy Johnson and Bobby Zamora play against Manchester City, I thought they dove-tailed really well. Andy, who has maybe one or two seasons left in the top flight, really wants to succeed.

There are three or four who are still young; Junior Hoilett is a fantastic talent and could very well become a superstar. At the other end of the scale Ryan Nelsen arguably was the best player against City.

That’s what Mark has tried to do. I look at the bench, and the challenge we had last season was that our bench looked frail.

Against City, you saw enough talent. I look at the likes of Norwich and Southampton, and for me their benches look a bit weak.

You need to see what you need in order to compete. It is important we compete at the highest level. I hope the young players who we signed on long-term contracts will stay for a long time, but if they don’t then they will have a significant re-sale value.

We have renewed the contracts of players who we believe are the future of the club. Adel staying is fantastic news for any QPR fan who has watched him progress over the last few years.

Q: Going forward, would the club be better to look at signing the best young players from the lower divisions, rather than established names?

Possibly, but that’s a risky strategy. Jordan Rhodes, for example, who scored goals for fun last season for Huddersfield.

No-one went in for him, so £8 million for a move to Blackburn Rovers is a massive amount of money. They now need to come back up. He might score 20 or 30 this season, but it’s a massively risky strategy.

We let Raheem Sterling go a few years ago because we simply could not hold on to him, there was no-one to say ‘stick around because we are going places’.

That’s what we want to do; the most important thing we are doing is building Warren Farm, because ultimately we want to bring through young kids. The one thing you can’t put a price on is nurturing talent at a young age.

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SPORTING LIFE - Mbia Was Asked to Leave Marseille

New Queens Park Rangers signing Stephane Mbia has revealed he did not want to leave Marseille but was asked to go to reduce the wage bill.

The versatile Cameroon international became QPR's 12th signing of a busy summer when he arrived on a two-year contract on deadline day.

Mbia expressed his delight at the switch after putting pen to paper, insisting it had always been a dream to play in the Premier League and that he was excited by QPR's ambition.

However, he has also now admitted that he was reluctant to leave Marseille after three enjoyable seasons with the French club.

The 26-year-old was made to realise that he had no option but to head away from Marseille due to their financial situation.

"I didn't want to go but the owner of the club made me understand I had to leave," Mbia said in The Sun.

"The wage bill had to be reduced and certain players had to go." Sporting Life

And a Message from lifelong QPR fans, Betty and Brian Herrington, who recently celebrated Sixty Years of Marriage

We must say a big thank you to all the QPR fans that sent us congratulations on our Diamond Wedding Anniversary, via the QPRreport website, what a wonderful thing to do.

We were both very tearful reading them, after our daughter Louise printed them off for us (as we don't have a computer).

Both Brian and I have lots of great memories of QPR going back to 1946 (65 years ago) of following them home and away with dear Daphne Biggs.

We got 3 season tickets in the upper Loft for the day it opened and then moved to PU A214 and 215 when they became free. Wonderful view.

We do miss our Saturday out.

Once again, thank you all.

Up the R's!!

Betty and Brian Herrington. 

- Celebration Photos

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