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Friday, August 16, 2013

38 Years Ago Today: #QPR's 1975-76 Season Kicked Off...6 Years: Chairman Warns of Administration...Old Video: Jim Gregory Announcing Resigning and Terry Venables Taking Over...Granero Gone...Next: Ipswich


- 38  Years Ago Today: QPR's 1975-76 Season Kicked Off - The Season in Photos and a Look Back


Thirty-Eight Years Ago Today: QPR's 1975-76 Season Kicked Off - The Season in Photos and a Look Back

- VIDEO:  1983: QPR Players Celebrating Promotion and Chairman Jim Gregory Announcing He's Stepping Down - Hopefully Selling the Club to TERRY VENABLES

- More Promotion Celebrations

From last Season: The Boys of 30 Years Return to Loftus Road

- 1993 Video: QPR Beating Swindon (Entire Game)

- Granero Goes out on a Year loan to real Sociedad (Some say QPR Paying part of his wages)

- QPR-Ipswich Preview: An Ipswich Perspective

- 64th Birthday for Ex-QPR Coach (and Stan Bowles Carlisle Team Mate) John Gorman: A Man who showed a lot of Character when Jim Magilton was suspended - and he refused to takeover.

On This Day...Six Year Flashback: Chairman Paladini Warns of Club Into Administration if not sold

QPR Chairman Warns of Administration in Two Weeks
Daily Mail - Deal or no deal for Paladini

- Another week of chaos at QPR, culminating with question marks over chairman Gianni Paladini's position.
The Italian was involved in heated discussions with parent company chief Antonio Caliendo ahead of Tuesday's defeat by Leyton Orient.
Caliendo had earlier released a statement insisting QPR was "not for sale", even though Paladini has spoken to at least two potential investors - Renault F1 boss Flavio Briatore and former chairman Bill Power's consortium - and been talking up the possibility of a takeover.
Club sources say the statement from Caliendo - who represents QPR's Monaco-based major shareholders - is evidence of a rift with Paladini which has hit hopes of an imminent deal with Briatore. Mail

"AP - [QPR] Queens Park Rangers may be forced into financial administration unless a takeover deal is revived"-

LONDON (AP) — Queens Park Rangers may be forced into financial administration unless a takeover deal is revived.
The League Championship side must pay a 1.3 million pound (US$2.6 million; €1.9 million) tax bill to Britain's Inland Revenue by the end of August, but talks with Renault Formula One team principal Flavio Briatore over a 30 million pound (US$59.5 million; €44.4 million) takeover have stalled.
"There is now a huge concern over the club's future," QPR chairman Gianni Paladini was quoted as saying in Thursday's Daily Telegraph. "Flavio has made it plain that if one decimal point moves on the agreed price, he doesn't want to know. There is no one else ready to step in."
Football League rules mean any club entering financial administration — whereby a club can continue operations without selling off its assets to pay debts — is automatically deducted ten points from its league total. AP

Daily Mirror Threat to QPR 16/08/2007
Gianni Paladini has warned QPR will be forced into administration in two weeks unless a rescue package is agreed.
The cash-strapped club need to pay a £1.3million bill to the Inland Revenue by September 1.
Rangers could otherwise face a 10-point deduction and be plunged into a desperate relegation battle.
Chairman Paladini is furious with his fellow board members after talks with F1 racing boss Flavio Briatore over a £30m takeover stalled.
Paladini said: "There is now a huge concern over the club's future."

"...Queens Park Rangers chairman Gianni Paladini has warned that the club could be forced into administration if a rescue package is not agreed. The club need to pay a £1.3 million bill to the Inland Revenue by the end of the month, and Paladini is disappointed that talks with Renault Formula One team principal Flavio Briatore over a £30 million takeover have stalled.
"There is now a huge concern over the club's future," Paladini said. "Flavio has made it plain that if one decimal point moves on the agreed price, he doesn't want to know. There is no one else ready to step in."
Antonio Caliendo, the chairman of QPR Holdings Ltd, has denied that the club is up for sale Telegraph

The Sun
GIANNI PALADINI has warned QPR will be forced into administration in two weeks’ time unless a rescue package is agreed.

The Championship club must pay a £1.3million tax bill by September 1 or face a winding-up order.
Rangers, who are £21m in debt, would then be hit by a 10-point deduction by the Football League.
Talks with Renault racing boss Flavio Briatore over a £30m takeover have stalled after directors Franco Zanotti and Antonio Caliendo refused to accept an offer of 5.5p per share.
Chairman Paladini said: "There is now a huge concern over the club’s future. Flavio isn’t desperate to buy into QPR and there is no one else ready to step in." The Sun

The Star (via BBC Gossip) "QPR will go into administration in two weeks unless a rescue package is agreed. (Star)


David McIntyre/Ealing Gazette - August 16, 2007
Paladini hopes for Flavio takeover
But Caliendo keeps options open

Hopes of a takeover of QPR by a group which includes Renault boss Flavio Briatore have been raised – less than 24 hours after the deal seemed to be dead.
But major shareholder Antonio Caliendo, who will ultimately decide Rangers’ fate, is also in talks with three other interested parties.
A growing rift between Caliendo and QPR chairman Gianni Paladini descended into all-out war ahead of Tuesday night’s match against Leyton Orient.
The row has erupted as Rangers face meltdown unless a takeover or major injection of cash is agreed within weeks.
With Paladini trying to broker a buy-out by a group fronted by Briatore, and Caliendo unhappy with the proposed deal, a storm was brewing ahead of Rangers’ first home game of the season.
Two years after Caliendo and Paladini combined to take charge of the club, the pair were on course to fight each other for control at an all-important board meeting scheduled for later this month.
But the showdown took place earlier than expected, and on Tuesday, Paladini faced the prospect of being ousted.
Caliendo told his one-time ally that he was being dismissed as chairman and then released a terse statement on the club’s website declaring that QPR was not for sale.
Paladini is no stranger to this type of battle for control – it’s his third since he joined the board in 2004.
Later that year he teamed up with Bill Power to remove the then chairman Nick Blackburn, chief executive David Davies and company chairman Ross Jones.
But the Paladini-Power alliance descended into a bitter feud and a year later, Power, who had replaced Blackburn as chairman, was removed after losing a key boardroom vote.
Mark Devlin was promptly sacked as chief executive and Kevin McGrath, the largest shareholder outside the Italian group who collectively own Rangers, later resigned as a director.
That victory, and Power’s subsequent selling of his shares, gave Paladini and Caliendo ownership but their time at the helm has been blighted by problems on and off the pitch.
Earlier this year, Caliendo and his Monaco-based backers stopped covering Rangers’ ongoing losses.
They have loaned the club several million pounds, and repayment is a stumbling block to a possible takeover.
Paladini, who recently declared that he and his colleagues would sell their shares for the price they paid for them, wants Caliendo to agree to the Briatore offer.
Paladini is in line for a lucrative contract to run the club should the deal he favours go ahead, and he believes it will make Rangers one of the biggest clubs in London. Even Paladini’s enemies – and he has made several – who remain close to events at QPR privately admit that the Briatore-linked bid offers by far the best financial package for the club.
But it offers Caliendo and his backers relatively little, causing anger at the way negotiations have been conducted on their behalf.
There has also been anger among other interested parties, who say they have been given short shrift by Paladini despite him publicly declaring that the club may go bust inside a month if a takeover or fresh investment is not secured.
Scare stories about clubs possibly going under are common, and the threat to QPR’s existence has been exaggerated in the past. But now the threat is very real, and time is not on Rangers’ side.
A £1.3million bridging loan from ABC Corporation has been repaid, averting the immediate prospect of them acquiring the Loftus Road ground.
But around £1million must be paid to the Inland Revenue at the end of the month and as things stand, QPR have no ability whatsoever to make that payment and they face administration – or worse – unless a takeover is agreed.
So as Orient left west London on Tuesday hoping for a moneyspinning tie in the next round of the Carling Cup, Rangers’ future was in the balance.
An appparent breakthrough occurred on Wednesday afternoon, with Caliendo appearing to be willing to speak to the Briatore-linked group.
But while the champagne was back on ice within Loftus Road and hopes were again high that a deal may be imminent, Caliendo was in discussions with another interested party as he continues to consider his options.
A key issue for QPR is the troublesome £10million ABC loan, which a previous board secured prior to Rangers coming out of administration in 2002.
Interest payments of around 11per cent are a potential noose around the club’s neck and the terms of that deal were changed when the recent additional £1.3million loan was arranged.
Ominously, ABC can now acquire the freehold on Loftus Road if the original £10million loan is not resolved by August next year.
Briatore’s group plan to take on this loan themselves at a much more favourable interest rate – probably around 6.5 per cent.
One of the parties in talks with Caliendo has suggested they can refinance the loan at around 8.5 per cent.
But the immediate pressure on both QPR and Caliendo is the forthcoming tax bill.
It puts the pressure on QPR for obvious reasons but is also a bargaining chip for Paladini and the Briatore group, because it leaves Caliendo facing the possibility of the club going under, leaving him with even less than he could salvage from the current offer. Unless, that is, he finds an alternative buyer. Ealing Gazette


August 16, 2007 - QPR Directors Change? -
the online Staff Directory: Jason Kallis is no longer listed as a board member and a name, James Ferrary is now listed.

August 16, 2007 QPR Staff Directory

NEW Board of Directors
Chairman - Gianni Paladini
Non-executive Directors - Franco Zanotti, Olga Paladini, Antonio Caliendo, Nick De Marco, Kevin James Steele, James Ferrary

[Previously was: Chairman - Gianni Paladini "Non-executive Directors - Franco Zanotti, Olga Paladini, Antonio Caliendo, Nick De Marco, Kevin James Steele, Jason Kallis"

Ex-QPR, PETTER VAAGAN MOEN on his time at QPR and re Moyes and Manchester United: Translation (Norwegian

ADL Calls on Russian World Cup Director to Apologize for Gay-Nazi Analogy   

STANDARD/James Olley

 Hands-on Steve McLaren a big help after Harry Redknapp's op, says Shaun Wright-Phillips

Shaun Wright-Phillips today hailed the impact of Steve McClaren on the Queens Park Rangers’ players while manager Harry Redknapp recovers from a knee operation.
Former England manager McClaren joined QPR as a coach last month in a surprise move and has played a prominent role during Redknapp’s convalescence.
Redknapp has been walking with the aid of crutches and taking a back seat in training after undergoing surgery to fix a cartilage problem.
QPR face Ipswich at Loftus Road tomorrow and talking to Absolute Radio’s Rock ’n’ Roll Football at an EA Sports FIFA 14 preview event, Wright-Phillips said: “Harry’s been good to work with but with his knee op he hasn’t been around that much.  He’s been watching from the sidelines but the team of coaches that he’s got have done a fantastic job for him pre-season. Steve McLaren is always hands on.
“He’s settled in really quickly and the lads have welcomed him with open arms. I think he’s brilliant and managing in Germany and Holland has only added to his CV and his knowledge of the game.
“The preparation has gone really, really well to be fair.  We didn’t have all the results we wanted pre-season but as a team we look a lot better than we did last year. We’ve made some really positive signings and I think as a team with a long season ahead of us, the new faces are going to be really beneficial.”
QPR have taken four points from their opening two Championship games and have been widely tipped to bounce straight back into the Premier League after relegation last season.
But Wright-Phillips said: “I don’t think there are any favourites in the Championship. It’s a really hard league to get out of and I think we just need to concentrate on winning our games and not listen to anybody on the outside.”
Hear the full Shaun Wright Phillips interview this Saturday on Absolute Radio before live commentary of West Ham v Cardiff at 3pm. Listen on 105.8 FM in London and check out www.absoluteradio.co.uk/listen for nationwide.  Standard

QPR vs Ipswich Photos/Programmes - From the Bushman Archives

QPR's Greatest Captain


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Birthday Today for Georges Santos - First Signing Ian Holloway Made after Winning Promotion out of "Division III")

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