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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

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First as sub...then full debut (and first goal)

QPR Official Site - November 3


RICHARD LANGLEY was thrilled to make his first team debut away to Swindon Town on Saturday.

Richard entered the fray as an 84th minute substitute. And he nearly scored a great goal with a flying header which brought an outstanding save from keeper Talia.

Richard says:"I played in the reserves on Thursday and there was no indication at that time that I would be called into the first team squad.

"So I was very shocked on Friday to be named in the 20 man squad for the trip to Swindon. I brought my big over-jacket with me to keep me warm while I sat in the stand as I really wasn't expecting to be involved. Then an hour before the kick-off, I found out that I would be on the bench and that was the biggest surprise!

"When Paul Murray was sent-off in the last 10 minutes, I replaced Mark Perry in the midfield hole. It was a really good moment for me. Iain Dowie told me to sit in the midfield, break as quickly as I could when I got the ball and not to give it away.

"I got a couple of chances to score, but unfortunately for me and the team the ball wouldn't go in. On the header, I saw the ball coming over from Keith Rowland's cross. I got quite a good contact on it but the keeper made a good save down to his bottom right corner.

"I found it amazing, really amazing, to play in front of 8500 people. It was the biggest crowd I've ever played before and it was a great experience for me. As soon as I went on, I heard all the Rangers fans shouting and I'm really thankful for that. They calmed me down a bit. It was just such a shame that we lost the game in disappointing circumstances.

"Now, having had a taste of the action, I'll look towards being in the first team squad on a regular basis."

QPR Official Site - NOVEMBER 5, 1998


RICHARD LANGLEY marked a memorable full debut for Rangers by blasting the first goal at home to Barnsley.

Richard, 18, who is a local lad from Acton, has been at Rangers since he was 12. He said:"I was delighted to score. The chance came as a shock to me. The ball bounced over Mike Sheron’s head, it fell on my left foot and fortunately I knocked it past the keeper.

"I had only played one reserve game before being called into the first team squad. So this is a big step up from the youth team, with a quicker tempo. It’s a lot harder and you have to really concentrate.

"The atmosphere at Loftus Road was great for the Barnsley game. I had all my family behind me, because they are are very supportive. And all the other players have been great - they’ve been encouraging me, telling me to go and enjoy myself and making me feel comfortable."

Please click the icon below to hear Richard's comments.

November 5, 2008 - Amit Bhatia Speaking About QPR, Owners' Involvement - and Ainsworth Future-

Sandy Macaskill/TelergaphQueens Park Rangers owners want to get their 'hands dirty', says Amit Bhatia- For Flavio Briatore, Bernie Ecclestone and Lakshmi Mittal – between them the richest club owners in English football - buying Queens Park Rangers last year must have been like shunning a shiny new Bugatti in favour of a beaten-up old banger.
- Of the 24 teams in the Championship, QPR were positioned dead last when they assumed control; they were hardly buying into glory.

- But, according to Amit Bhatia, the club's vice-chairman and Mittal's son-in-law, that was not what it was, and is still, about. "We could have gone out there and bought a club that is already winning everything – I'm sure it is a lot of fun for those people that do it," he explained.
- "But we love the club. That they need improvement is part of the excitement. This is much more than an investment that sits in a portfolio. We want to enjoy the football."

- Their love affair with the club this past year has not always run smooth. A mediocre start to the season has brought with it rumours of boardroom interference in team affairs, culminating in Iain Dowie's departure last month after just 15 games in charge.
-Dowie was said to have been frustrated with the board's interest in team selection and overbearing approach to the transfer market.
- Suggestions that caretaker manager Gareth Ainsworth's decision to introduce Samuel Di Carmine and Damiano Tommasi, two players brought in by chairman Briatore but overlooked by Dowie – and rumours that Briatore has bought himself a tactics board – have done nothing to down play such rumours.
- It is an accusation that is, in the current climate that condemns meddling owners, far from complimentary, and one that Bhatia is keen to dispel.

- He accepts that the board maintains a close interest in team affairs, and has revealed how, instead of observing events from afar, they are desperate to "get their hands dirty".
- He also admits to having conversations with the manager in the dressing room, and putting forward selection suggestions, but he vehemently denies claims that either his or Briatore's interest in team matters spills over into an unhealthy attempt to force the direction of team selection.
- "A lot has been said about Flavio picking the team," Bhatia said. "I don't know how involved other owners or other chairmen are, but at our club we care a great deal and as a result we might be more hands on than most people.

- "But we respect the fact that the manager is there to do a job, and the team selected, regardless of what anybody around us says, has to be the manager's. Otherwise, we should be the ones standing on the sidelines in tracksuits.
- "Do I have suggestions over what the team should be, of course I do, like any fan. But when Gareth puts out a team, it is Gareth's team."
- Those who maintain an interest in the club have been bewildered by the fact that the three owners, all billionaires who have shown no shyness in flashing the cash in the past – Mittal's house in Kensington, for example, cost a reported £75 million – have made no major signings to speak of.
- Briatore has said in the past that he wants QPR to provide "boutique football", so their continued decision not to bring in attractive players seems odd, especially considering their moves off the field in attracting Premier League-style sponsors.
- Indeed, the board moved quickly to secure a £20 million five-year kit contract with the Italian firm Lotto, and a three-year sponsorship with Gulf Air earlier this year. They also attempted to increase ticket prices this season, although the scheme was quickly withdrawn after causing uproar among fans.
- The club now understand that to hike prices, they need promotion. Bhatia refuses to countenance suggestions that there is a huge weight on the manager and players to achieve promotion this year, but he does accept that QPR must be competitive. And competitive means reaching the play-offs.
-"Just like any other fan, I wish that we could be promoted this season," he said. "But realistically, if we didn't get promoted this year, but were very competitive and made the play-offs, I would define that success."
- So Ainsworth has his target. Bhatia says that he is "thrilled" with the caretaker manager's performance to date – but allows that there is uncertainty about what the immediate future holds.
- "If Gareth is the best man for the job, then we have to give him a fair shot at it," he said. "He may not have much experience of being a manager, but he has the respect of all of the players.
- "It is only fair that Gareth gets the chance that he deserves, and for now I am absolutely thrilled.
- "Improvement is important," he added. "There is not a lot of pressure to go up, but there is a lot of pressure to perform well and get good results." Telegraph

Fifteen Years Ago: since the arrival of Jude the Cat at QPR

QPR Official Site - November 5, 1998

AN IMPORTANT new signing at Rangers is Jude, who joins on a free transfer as the new stadium cat. Rangers were desperate to sign a lucky black cat following the sad demise of long-serving club servant Smokey last season. Jude’s arrival at Loftus Road coincided with the win over Barnsley!"


Daily Mail February 2008
"Respray fails to save the Loftus Road moggy as Jude the mascot is neutered for good" -

Respray fails to save the Loftus Road moggy as Jude the mascot is neutered for goodLast updated at 14:57 07 February 2008

Queens Park Rangers have axed Jude the Cat despite a bizarre bid to save the furry mascot's job.
The club's new Italian owners are superstitious and view black cats as bad luck. Jude is based on a real black cat that lived at Loftus Road until being re-housed last autumn on orders of Flavio Briatore's regime.

Ran out of lives: Jude (left) has been 'sent on holiday' by superstitious QPR owners

At the same time, the mascot was warned he was on his ninth life as his position was reviewed.

Following discussions, officials then sanctioned the drastic step of re-spraying Jude's fur from black to grey in the hope a different shade of moggy would placate the Italians.

Sadly, however, the paint job has failed. A message in Saturday's programme read: "Jude the Cat has gone on holiday."


Rangers getting into a black cat flap as Jude moved on

The Italian owners of Queens Park Rangers are purging the club's historic links with black cats.

For the last 20 years, a cat named "Jude" has lived at Loftus Road supposedly bringing good luck.

But it is understood the ageing animal has now left the ground and been rehoused with a member of the club staff.

As part of the same clear-out, matchday mascot Jude the Stadium Cat, who is based on the real-life feline and has entertained home fans for 10 years, is also under threat.

No official reason has been given by Flavio Briatore's regime but that has not stopped speculation.

According to animal rights activists, black cats are viewed as symbols of evil and extreme bad luck in parts of Italy with thousands killed every year.


And 8 years ago: Sent off

BBC -, 16 February, 2005

Fur flies as Jude departs

QPR mascot Jude the Cat is enlisting the help of his furry friends after being 'sent off' against Preston.

The 7ft tall feline was apparently ordered from the touchline at the weekend because officials were confusing him with the players.

Jude, who has been a fixture at Loftus Road for the last six years, is perplexed by the decison and warns of a mascot boycott if he receives a ban.

"I'm very upset. Nothing like this has ever happened before," he whined.

"How can I be mistaken for a player? I'm a 7ft black cat!

"We're waiting to hear from the FA. I might be banned from the touchline or have to change my kit.

"And if that's not bad enough, I've been told my smoked salmon and cream might be taken away. I'll be back on KiteKat and semi-skimmed milk.

"I'm also worried that someone might find out my real identity. Hardly anyone knows who Jude really is and I haven't even told my closest friends what I do on a Saturday.

"We're playing Wolves next week and their mascot, Wolfie, wants to know whether I'll be there or not. He's said if I'm banned he'll stay away - he'll go on strike."

QPR chairman Bill Power is also backing the cat. He said: "This is a terrible injustice. We'll fight to clear Jude's name


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