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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Some Historic Games vs Leicester at Loftus Road

Some momentous QPR vs Leicester Games
Almost Forty years ago, our first? Meeting with Leicester
October 25nd 1966, at Loftus Road: League Cup 4th Round, 3rd Division QPR vs 1st Division Leicester. QPR won 4-2 with two goals from the father of Clive and Bradley Allen (Les Allen!)...Roger Morgan and Mark Lazarus.
QPR Team that night
P Springett
Hazell Hunt Sibley Langley
Keen Sanderson
R Morgan Allen Marsh Lazarus

August 10, 1968 - Our very first game in the First Division
(The new stand not yet completed)....QPR Drew 1-1. Les Allen again! Allan Clarke, Leicester's record (English record) 150,000 pound signing from Fulham makin his debut (And at the end of the season, both teams went down. QPR with 18. Leicester as defeated FA Cup Finalists)
Ron Springett
Finch Hazell Watson Harris
Ian Morgan - Keen - Sibley - Roger Morgan
Clarke Wilks
Sub: Les Allen

Various other major games over the years.
In March 1974, QPR played Leicester in the FA Cup, Quarter Final at Loftus Road, pretty confident of getting to our first FA Cup Semi Final. (This was under Jago, with Bowles, Thomas Francis, etc.). Leicester has a youth player, making his debut. After QPR had a good game, Leicester's debutant midfielder, Joe Waters, scored twice and QPR wnet out 0-2.

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