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Monday, July 13, 2009

QPR Snippets Monday...Magilton on Buzsaky...Q&A With Rowan Vine

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Magilton On Buzsaky
Ben Kosky/Kilburn Times
"...Akos has got real quality," said Magilton. "He was a big loss last year and he's worked extremely hard on his fitness all summer while everyone else has been out sunning themselves. He deserved to start, it's just reward and I was pleased with a lot of the things he did, but less pleased with some of the other things, so there's a bit still to work on. Everyone got 45 minutes - apart from Rowan Vine, who had to come off just as a precaution - and I was happy with our finishing, which was probably the difference between the two sides." Kilburn Times

- Jim Magilton is 'waiting by the phone,' as his search for new faces continues at Loftus Road.
- Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk prior to the First Team's departure to Slovenia this lunchtime, Magilton said: "We're continuing to work very hard on the transfer front.
- "We're close on one or two things, but we're not going to discuss our targets because that's not the correct thing to do.
- "We're waiting on a few phone calls though."
- Magilton added: "Clearly we're on the lookout for new players.
"We need a goalkeeper and hopefully we'll have something to say on that front soon." QPR

- Jim Magilton declared himself 'delighted' with the R's performance in our opening pre-season friendly against Aldershot Town on Saturday.
- Goals from Akos Buzsaky, Heidar Helguson, Patrick Agyemang and Dexter Blackstock ensured Magilton's reign got off to a winning start, to the delight of their gaffer.
- "I was really pleased - delighted," he told www.qpr.co.uk.
- "There were a lot of positive things that came out of the football match.
- "The finishing was first class and I'm delighted for Akos and Pat in particular. They each had frustrating campaigns last term and for them to notch on Saturday was great."
- Magilton added: "We passed the ball well in patches, looked sharp with and without the ball and generally performed quite well."
- However, Magilton warned against complacency, adding: "There's still a lot of work to be done.
- "The fitness side of things will take care of itself over the coming weeks, but we didn't keep possession well enough in certain areas of the pitch.
- "We were wasteful at times and that disappoints me. However, we're heading in the right direction and I'm pleased with how we're set at this stage." QPR

- Rowan Vine will travel to Slovenia with the rest of the QPR squad today (Monday), despite pulling a hamstring in the R's 4-0 victory against Aldershot Town on Saturday.
- The striker - who missed the majority of last season owing to a broken leg - was a half-time replacement at The Recreation Ground, only to be forced from the fray after 75 minutes.
- However, despite initial concerns, R's boss Jim Magilton played down fears of anything long-term, telling www.qpr.co.uk: "It's a very slight hamstring strain.
- "He'll travel to Slovenia with the rest of the squad, where we'll monitor his progress.
- "He'll miss Wednesday's friendly (against NK Celje), but could be back for the match on Sunday (against NK Karlovac)." QPR

- Name: Rowan Vine
Date of birth: 21/9/1982
Club: Queens Park Rangers
Position: Striker

What car do you drive?
Black Audi S3.

First car?
A white Peugeot 106. It cost £3,400 but I bartered a bit and got it knocked down to £2,900.

Favourite Film?
Usual Suspects


Favourite band or artist?
I like everything but if I was forced up against a wall and could only nominate one person, it would have to be Jay-Z

Most expensive item you've bought?
I don't really wear jewellery but I bought myself a watch that cost £5,000

Do you do DIY?
Occasionally. I'm not the best. My missus is much better than me. She puts stuff up and I come in at the end and point out where it should go, which is a bit of a role reversal, really. I do the odd thing but I might drill four or five holes before I end up with the right one. I don't like to go into dangerous waters. I prefer to get someone in who I can pay to do the job properly.

Perfect woman - apart from wife/girlfriend?
I'll go for Megan Fox. She's the new Angelina Jolie. She's attractive and I don't mind the tattoo. It makes her a bit dangerous.

The lads are over for dinner, what do you cook?
I let my missus take control most of the time although I've been known to whip up a few decent meals. I did quite well on a roast lamb recently. There could be some big things in the future - three course meals and stuff. I'm organising a barbecue for all the QPR players and their wives, and a few of the coaching staff, for the end of pre-season. It will be a chance for everyone to get away from the dressing room and the training pitch. For that one, I'm getting someone in to do the catering. I don't want people keeling over after eating pink chicken. Where there's blame, there's a claim!

If you were the manager of the club, who would you sign?
I'd go for Lionel Messi. He's the best. I wouldn't turn down Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaka but Messi does it for me. He has a touch of Maradona about him.

Best mate in football?
I wouldn't say I've got a best mate. I've got a group of friends from different clubs but the two who probably stand out are Gary McSheffrey at Birmingham City and David Bell at Coventry City.

Room-mate on tour?
At the back end of last season it was Hogan Ephraim. It will probably be him from now on. His worst habit is he never puts his computer down. If not surfing the Internet or playing Football Manager, he's on his phone. I talk to him but get nothing back. I'm better off talking to myself. But he's a good laugh if he's not warming up to be manager of Manchester United in a Champions League game.

Best prank on tour?
This is the best ever and one that is still going to this day. In some hotels, the spy hole in the rooms can be unscrewed from the outside. So you unscrew it, grab a fire extinguisher and bring the nozzle up to the hole, knock on the door and when you hear the person coming, let fly... It goes absolutely everywhere. Every time I go to a hotel that is the first thing I check.

Do you play golf?
Yeah, I do. I play off 18. There are some really good players at our club. Peter Ramage is the best. He's in single figures and can strike a good ball.

If you weren't a footballer, what would you be doing?
I'd like to think I would be doing some kind of journalism. I would be a football writer. I used to like the creative writing and I got good grades in English at school. I've done a few things for the club programme. Unlike some footballers, I don't mind being interviewed. For a start, the exposure is not a bad thing. It is a bit of a chore if people change the context of the quotes but I roll with the punches. Some of the bigger clubs do media training and you are told to be conservative. As a result you have people like Michael Owen and Alan Shearer, who are the most boring men in the world. One thing that does bug me is the clich├ęs, I just want people to open up.

Most embarrassing moment in football?
I missed an open goal for Portsmouth against Birmingham at St Andrews in what was only my fifth appearance. A shot from one of the other players rebounded off the post with spin, I tried to catch it on the half-volley and from five yards out hit it miles wide and high. It was a live match on ITV Digital and when I got home, my mum said, 'I've taped the game'. I was, like, 'Thanks mum'.

Life after football?
I've still got a good 10 years left in me. Maybe I would like to be a manager although I'm not too bothered about coaching. Hopefully, I'll be in a position to sit back and relax and watch my two sons grow up.

Interesting fact we don't know about you?
I'm a dog lover. I've got an Italian mastiff called Moses, who weighs 12 stone, and a rottweiler called Midas, who looks tiny in comparison. I'm 6ft tall, but if I stand Moses up his paws go above my shoulder. I've got quite a nice sized garden but I go out every day to take them for a walk. They don't live in the house. They're too big. Moses has his own shed. He's on a chain at night but he potters around most of the time. He will eat till the cows come home but I keep him on a strict diet. He has dry food that digests slowly.

Best freebie you've ever had?
I'd love to say I've been given cars and stuff but I haven't. Amit Bhatia, the QPR vice-chairman, paid for our entire Christmas party last year. We had a nice meal in our own room in this London hotel and then went on to a club. Each player in the squad was also given a watch by Flavio Briatore with the QPR crest on the back.

Worst dressed player at the club?
Matteo Alberti. His style is not bad but he likes the tight look - tight jeans and T-shirts that show a bit of bicep and that. It looks a bit suspect. ootball League

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