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Saturday, May 18, 2013

QPR Report Saturday: QPR Postcard 1903-04...Bhatia Supposedly Staying...Flashback: QPR Sell Their Training Ground...Redknapp's Latest...Kiyan Prince (RIP)



- Kiyan Prince (RIP, Seven Years Ago)

- England U-20 Squad (None From QPR)

 - Summer Key Dates

- David Conn/The Guardian - Comparing Tottenham and Arsenal Income and Finances

Bhatia Supposedly Staying: Charles Sale/Daily Mail from Couple Days ago
"... There have been doubts at the end of the last two seasons about the Mittal family holding on to their 34 per cent shareholding at troubled QPR. But despite relegation from the Premier League after a crazy financial outlay to stay in the top flight, it is understood that Amit Bhatia, steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal’s son-in-law, has indicated he will be staying on board at Loftus Road."


Harry Redknapp: QPR didn't have the quality to stay up

17 May 2013

Harry Redknapp believes a lack of quality is to blame for Queens Park Rangers’ relegation.

Rangers have lost 20 games this season and managed just four wins in a miserable League campaign.

Several players have come in for criticism over an apparent lack of effort but Redknapp has dismissed that suggestion.

“People talk about lack of effort, it’s more down to lack of quality,” said Redknapp (above), whose Rangers side face Liverpool on Sunday in their final match of the season.

“In some cases it’s desire but in the main it’s quality. We need changes, for sure. This team weren’t good enough, so we need to make some changes and improve the squad so we’re ready. It’s a big summer for this football club. We know what we need to do. It’s going to be tough for all the teams next year.

“We need players with the right attitude and quality to get us out of the Championship. I’m confident we can give it a real go but it’s a league full of top clubs.

“It’s a tough league to get out of. There are no easy games in the Championship — Saturday, midweek, Saturday, midweek. We need players who can play week in week out.

“The hard work really starts this summer. We will try to clear the decks and get some fresh blood in as well so we can compete at the top.” Standard

12 Years ago... May 18, 2001
QPR Official Site


Following the Loftus Road Plc EGM today at Loftus Road the company released the following press statement this afternoon:

The Loftus Road Plc EGM was held today in front of approximately 180 people at Loftus Road Stadium. The EGM was called to approve 4 resolutions put to the shareholders of Loftus Road Plc. All 4 resolutions put before the EGM were passed by a large majority.

The resolutions were;

1. To sell London Wasps to London Wasps Holdings for �5 million

2. To sell the Twyford Avenue Training Ground to Chris Wright for �5 million

Resolutions 3&4 were procedural resolutions upon the disposal of London Wasps.

During the meeting Chris Wright gave an undertaking to consult with his advisors in order to negotiate a share of any profit arising from any subsequent sale of Twyford Avenue to be returned to the company, or if the two teams are sold separately on an equal basis to Queens Park Rangers and London Wasps.

Commenting on the EGM, Chief Executive David Davies said;

"It was important to pass these resolutions to enable us to introduce new working capital from the proceeds of the sales to keep the club going in the short term, or until a buyer is found for Queens Park Rangers."

"It was good to see a strong turnout of shareholders. We listened to the shareholders' opinions carefully and have taken on board their comments regarding various issues brought up at the meeting. It was a constructive meeting and we were pleased to get some important feedback on the issues surrounding the sale of London Wasps and the Twyford Avenue training ground."

Press release ends

During the meeting two poll votes were called for in respect of resolution 2 and resolution 2 amendment. The results were as follows:

Resolution 2 Amendment

The addition to the published resolution 2 of the following;

"Provided that if after the date of the EGM there is the grant of any planning consent for uses other than the existing sports ground use which results in an increase in value or proportion thereof accruing to Mr Christopher Wright then the total increase is to be apportioned in such a manner as shall confer a minimum of one third of the total increase to the Company. "

For 269,931 shares

Against 34,175,222 shares

The resolution was defeated by the requisite majority.

Resolution 2

For 38,802,051 shares

Against 599,720 shares

The resolution was carried by the requisite majority.

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