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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

QPR Report Wednesday: QPR Make the Top 100 of World's Best Paying Teams...QPR Fan Site Directory....Flashback: Steffan Moore "He'll Chase Paper Bags in the Wind" Joins QPR...Two Ex-QPR Birthdays




QPR Fan Sites Directory: A List of the QPR Fan Sites

Flashback: "He'll Chase Paper Bags in the Wind in the Park for you all Day Long" Steffan Moore Joins QPR - Eight Years ago

- Five Year Flashback: QPR Supposedly Set to Sign Bobby Zamora and "Sign" Kaspar Gorkss...Iain Dowie Proclaims he's in charge of Signings
- Two Ex-QPR Birthdays: Tony Scully and Bobby Gould

World's Best-Paying Teams
- QPR at #91

ESPN Magazine/SportingIntelligence global salary survey  Lists "Best-Paying Teams in the World" - Soccer, Baseball, Football, Basketball, etc (Listing the average wage on almost 300 teams, worldwide.)
 "The survey included 278 teams in 14 leagues and seven sports across 10 countries."

Queen's Park Rangers are #91 on this list (with an average wage according to this finding of $2,604,997 - for the 2011-2012 season.)

The complete List

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