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Saturday, June 08, 2013

QPR Report Saturday - Video: 15 Year Old Frank Sibley on Eve of #QPR Debut...QPR Playing at the White City

the Bushman Photo Archives - QPR History in Photos: From the 1880s to the 21st Century


- VIDEO - 15 Year Old Frank Sibley Talking about his Forthcoming League Debut

- QPR Playing at the White City in1962


QPR Official Site - June 8, 1999


DIRECTOR of Football Gerry Francis is working hard to rebuild the club during the close season.

Gerry is determined to change things around - on and off the field - to ensure that Rangers have a much brighter future.

He says: " I've had a long relationship with QPR. I was captain here when we recorded our highest ever position in the league as runners-up in 1975/76. I came back as a manager and took the club to its second highest position of fifth just five years ago. So having returned to the club, I did not want to be the manager that took Rangers down. To stay up was obviously very important to the club and the supporters and also to myself.
"It gives us a chance to try to rebuild. I'm Director of Football and I'm looking at every avenue of rebuilding this football club and starting again.
"It's no use lying to the supporters. This is not going to be easy. Our financial situation isn't going to change overnight. There are teams we will be playing against next season who will be spending a lot of money, so our position hasn't changed. All we've managed to do is to stay as a First Division club, which is very, very important.

"But from a buying and selling point of view, we're certainly not going to be able to compete against many of the teams we will be playing against, so it's up to me to find what I can and utilise what I can. I certainly want to make sure we're not in the position we've been in over the past two seasons.

"To be honest, though, results don't lie - certainly not for two years. The team and the squad are not good enough. They need to get better and they need to get stronger. We've got to do that somehow within our financial situation.
"My aim is to take the club up from all angles. Financially, from a football-sense, from a playing-sense, from an Academy-sense. That's going to take a bit of time, but we have to start climbing the League."


 "...Thanks also to Amit Bhatia for taking me to QPR where I had a wonderful experience turning the club around and worked with Gianni Paladini, who always made me smile and still does"
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