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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Update: #QPR's COO Unequivocally Confirms QPR's #WarrenFarm Training Ground Going Ahead

Just to Update the previous post:

  QPR Fans have been led to believe that QPR had abandoned their plans for a new Training Complex at Warren Farm

  But at this past Tuesday's London Assembly "Regeneration" meeting with QPR's Chief Operating Officer, Mark Donnelly and others,  Donnelly spoke about the new Stadium and area plans.  He then unequivocally stated the QPR Training Ground at Warren Farm in Ealing was going ahead.

- Donnelly's comments start at around the 40 minute mark of the London Assembly Video of the Meeting-  www.london.gov.uk/webcasts/38356/asx

   I'll leave to others to "Square the Circle" with previous comments about the QPR Training Facilities.

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