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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ex-QPR Chairman, Bill Power on Former QPR Manager, Ian Holloway & Swindon

Western Daily Press 11 May 2006

Bill Power has moved to crush rumours that Swindon Town have spoken to Ian Holloway about a managerial role at the club. Former QPR and Bristol Rovers boss Holloway is out of work and is good friends with ex-QPR chairman and new Swindon director Power.Speculation has suggested Holloway could be brought in to work with, above or instead of current Swindon boss Iffy Onuora.
There were even reports that Holloway was due to attend Town's final game of the season last Saturday, although in the event he was at Bristol Rovers' match with Macclesfield.The charismatic Bristolian is understood to have been interviewed for a job in recent weeks, though not at Swindon.
And Power, who will invest an initial 1million into Swindon, said he had no immediate plans to offer his old friend a position at the County Ground.
"I am very friendly with Ollie but we have not discussed Ollie coming to Swindon at all, " said Power last night."
The most important thing in Ollie's life at the moment is preparing for the Edinburgh Marathon, which he is running for charity, and that's all I have been chatting to him about."
And he wasn't at the game on Saturday. I heard all those rumours and I think someone is having a laugh."
I have not said one word to him about Swindon Town Football Club - there is no discussion going on about that."
He is a friend of mine and a good man but we are not trying to slip him in the back door." Asked if there was any chance Holloway could be approached in the future, Power said the club's hierarchy had been busy discussing the best way forward following relegation to League T wo.
And he said that Onuora would probably join those discussions tomorrow.Power said: "Myself, Mark Devlin, Mike Diamandis and Sir Seton Wills have been sat in discussions for the last week trying to work out what is the best thing for Swindon Town Football Club."
But like everything, the more the committee talks about it, the more it gets vague and unmanageable."We are trying to cover every little angle so we hit the floor running next season. We want to make sure everything is right, because if it is not, we will get hammered, and rightly so."
We have not had a chance to sit down with Iffy yet because he has been buzzing around sorting things out with the players."But that's the next thing on the list and will probably happen on Friday." When it was suggested that all the signs indicated that Onuora would remain in place for next season, Power replied: "Totally. We need to sit down and tell him our plans and listen to h i s."
But in terms of Ollie, we would not go behind Iffy's back like it has been suggested we have. We would not do that to him."

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