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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Marking Four Years Since QPR Got Out of Administration...and entered into their ABC Corporation Loanbt

May 2002: QPR Get out ofAdministration having take on the 10 Million Pound loan from the "mysterious" ABC Corporation.

From Four Years Ago:

Bucks Free Press - May 31, 2002

QPR on road to cash recoveryQPR or to be strictly accurate, parent company Loftus Road plc are out of administration following a High Court ruling on Monday.
The plc and QPR went into administration in April 2001, but following a refinancing package finalised by the directors last week, the company has been able to pay off its creditors.
Chief executive David Davies said: "This is wonderful news and the conclusion of one of the darkest periods of our history. Having the administration order lifted marks the end of more than a year of tough financial decisions and hard work.
"This would not have been possible were it not for the commitment of coaches, players and backroom staff and the hard work of our administrators."
Mr Davies said, however, that one of the major factors in pulling the club back from the brink had been the supporters: "None it would have been possible without the support of the QPR fans. After seeing the club placed in administration, relegated and then lose more than half of our squad, they stuck by us in record numbers and continue to do so."
He went on to say that he felt the hard lessons learned would benefit the club in the future - "gone are the days when players will be paid excessive wages" - at a time when many clubs are on the verge of calling in the administrators. In the past, QPR had been highlighted as being run "on the economics of the madhouse."
But Mr Davies warned that although coming out of administration was a major step forward, much remained to be done on and off the field, although he was optimistic that the hard work of manager Ian Holloway and others would bear fruit.
"We don't suddenly have a magic wand to wave and make everything better. We are not suddenly flush with cash. With hard work and passion, we will improve this club but by bit and season by season.
"Ian Holloway has restored pride to the team and brought together a hungry and talented bunch of players. With the handcuffs of administration finally removed, we can start to build a solid future for QPR."

QPR 1st from Four Years Ago

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