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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ex-QPR Chairman Bill Power & Swindon Takeover Consortium

This is Wiltshire - Power insists consortium is working together

BILL Power is adamant the consortium determined to take control of Swindon Town is one entity' and there should be no confusion over the matter whatsoever.

As he prepares to face yet another operation following August's plane crash, the man who first appeared on the County Ground scene back in April, remains committed to the unity' message and that talk of Mike Wilks on the one hand and Bill Power on the other is simply nonsense.

And if the current regime does want to relinquish control he is 100 per cent committed to the project.

Speaking to the Swindon Advertiser, Power said: "I really don't know why there should be any confusion over whether Mike and the Trust is one thing and I'm quite another.

"Mike (Wilks) comes to see me once a week, we talk and let's get this straight, the Trust is an integral part of what we're trying to do here.

"I'm not interested in getting into a slanging match, as I've said before, and the message to the fans is the same, it's about being inclusive.

"A slanging match does nothing but hurt the club, the players and the fans.

"If this football club is to go forward in the way that everyone wants, it's not just me, or Mike, or a few other individuals, this is about everybody working together.

"All the fans have a part to play.

"For example, it's about asking the fans to bring a friend to games and building from there."

And should the consortium succeed, Power says supporters' representation on the board is a 100 per guarantee'.

As for the whole talks/takeover process, Power sees no reason why it shouldn't be carried out in dignified fashion.

He said: "Look at Leicester City and Milan Mandaric. He has tried to do it as decently as he can."

Power now feels the ball is in the club's court with the current regime left to consider a number of options' following a recent meeting. This is Wiltshire

This is Wiltshire - Playing the waiting game

SWINDON Town's current regime have moved to paint the takeover picture as they see it as supporters await developments on the issue.

A spokesman said: "The club feels the speculation surrounding any potential take-over needs clarification and their lawyers Clarke Willmott have provided this briefing."

The letter dated December 19 received from Mr Wilks in our opinion did not constitute a formal offer and and consequently Mr Wills had no alternative but to reject the proposal as it stood.

Through our good selves however, Mr Wills has suggested that Mr Wilks submit a more detailed and substantive formal offer through his legal representative.

Clarke Willmott advised the club today that they had received an email from Mr Wilks dated Wednesday February 14, in which he confirms that he represents, along with Bill Power, Phil Emmel and the board of Swindon Town Supporters Trust, a consortium seeking to gain control of Swindon Town Football Club.

He also states the consortium has not made a firm offer to take over the club as yet but will only do so when the consortium is provided with reliable financial information'.

However, he states that they are standing by to meet with the club and will duly consider making an offer when this information is made available.

The club's lawyers are urgently seeking confirmation that, in addition to Mr Power and Mr Emmel, Davis and Co represents Mike Wilks, The Trust and/or consortium.

When the club are in receipt of this response they will act as appropriate.

Quite separately from the above we can confirm that the board of STFC have, at the invitation of Bill Power's business partner and their solicitor, begun discussions.

The purpose of the meeting was to consider the impact of the tragic plane crash last autumn on Mr Power and discuss with his business partner and their solicitor their continued involvement in the club.

It has been agreed that the club will now take on board the views expressed in the discussions and respond to Mr Power's solicitor in due course. However, for the time being at least, these talks will have to remain confidential.

It is now anticipated that the club will schedule a meeting with its lawyers early next week to finalise its response. In the meantime the club and Mr Power's respective solicitors remain in dialogue.

Furthermore, we can confirm that the board of STFC, in addition to the above, have reached an encouraging position in their negotiations with a third party regarding a serious investment in the club.

The board is satisfied that this potential investor has both the business acumen and the financial capability to realise the club's ambitions and look forward to a successful conclusion to these on-going talks.

However, the club remains committed to meeting its supporters, businesses and any potential investors that want to help in realising the dream of making progress both on and off the pitch and therefore any party expressing an interest should make a formal offer through the club's solicitors. This is Wiltshire

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