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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Marking QPR Report's Second Anniversary

Two years ago, June 16, 2005 marked the "launch" of QPR Report. After a few months of blogging, the site somewhat mysteriously disappeared. So in December 2005 QPR Report had to start anew. Thus all the earlier posts from those first few months - such as "the (alleged) gun incident" "the coup;" "the trial" (and acquittals); and much else, are unfortunately not included on the blog.

In these past two years, fans have seen the club go from the optimism of a successful first season, an Ibiza "trophy"; and seemingly-goodsignings to managerial changes; high staff turnover; strange signings; repeated "unfortunate" stories in the press; and two relegation fights and repeated reports of financial difficulties. And much, much. much more: Threatened legal action against the Fan magazine; a bizarre Italy tour; a "non-game" against Witney; a "non-game" against China XI. And always taxes to be paid.

This site has devoted some focus to the activities and sayings of QPR Chairman Paladini who has presided over QPR for much of this period. But of course this site preceded Paladini's takeover.

So after, two years of posting (and some 1500 posts) which has seen a gratifying steady increase in "readership"...Thanks!

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