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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Part III - QPR Chairman Paladini Interviewed

Part III of QPR Fan Pete interview of Chairman Paladini is now up at Pete's WeAreTheRangersBoys website

Questions Asked

Q)Is the story true that Sunderland want Dexter Blackstock?

Q) What about Vine and Clements?

Q) What about Scott Sinclair?

Q) What about Holloway at Plymouth?

Q) How does loaning or buying players work?

Q) Has Flavio met John Gregory and the players

Q) What about that Southampton game, it was awful wasn't it? Could the week have affected them more then we think?...

Q) What was your biggest success and biggest failure at QPR?

Q) Why did joe Gallen get the sack after good work with the Youth Team?

Q) How do you feel when ex-players like Ferdinand and Gallen say this club would be better without you?

Q) At the AGM you offered to give back your shares, has this been done?

Q) Any truth In Wilkins and Vialli coming to QPR?

Q) What Happened to the Italian Suits?

Answers at: Paladini Interview - Part III

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