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Friday, December 31, 2010

QPR Report Friday Update...A Norwich Fan Perspective of Norwich and QPR

- Englarged Photo - Caption: "Guess Who Just Did What to Whom" -(Thanks as always to "Bushman")
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- Young quartet Aaron Waters, Jordan Hibbert, Danny Fitzsimons and Niki-Lee Bulmer will leave the Club when their contracts expire later today (Friday).
- The four youngsters will be released once their respective deals conclude at the end of the calendar year.
- The Club would like to thank all four players for their services to QPR and wish them the very best for the future QPR

- QPR FA CUP "History" - Last win almost exactly a decade ago....
- The QPR Team vs Luton QPR: Miklosko, Darlington, Baraclough, Plummer (Kiwomya, 35 ) , Carlisle, Perry, Rose, Connolly (Ngonge, 68 ) , Langley, Koejoe (Wardley, 90 ), Crouch Subs not used: Harper,Morrow

- Sixty-Fifth Birthday for QPR FC Chairman Gianni Paladini

- Facebook Pages: Gianni Paladini Appreciation Page and Flavio Briatore Appreciation Society (QPR)

- Daphne Biggs: Photo/Supporters Club Photos

- Five Year Flashback: Ian Holloway Worried About His Job "..."We already have more points than we did at this exact point this time last year with a game hand. "But that doesn't seem to be good enough for some people. I'm sick and tired of every Tom, Putz and Harry getting linked with my job every day. "Well ding, dang, doo. It's my job, I own it and it's up to anyone else to take it off me."

- Three Year Flashback: Gareth Ainsworth: Optimistic and Praising Chairman Paladini

- Hill Found "Not Guilty" and Swansea's Rodgers Complains

- Moen Confirmed as QPR Signing

- Telegraph/Henry Winters "20 Football Stars of 2010" - Including Gareth Ainsworth, Ian Holloway and Clarke Carlisle.


Michael Dilley of Vital Football Norwich offers his perspective of Norwich. Many, many thanks to Michael for providing this.

I remember Ron Saunders' Norwich team which pipped us for promotion in 1972...And then John Bond took over and transformed the team. QPR's very first home game in Division II after our 1967 promotion, was against Norwich. Every QPR fan of course has burned into his and her consciousness the events of April 1976 when a Norwich victory over QPR in effect resulted in the Championship going to Liverpool. how do you feel about that?!

All a bit before my time I'm afraid (I wasn't born until 1979) so can't really comment on that!

How long have you supported Norwich? And how long have you been involved with the website?

I've been a Norwich supporter for a little over ten years (long story but let's just say I saw the light), and have been involved with the site for about three years, taking over editorial duties in the summer of 2008 (just in time for the relegation season - wonderful timing!).

Tell me a little about yourself/your site/how long/how many readers, etc. (And other Norwich fan sites: Are they great inter-board wars like there seem to be with certain QPR sites)?

The site in its current form has been going for about five years, and is part of the Vital Football network - one of if not the biggest independent network of fan sites - which gives us good interactivity with fans of other clubs.

There are quite a few different City sites about these days but I wouldn't say there are great inter-board wars (but maybe a little friendly rivalry). There are some I prefer visiting than others, but personally I just tend to avoid the others and that works for me!

We average around 40,000 visitors and between over a million hits per month so it keeps me extremely busy as well as having a full-time job and a newborn baby at home!

I guess your big rivalry is with Ipswich? And with Colchester, it's just a little cousin? What explains Norwich truly amazing gates? Did you believe Norwich would get relegated from the Premiership? And then the relegation a couple of seasons ago to "Divison Three" (whatever its official name)

Oh yes, definitely Ipswich. I think any rivalry with Colchester means a lot more to them than it does us, which is probably why their home game against us was their only sell-out.

It's hard to explain the gates but it's probably a combination of fierce loyalty and there not being a great deal of competition in the area!

Relegation from the Premiership wasn't a huge surprise but the way we slid down the Championship most definitely was - just goes to show what a difference it can make having a decent manager.

What do you think of the current Norwich manager? I guess he totally transformed your team last season after your opening loss led to the firing.

Paul Lambert can do no wrong at the moment. He has turned the club around since coming in from Colchester and with him in charge you feel that we are finally in good hands.

What do you think of the current Norwich Chairman and Board of Directors? Why are they involved with Norwich? Could they realistically have done more? You have quite a famous Chairwoman!

Delia has done a hell of a lot for the club but there will always be those who think she could/should have done more - particularly in the Premiership season.

The best thing the board have done for the club was to bring in David McNally as Chief Executive. He seems like a bit of a b*stard which frankly is exactly what the club needed to try and shed a little bit of this "nicey nicey" image.

How are Norwich doing this season? Are your currently at your peak? Are you surprised by how Norwich doing this season? Do you genuinely believe Norwich will make the top six?

We've started really well and I can't see why we can't hang around the top six. At the start of the season I'd have been delighted with a mid-table finish but to still be hanging on strong at Christmas is a really strong sign.

To what do you attribute the Norwich Success?

Everything comes from Lambert, from believing in themselves to getting the players to play a certain way.

Who are you Dangerman/Most valued/most overrated/most underrated players?

Grant Holt grabs all the headlines for obvious reasons but our most influential player this season so far has been Andrew Crofts. He arrived in the summer from Brighton and looks like a complete bargain.

Prediction for season promotion/relegation places - And how would that compare with pre-seaon prediction?

Well I think your lot have got one the automatic places tied up, and although Cardiff seem to be having a little wobble the fact that they can spend in January will see them over the line I reckon.

As for the play-off places, I'd be very happy if it stayed as it is at the moment (Swansea, Leeds, us and Reading). At the start of the season I'd have had Burnley and Derby in there but I'm not complaining!

What is your view and the general Norwich view of QPR?

Don't know about the general Norwich view of QPR but I've always had a bit of a soft spot for them. I think it's because when I used to do the old Pannini sticker albums in the late 80s QPR's was the first shiny I ever had!

Again: Many, many thanks to Vital Norwich's Michael Dilley

MIRROR - Curle prepared to leave Rangers for Rovers
- QPR coach Keith Curle is ready to quit Loftus Road after applying for the vacant manager's job at Bristol Rovers.
- Former Manchester City and England defender Curle, 47, wants to return to management at the Memorial Stadium.
- Ex-Mansfield boss Curle faces competition from Torquay chief Paul Buckle and former Wimbledon striker Dean Holdsworth.

Notts County Official Site - Devlin Joins Club
- Notts County are pleased to announce that Mark Devlin will be joining the club as Commercial & Marketing Director.
Devlin was previously CEO of Swindon Town and Queens Park Rangers, before being injured in a light aircraft crash in 2006.
"I am delighted to be joining the club at an exciting time in its history and I am looking forward to working with my new colleagues," said Devlin, who is currently Chief Executive of Win Tennis at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre.
"It is important that we get club right on and off the field," added Notts Chairman Ray Trew.
"I am therefore very pleased that Mark will be joining us as he brings with him years of commercial success and experience, both inside and out of professional football".
Devlin is due to take up his new role at Meadow Lane on January 4, 2011 Notts County

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- Marking the 40th Anniversary of the Ibrox Disaster

- Kudos to Watford for their generous Charity Support

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