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Thursday, December 23, 2010

QPR Report Thursday: A Swansea Perspective Regarding Swansea and QPR

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PA - Hoops wait on Faurlin
QPR will check on Alejandro Faurlin ahead of the visit of Swansea.

The Argentine midfielder, Rangers' player of the year last season, missed Saturday's 2-0 defeat at Leeds due to a virus.
On-loan Tottenham defender Kyle Walker stepped into midfield, but the reshuffle did not work and he was soon back at left-back.
Boss Neil Warnock was unhappy with his side's defending against Leeds as well as in the previous match, a 3-1 defeat by Watford, so club captain Fitz Hall could earn a recall.
Midfielder Gavin Mahon has been handed a new one-month contract and may be added to the bench.
Defender Peter Ramage and midfielders Akos Buzsaky and Lee Cook are still out with knee injuries. Telegraph

A Swansea Fan Perspective about Swansea and QPR
From Richard, a long-time Swansea ticket holder.
(Check back later for hopefully, a couple more Swansea perspectives)

Swansea City questions

My basic interest: How good are Swansea...How are things actually at Swansea.

Swansea, for me, are one or two signings away from challenging for an automatic promotion place.
A pacey, lone striker and a scoring midfielder will see us get promoted this season.
I genuinely believe that we have some premiership quality players in Dorus deVries (goalkeeper), Ashley Williams (centre back), Angel Rangel (right back), Joey Allen (centre midfield) and Scott Sinclair (winger).
We started slowly this season, struggled to win away, then put a run together whereby at the moment we are great away, but are struggling at home.
Things are good at Swansea - I am sure that after another summer of disruption anyone of us would have taken a top four spot by Christmas.
If we sign someone like Sturridge from Chelsea on loan in the January window, just watch us go.
If we don't - it is QPR and Leeds for the automatics.

How long have you supported Swansea?

Over thirty years, through good times and bad.

Tell me a little about yourself/your site/how long/how many readers, etc. (And other Swansea fan sites: Are they great inter-board wars like there seem to be with certain QPR sites)?

The site has been going for about seven years now (I think) with many readers and a clutch of regular contributors.
There is always a great amount of healthy debate by usually articulate and reasoned guests.
There is one other "rival" site, Planet Swans, but I consider it a poor relation to www.scfc.co.uk

What do Swansea Fans think of Cardiff? (I think QPR fans and Swansea fans may have a common feeling about Cardiff!)

Of course there is bitter rivalry between Cardiff and ourselves and has been for many years.
Swansea fans generally think that Cardiff are cheating their way in this league, spending money that they have not got and treat their own creditors and supporters with utter contempt.
Cardiff believe they have a divine right to top flight football and have an arrogance to match.
The Welsh press, be it TV, radio or newspaper is incredibly Cardiff biased and this frustrates some but others like myself prefer to be under the radar.
Of course there is an idiot factor with all clubs supporters, but I feel that Cardiff have more than usual.
But, for me, whilst others were desperate for them to go under with their well publicised debt issues, it would have been a shame not to have that rivalry anymore.

What do you think of the current Swansea manager? What did you think of Sousa (who of course was maneuvred out of QPR) and re Martinez?

I think Brendan Rodgers is doing a great job at the moment on a tight budget.
His Chelsea influence has seen Scott Sinclair come to the club, and may see Sturridge in the New Year.
He has taken the best bits of Sousa's style (defensively robust) and mixed it with Roberto's passing flair.
We can lack a "plan B" when teams have worked us out, and seems to be reluctant to change a settled squad who are not playing at their best right now.

I was sorry to see Sousa go, though in hindsight, it has been the best thing for us.
He was incredibly arrogant, too defensive and terrible to watch, particularly after the delights of football under Roberto.
There has been criticism of his man management by players after he went, but after Roberto has raped us of Scotland and Gomez as well as our entire back room staff, I think he did well to get us seventh place last season.

Martinez lied to us and broke our hearts.
He swore that he would have to be forced out of the club and then left for money.
He swore that he would not take our players then raped us of Scotland and Gomez and unsettled Rangel and Pratley.
It felt like I had caught him cheating with my wife. He betrayed us.

What do you think of the current Swansea Chairman and Board of Directors? Why are they involved with Swansea? Could they realistically have done more? Could they/should they have tried harder to keep Sousa?

I think our board are reasoned, logical and committed.
They have a wage and transfer strategy and after our recent history whereby we nearly went out of the league have steered this club to stability without breaking the bank.
Of course they could gamble right here, right now to get a quality striker to get us to the premier league, but is the risk worth it.
No - very happy with the board.
Could they have tried to keep Sousa! I am sure that Huw Jenkins was dancing when Sousa not only left but got compensation to see him go!
Right decision for us and the board.

Sinclair and currently Lopez who I see wants to leave:...Over years had Charles, Jackett and Hollins as managers

What is your view and the general Swansea view of QPR How are Swansea doing this season? Are your currently at your peak?

Early season saw you as being unstoppable and genuine promotion contenders.
I think you are stumbling, but will turn it around.
I thought you were poor against us at the Liberty and we should have won that game, but I would be delighted for you to make it to the top flight, though not at our expense.
We are not at our peak, and there is more to come from us this season.

Are you surprised by how Swansea are doing this season? Do you genuinely believe Swansea will make the top six?

Slightly surprised, but only due to another summer of disruption, not because of a lack of quality.
Top six definitely - and who knows, maybe the automatics.

To what do you attribute the Swansea Success?

A happy, settled squad with a great team ethic and some genuine individual talent.
A manager who knows how to get the best from his team.

Who are you Dangerman/Most valued/most overrated/most underrated players?

Danger man - Scott Sinclair. What a talent.
Most valued - Ashley Williams. He will play top flight football for a top flight club in the future.
Most overrated - Jordi Lopez. Hardly kicked a ball and getting paid a fortune. Gone in the new year.
Most underrated - Garry Monk - Mr Dependable, and maybe Nathan Dyer and Dorus DeVries.

What are your past Encounter Memories - Best Memory/Worst Memory of Past Swansea-QPR Encounters? Who is your favourite QPR Player? (And your least favourite)? Ditto any view of Neil Warnock?

Don't have any particular memories of past encounters to be honest.
Loftus Road is a pain to get to, but a nice stadium with welcoming fans.
Best player - Adel Tarabatt.
Warnock is generally disliked, but only because he has a big mouth. I have no real issue with him.

Prediction for season promotion/relegation places - And how would that compare with pre-seaon prediction?

QPR and Leeds for the automatics.
Swansea for the playoffs.
I would love to see Forest go down (I have an irrational dislike of Forest) but will settle for Palace (one less London club to travel to).

Are you looking forward to playing QPR?

Nervous. Our confidence is a bit fragile at the moment, and this could hurt us.
But, if we score first we will beat you convincingly!


Heart says One-Nil away win.
Head says you will beat us 3-0

Many thanks to Richard

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