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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

QPR Report Tuesday Update: Cook Stays...Warnock and Mackie on Diouf Move...Portsmouth Fan Perspective...Flashback: Parrett Sold


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- Four Year Flashback: Dean Parrett Sold to Spurs

- Birthday for two Ex-QPR Number #10s

- Year Flashback: Nigel Quashie - Briatore Good for QPR

- Lee Cook Not to Sheffield Wednesday

- Vital Portsmouth Q&A With "QPR Report"

- Reactions to Torres and Caroll Signings...Ex-QPR Striker, Leroy Griffiths Switches Clubs

Sheffield Star - Owls: Cook deal collapses
- SHEFFIELD Wednesday last night failed in a beat-the-deadline bid to take QPR winger Lee Cook on loan with a view to a full transfer.
- The two clubs had agreed on the deal but the player said no a few hours before the 11pm deadline.
- It is believed that Cook decided he did not want to rush into it and has not given up hope of getting into the Loftus Road first-team reckoning.
- Chairman Milan Mandaric told The Star that the Owls are disappointed, but the market for emergency loans opens in a week’s time and they are not giving up on Cook or two or three other possible targets.
- Mandaric explained last night: “Everything was done between the clubs and the deal was ready to be closed.”
- Talks were set up between Cook and Alan Irvine, as the final step in the process, but the player, who is just back from injury, then told the Owls manager that he preferred to remain at QPR for the time being.
- Mandaric added: “We negotiated very hard but then the player pulled out.
- “We’re disappointed, all of us, myself, Paul Aldridge (vice-chairman) and Alan, but we’re not giving up.
- “There will be opportunities for us in the near future under the loan system.
- “We’re not giving up on that one [the Cook issue] and there are another two or three players that we shall be looking at in the next few days, on a loan basis...” The Star


This week, Q&A with Vital Football Portsmouth's Rug. Many many thanks to Rug for agreeing to do this interview.

Starting simply: How long have you supported Portsmouth? And how long have you been involved with the Vital Portsmouth Website?

Born and raised in Pompey so that answers the question – although I moved to Devon when I was a nipper so was not able to get to my first games in Pompey until I was about 18, some 13-years later I have been travelling regularly from my Devon base since.
I 'think' that it is about 5-years, but it is something like 4-years as the site editor.

(How do you get on with the other Portsmouth fan sites: Are there any serious inter-Portsmouth Messageboard conflicts (as there certainly are between certain QPR boards!)?

We are all Pompey so 'should' share a common goal, although lets face it we are all 'rivals' really as we want to have more members on our own sites do we not? I cannot say I have any major conflicts with any site, well not as far as I am concerned anyway but I know that Vital Pompey is the best so why should I worry lol!

Do Portsmouth have one (or two) special rivals? (I believe that might be Southampton!?) If so, Is it a mild dislike or a viceral hatred? (and do supporters of those clubs feel the same way about Portsmouth)?

Yep, s.cum are our main rivals, they hate us and we then. Although to be honest I do not really have that hatred of them that I know others do. Perhaps this is because I was brought up away from the area so did not see the rivalry first hand as much?
Got to say that I am more interested in us than 'anti-supporting' a rivals.

What do you think of your current manager? What did you think of his predecessor? Especially what do you think of Harry Redknapp?! What's your view of Terry Venables and Terry Fenwick and John Gregory - all with QPR 'pedigrees' and most recently Paul Hart?

To be fair with what he has he has done pretty well, although from what I continue to hear about him I am not sure he is that nice a guy, certainly his man management skills need some working on and his treatment of younger players, which is 'bad' to say the least. As said, with what he has he had done pretty well although I am not convinced he will be here long-term to be honest.

These are all in the past, many of which are best forgotten – the Two Terry's are a pair of c****s though! Any 'grudge' that I had against Redknapp is now done and dusted, as said though they are all the past and we move on.

What do you think of the current Portsmouth Owners (and all the others)? WHY are they involved with Portsmouth? What do you expect? Could they realistically have done more to have kept you up last season (after a remarkable first season)?
I ask this in all my questionnaires, but in the case of Portsmouth, you've had a mind-boggling stream of owners.
What was the turning point for Portsmouth in your ownership/financial "issues"?

They are not really putting any money in, then again they never said that they would and to be honest do any owners ever really 'put money in?' They just put it in against the club. So long, even if it might not seem like it, the club is being stabilised that will do me in all honesty.

Could they have done more to keep us up? The off-the-field issues did little to help but at the end of the day, some bad luck of not, the players we had 'should' have been good enough to do that but they were not and going into administration just confirmed what would have happened anyway

Are you disappointed with how Portsmouth are doing this season? In your heart of hearts, did you really expect promotion this season? Do you expect to improve? Or are you just grateful to be in existence?

Not disappointed as it was what I expected, although to be honest I thought worse and was not really expecting as much 'quality' to remain as we have. Survival in the nopower was always my hope for this season, in fact I felt it was a must, so if we do that I will be happy. Oh, I am in no hurry, despite the financial rewards, for us to go back to 'the promised land'.

Who are your Dangermen/Most valued/most overrated/most underrated players?

Ibrahima Sonko and Carl Dickinson are dangerous, for us! Should one of both play, as I suspect, then that will help you. Liam Lawrence is the most valued not entirely sure that anyone is overrated but think that the younger players have been underrated to our costs. Joel Ward is proving himself this season though, and proving Cotterill wrong.

Prediction for season promotion/relegation places - And how would that compare with pre-season prediction?

To be honest with you I did not, and still have not, really thought about this area – I would say you guys going up is pretty much nailed on though.

What is your view and the general Portsmouth view of QPR (If we even feature in your consciousness)?

Cannot say, if I am honest, I really give QPR much of a thought and I am not convinced that many other Pompey fans would either?

Over the years: Quite a number of shared players including Crouch (a great guy) and Quashie (no comment), Warren Neil, Mike Fillery, and most recently, Alan Smith... Throw in Chairman Gregory and manager Venables and Fenwick and John Gregory all with QPR connections. And of course, Paul Hart. I think back to QPR and Portsmouth of the late 1960s and early. Portsmouth had a midfielder, Norman Piper, who for years QPR were linked with

What are your past Encounter Memories - Best Memory/Worst Memory of Past QPR-Portsmouth Encounters? Who is your favourite QPR Player over the years? (And your least favourite)? Ditto any view of Neil Warnock?

Have only been to Loftus Road once, think it was 1998/99 or 1999/2000 when we drew, 1-1 or was it 0-0? Think it was 1-1 with Guy Whittingham, or another veteran, Stevie Claridge scoring. Final game of the 1999/2000 season we played you at Fratton and you beat us 2-1. Other than that I cannot really think of any games that spring instantly to mind.

Always liked Les Ferdinand and Butch Wilkins, would not mind either playing for us now or the latter as a coach at Fratton.

Warnock is one of those people that you love to hate, and we all hate him unless he is our manager. Always has, and always will, do a job at this level but not entirely sure at the highest. Think he is a character in football though, which you need.

We've both had narrow by the teeth survival - QPR were in administration and in the (old) Third Division...Portsmouth sinking down to lower leagues...Getting Promoted to the top...Getting relegated...Getting promoted...Quite some turmoil.

If you have been in the brown stuff you can always relate to another club that has been in trouble likewise, and always appreciate what you have.

Are you looking forward to playing QPR?

I always look forward to a game, I do not always wish I had after it though! Would not have minded doing this one but with funds tight as I have done Loftus Road before it had to be missed.


Call me crazy, and accuse me of letting my heart rule my head, but I reckon we will win this one. We have a very good record against clubs in the top 8, especially away from home so why not. We WILL concede though, so a 3-2 win...

Where, realistically, do you think Portsmouth will be in five years time?

If we have slipped below this level I would be seriously worried, in fact I am not sure that we would have a long-term future if we did? Whatever though I would hope that we would have stabilised and gotten back on an level playing field with all debts paid off so we can attempt to rebuild, the right way!

Do you have any advice for QPR fans, in the event that we do go up? (Spend more/spend less; keep the manager; change the manager, etc)

I would say in this day and age of football be careful what you wish for, the consequences of this are not always what you would have wanted. The more the club spends, if they do not have it, the more trouble they can end up in if it goes belly up!

Good luck for the rest of the season, and the future guys.

Once again, many thanks to Pav of Vital Portmsouth

Warnock Comments on Diouf's Move to (Glasgow) Rangers - Scottish Daily Record/Craig Swan

Diouf is away to Rangers? Well he won't be missed here, blasts Neil Warnock

NEIL WARNOCK last night waved a bitter farewell to "sewer rat" El-Hadji Diouf - and insisted the SPL are welcome to him.

The Queens Park Rangers manager carries a deep disgust for the Senegalese bad boy after the horrific incident involving his striker, Jamie Mackie, at the turn of the year.

Scotland international Mackie faces eight months on the sidelines after a tackle in an FA Cup tie at Ewood Park which left him with broken bones in his tibia and fibula.

Warnock was sickened by the reaction of sick Diouf as his player lay in agony on the deck with his leg in bits after a 50-50 challenge with Rovers defender Gael Givet.

Mackie later said: "I'm lying on the floor with a bad injury and even his team-mates were embarrassed by what Diouf was saying. It's hard for me even to repeat what he said. He called me a disgrace but that wasn't the worst of it.

"He said 'f*** you and f*** your leg'.

"There are some great lads in football and there are some who aren't. He's in the ones who aren't.

"Most of us would never wish bad things on people but he's different.

"There's no room for that in the game and he's an absolute disgrace. There's no place in football for the likes of Diouf. There's a line and he crossed it."

Warnock could barely contain his shock when Record Sport broke the news to him that the player was on his way to Ibrox. There was no disguising the contempt in which he holds the former Bolton attacker.

Warnock said: "Oh my God! Is he really signing for Rangers? I can't believe that.
"Well I can't see me and Stuart McCall ever taking over at Rangers when Walter leaves in the near future if he's gone there.

"He won't be missed by people down here in England. You boys are welcome to him."

Warnock, of course, exploded in the aftermath of the Mackie incident and let rip with a devastating burst of abuse in his direction.

Seething with anger and with Mackie in hospital, he said: "The lads were furious with Diouf.

"Mackie had broken a leg and he is calling him all sorts on the pitch.

"There was no need to put the finger up and call him a disgrace and I can't abide people like that. I don't know why he wants to take on the world every week.

"For many years I have thought he was the gutter type. I was going to call him a sewer rat but that might be insulting to sewer rats.

"He is the lowest of the low and I can't see him being at Blackburn much longer because I can't see Steve Kean putting up with someone like that in the dressing room when he is trying to form a new image for Blackburn. He will be the first to go and good riddance.

"I hope he goes abroad because I won't miss watching him. He is a nasty little person."

Warnock was spot-on in his assessment Kean would want him out the door as the Scot has sanctioned the move to Ibrox.

Having had four weeks to calm down since the incident, the Loftus Road boss revealed there was even more disgusting behaviour which did not make its way into the public domain.

He said: "A lot of it did not even come out. It was pushed under the carpet by the FA because our lad put something out on Twitter.

"They could have charged our lad with something so we could not take it any further. That is what we heard, so we had to leave it alone."

Warnock, though, is still at a loss to explain the sickening antics of Diouf towards Mackie and other incidents which have soured his career.

The African courts controversy with bonkers behaviour which forces his own clubs and employers to say sorry.

In 2009 he was quizzed by police after racially abusing a ball boy at Everton.

Warnock said: "I'll tell you how bad the whole scenario was over Jamie. I had people from Blackburn come up to me after the game and apologise.

"There seems to be a red mist that just comes down over Diouf. I don't think he knows why he does it and other people do not know why he does it."

With everything which has surrounded Diouf and his career, Ibrox manager Walter Smith will have to use all of his expertise to keep him in check.

Incredibly, Diouf's arrival comes in a period when Rangers are about to embark on four powderkeg clashes with Celtic.

Diouf will face Neil Lennon's side in the Co-op Cup Final, the Scottish Cup and will have an SPL double-header against the Hoops.

With the player having enraged Celtic fans during his days as a Liverpool player when he spat at supporters during a UEFA Cup tie at Parkhead, the fury directed towards the Ibrox new boy will reach new heights.

Warnock hopes that, for the benefit of Rangers, his bout of idiocy is out of the way for this season before he steps into the Glasgow cauldron. The manager said: "I hope he has had his blow-up for this year.

"Maybe he has got it out of his system for the 12 months. That is all you can hope for."

Even Mackie hopes Diouf cools his jets. He said: "Good luck to him. It doesn't surprise me he's signing for a top club because he's a very good player.

"I don't know the fella. What happened is water under the bridge. I don't hold grudges. You just get on with it and good luck to him.

"He's a good footballer. I was right to say what I did at the time. But it was three weeks ago.

"From a footballing point of view, I can see why a manager would want him.

"He's played in the Premiership - a higher level than I have. Scottish Daily Record

QPR Official Site - PLAYER OF THE YEAR EVENT 2010/11
Posted on: Tue 01 Feb 2011

We are pleased to announce that this season's QPR Annual Player of the Year Awards Dinner and Dance will be held at the Hilton London Metropole (Edgware Road) on Sunday 1st May 2011.
The event - which will commence at 19.00pm with a drinks reception in the Kings Suite, before the evening gets underway 30 minutes later in the Monarch Suite - will be hosted by popular Sky Sports News presenter Jim White.

White will compeer the evening, taking charge of the auction and raffle throughout the evening, as well as the all-important awards ceremony.

Thereafter, guests will be free to dance the night away until 2.00am.

Tickets are priced just £79 per person - which includes a three course meal; half a bottle of wine; and coffee.

Supporters who book early will also be given priority on the position of their table.

We fully expect this event to sell-out, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

To book, call QPR Box Office now on 08444 777 007 - when booking please have all your guests names to add to your booking form.

What's more, we also have several Sponsorship Packages available for the big bash, including sponsorship of the entire event, as well as associate sponsorship. For further details, contact Julie Newman on 020 8740 2588 or e-mail julien@qpr.co.uk

For those guests who wish to stay overnight, we have negotiated a special room rate - priced £129+VAT per single room and £149+VAT per double room, inclusive of breakfast. The link to book your room will be confirmed later this week.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you on the night.

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