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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ecclestone on QPR Premiership Spending (No Mention Selling Club)...Dunga Wants Repayment...Palace Compilation...QPR Yr Ago: 44 Points from 35 Games!


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- On This Day in Football: March 13...Year Ago, QPR drew at Sheffield United and had 44 points from 35 games!

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- QPR may be heading to the Premier League but owner Bernie Ecclestone insists there’ll be no huge spending spree if they get there.
- The double-billionaire, who came close to buying Chelsea and had considered Liverpool before forking out for QPR, is one of Britain’s richest men.
- The Championship club were last week accused of breaking league rules over third-party ownership of players, regarding their signing of Alejandro Faurlin.
- That could incur a points deduction but, if things work out in the club’s favour and they are promoted this year, Ecclestone, 80, insists he won’t throw money around.
- He said: “I wouldn’t have spent ­anywhere near the money my good friend Roman ­Abramovich has done if I had taken over Chelsea – and the same goes for QPR.
- “The idea of pouring in millions to buy success is not my way of doing things.
- “I won’t be trying to outdo the likes of the top, well-established Premier League teams by spreading money all over the place.
- “Sure, we will try to buy players to fit the right positions – but at the right price. And by that I don’t mean spending £100million.
- “We will always try to do a deal. That’s my way.”
- He also insists he won’t be interfering.
- Ecclestone added: “I’m happy to leave the playing side to Neil Warnock, he’s doing a great job and I trust his judgment.
- “He’s a straight guy who knows all about the football side of the business.
- “I’d be hard-pressed to name three of our players.
- “I am not on an ego-trip. I don’t need the fame that football offers and that some guys just want to buy into.
- “Football will never replace Formula One in my affections – but that’s not to say I won’t be keeping a close eye on QPR and helping the club to be what the fans want it to be.
- “I have a lot of money invested in QPR and I enjoy being a winner. I always want to be the tops.
- “But big spending is never a guarantee of success.” Daily Star

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- Telegraph/Rory Smith -Dunga threatens Queens Park Rangers with legal action in dispute over £750k loan
Dunga, the former Brazil manager, is threatening legal action against Queens Park Rangers over £750,000 of loans he claims he is owed.
The Championship-leading side were last week charged with seven breaches of FA regulations over the £3.5 million transfer in 2009 of Alejandro FaurlĂ­n from the Argentine side Instituto after voluntarily alerting the Football League to a potential violation of third-party ownership rules .
Now Dunga, manager of Brazil in last summer’s World Cup, has added to the club’s concerns by instructing his legal team to institute proceedings against QPR Holdings, the company which owns the club, in an attempt to recover two loans – one of £250,000 and another of £500,000 – made four years ago, while he was a director at Loftus Road.
Under the terms of the loans – which accrued annual interest at 7.5 per cent and are due this month – Dunga claims he is now owed almost £1.1 million.
Withers, acting for QPR Holdings, acknowledges that its client admits receipt of loans to that value but that it cannot ascertain the source of those funds.
Even if it is proven that Dunga did contribute the loan, Withers argues, his right to the return of the money was waived when Antonio Caliendo, the club’s former majority shareholder, agreed to the takeover deal which led to the 2007 arrival of Flavio Briatore, Bernie Ecclestone and Lakshmi Mittal at Loftus Road.
They say Caliendo signed a power of attorney permitting Eric Steele, QPR Holdings’ lawyer, power of attorney to act on his behalf and that Dunga’s dispute, if anything, should be with Caliendo. The Italian super-agent, however, insists he did not authorise Steele to accept such a proposal.
Caliendo last year wrote to the FA requesting an investigation into whether Briatore’s and Ecclestone’s takeover was conducted in a “proper, legal and transparent manner”.
It is believed he this week wrote to QPR once again demanding £2 million he believes he is still owed. Telegraph

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