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Sunday, June 10, 2012

QPR Report Sunday ...QPR's New Training Ground



On This Day (June 8) 1909 - The Football League rules that goalkeepers shall wear distinctive colours; scarlet, red, yellow or blue. Prior to this goalkeepers had usually worn the same colours as their outfield colleagues. Green is added to the list of acceptable colours in 1912. Give Me Football

"...[W]e need to provide the club with financial stability and to improve the quality of playing squad and coaching staff.  As stated previously, the aim of the current Board is for the underlying business of the club to break-even. Next season will see further improvements and we expect the losses fall to below 1m - a significant improvement on the years before I became involved with the club..... As I still get asked about the ABC loan.....Our new signings include Damion Stewart, who had a good game for Jamaica against England and Armel Tchakounte...We have put our finances in order, our losses will continue to fall towards a break even situation..."

Congratulations to Chris Day! - Golden Gloves Winner Football League

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