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Saturday, August 25, 2012

QPR Report Saturday: Norwich...Three On-This-Day Season Openers...RIP: Ray Jones (Five Years) and Daphne Biggs (Ten Years) ...Kenny Apologizes and is Fined


August 25, 1973: QPR 1 Southampton 1
- QPR's First Game back in the First Division under Gordon Jago/Bobby Campbell. At home to Southampton
With John Delve replacing suspended Gerry Francis, QPR drew 1-1. Obviously, with hindsight, this was a brilliant QPR Team (with a few weaknesses) which went on to almost-great things.
But before the start of the season, there were concerns: QPR's only previous experience with the First Division was their 1968/69 18 points humiliation.
Parkes - Clement Mancini Hazell Watson - Venables Delve Leach -Thomas Bowles Givens

August 25th 1984 QPR 3 WBA 1:- MULLERY
Alan Mullery's first game in charge of QPR having replaced Terry Venables (and the one-week appointment of Gordon Jago).:
Things good looked aug 25 1984 ...With 2 wins and 2 draws from our first 4 games things looked good...Then came a 0-5 defeat at Spurs; THE 5-5 draw at home to Newcastle...and after 17 games, Mullery was axed.  Hucker - Neil Wicks Fenwick Dawes - Stewart Gregory Fillery Mickelwhite - Stainrod Bannister -Sub Fereday
Aug 25 1990: Nottingham Forest 1 QPR 1
Don Howe started his first (and only) full season in charge of QPR having replaced Trevor Francis half-way through the previous season.
Roberts - Sansom Bardsley McDonald Maddix - Channing Sinton Wilkins Wilson - Falco Wegerle - Subs: Barker Ferdinand Goal - Wegerle


As I'm sure you are aware, my goalkeeper has been in the news in relation to some text messages he exchanged with people at QPR. I have to say I was disappointed that something that began in good humour got out of hand.

I've spoken to Paddy Kenny and he was full of remorse and couldn't apologise to me quickly enough. I told him there is no problem with having a drink to celebrate a win like last Saturday's over Wolves but he must be aware of his responsibilities to the club and be careful where he is and what he does. I've obviously fined him and he has agreed to finish on Twitter with immediate effect. He has also apologised to Tony Fernandes, QPR's chairman.

I've also spoken to Tony and told him I honestly believe there will not be a repeat. We ended the call on good terms.

It is disappointing when something which is essentially a private conversation becomes public the way this has but, as I've told players before, they need to be very careful about texting and Tweeting. You'll know if you've read this column over the years that I'm not a fan of social networking, and incidents like this only strengthen my belief that people are better off talking to each other.

As I pointed out to Paddy, another reason why he should have left well alone is that certain tabloids will always rake up dirt from his past, so why give them more ammunition? The other aspect which disappointed me about the newspaper coverage is that everyone keeps comparing QPR's 5-0 home defeat on Saturday to their 4-0 home defeat in the opening game of last season, when I was manager. There is a difference – they've spent about £30m since. We had the same team that played in the Championship as I hadn't been allowed to sign any players up to then. The same team then responded, winning at Everton the following week, which augurs well for Rangers at Norwich today. QPR are also due some luck against Norwich, as they didn't get any when I was there.

With Norwich also shipping five last weekend there will be a few nerves at Carrow Road among both sets of teams and their fans. I felt sorry for Chris Hughton on Saturday; I know how it feels going to Fulham and losing heavily – we did it last year. When they get in full flow at Craven Cottage, Fulham are hard to play; if you are chasing the game you just get picked off..."Independent

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