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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

QPR Report Tuesday: Marking One Year Since Chelsea's John Terry "Said It" at Loftus Road...Flashback 12 Years: Gerry Francis on QPR Finances

- Courtesy of HaQPR1963


   One Year Ago Today, Chelsea with England Captain, John Terry, travelled to Loftus Road. In addition to losing to QPR and having two players Sent Off, Chelsea's Captain John Terry got into "An Altercation," said certain things - and the events and denials and findings, of the last year are well known to all.

   - An England Captain has lost his place. An England Manager has lost his job. A Chelsea Captain remains as Captain. A Court Case has been held (and not proven/acquitted). An FA Hearing and Findings have been published. And John Terry has been been banned by the FA and fined by the FA and Chelsea and "apologized."  Maybe - Many would say, definitely - insufficiently.  But the bottom line - after all the denials...


- 12 Years ago Today, QPR Manager/Director of Football, Gerry Francis Talking about QPR Finances

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- Ex-QPR Manager Luigi De Canio Axed in Italy (and Flashback to his Time at QPR)

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