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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

QPR Report Tuesday: Next - QPR vs Southampton: Old QPR-Southampton Programmes/Photos...Birthdays for Clive Wilson and Player QPR Chose Over Tony Currie!


Old Programme Covers above and below from  Bushman QPR Photo Archives



- Latest QPR Podcast

- Past: QPR vs Southampton Results

- Birthday for the Man QPR Preferred Over Tony Currie!

- Birthday for Ex-QPR Clive Wilson

- More Massive TV Money Coming to Premiership Clubs

- Four Year Flashback: The Top 20 Under-18 Players in England


Mark Hughes has been in charge of QPR for 27 Premier Games.  In those 27 games, QPR have picked up 21 points. To STAY Up, QPR Need AT LEAST 33 Points from their remaining 27 Games.

- November 24-28: Soccerex Global Convention in Rio De Janeiro

'Les Allen scores against Southampton as Jimmy Gabriel No6 and goalkeeper Gerry Gurr watch from the ground"


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