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Saturday, December 21, 2013

#Leicester....Assessing the Championship and #QPR so Far...More Beard re QPR's Stadium Plans and Next Summer Transfer Activity...New Badge Coming...OTD Flashback: QPR Playing Brentford and "Agents Running QPR"...QPR's Digital Media



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Announced Team vs Leicester

 Green; Simpson, Dunne, Hill, Assou-Ekotto, Carroll, Barton, O’Neil, Kranjcar, Phillips, Austin.

Subs: Murphy; Traore, Onuoha, Jenas, Henry, Hoilett, Benayoun

New QPR Badge Coming
   - I can confirm to all QPR fans that we will look at updating our badge for 2015 season. Becky is boss and she will get fans views.

- Must be done by end of Feb. Feeling is it will be based on Old logo ams refresh. Will get all your views. I'm excited.
- My fave. But you will choose. ": can we have this one back please

- 8 Years Ago: NYT re QPR - "Fans Bewildered as Agents Run Club"

- David Conn/The GuardianOwners wreak havoc at Cardiff and Hull while football stands silentBewildered fans are forced to watch their club's owners do as they please while figures inside the game remain quiet

- Death Threats at (the Other) Rangers

Guardian - Championship 2013-14: the fans' half-term report

The people who really know their clubs give us the lowdown on the Championship season so far
Queens Park Rangers

Season in one word Auspicious! (or as the man said after he jumped off the roof of a building: "So far so good.")

How's it going? QPR ended last season discombobulated and demoralized; with a slew of over-paid and under-performing players not wanted and wanting. There were serious doubt whether Manager Harry Redknapp would start the new season still in charge at QPR. Emulating Wolves' successive relegations, seemed a perfectly realistic scenario. But of course Redknapp stayed; QPR are currently top; and while we're not scoring many goals (and most of those are coming from Charlie Austin), our defense has been amazing - establishing a QPR record by not conceding a goal for eight consecutive games. As is often the case at this club, news about QPR has not been restricted to on-the-field. The latest has been the massive, just-announced plans for a new QPR stadium a couple of miles away, and the demolition of Loftus Road (Sob!)

Who's been the star? There have been several stars rather than just one: Robert Green, Charlie Austin, Richard Dunne, Clint Hill, and even – much as I despise him – Joey Barton. A special place has to be given for manager Harry Redknapp. And of course, Chairman Tony – "TONY" – Fernandes as always.

Biggest disappointment? There really hasn't been a "biggest disappointment" (other than QPR's failure to win every match by several goals.) On the margins, Adel Taarabt's failure to develop into the QPR player he could have become and Shaun Derry's departure, were mild disappointments. Coach Steve "We hardly knew you" McClaren's departure was perhaps more serious. McClaren did great things in his short time at the club. More long-term, the perennial (decade-long) failure of "home growns" to win places in the QPR first team, continues to disappoint.

All we want for Christmas is ... Besides Chelsea FC being cast into the nethermost abysses of the Non Leagues and Stamford Bridge getting ploughed under? I appreciate this goes beyond even a Christmas miracle, but I pine for a return to the days of QPR as a small, well-run club, punching-above-our-weight, playing attractive, attacking football and universally-admired as everyone's Second Team.

Mike, QPR Report ()

The other Fan Championship Club-by-Club Assessments

-11 Years Ago: 15,500 See QPR and Brentford Draw at Loftus Road

QPR: Culkin, Forbes, Carlisle, Palmer, Murphy, Langley, Bircham, Rose, Cook, Furlong, Gallen. Subs: Day, Padula, Daly, Thomson, Angell.

Brentford: Paul Smith, Dobson, Marshall, Sonko, Somner, Rowlands, Fullarton, Evans, Hunt, O'Connor, Vine. Subs: Jay Smith, Williams, McCammon, Julian, Hughes.

QPR's Stadium Plans

Ian Cooper/LONDON 21 - Interview with PHILIP BEARD
Friday, December 20, 2013

QPR chief executive Phil Beard insists that the club’s survival in a new 40,000-capacity stadium will not be dependent on participation in the Premier League.

Rangers last week revealed plans for a new ground as part of the regeneration project at Old Oak Common. The stadium could be built in time for the 2018-19 season, and would stand as part of the creation of a commercial and residential project larger than Canary Wharf.

The plans have raised questions over QPR’s ability to regularly fill a stadium of such size if they are not in the Premier League – Loftus Road holds just 18,360 – but Beard believes that the plans are financially sound regardless of the division in which Rangers are playing.

“You have to build a business model around every scenario, which is why this has to be more than just a football stadium,” said Beard. “Our ability to generate income from activities outside football will be important.

“We would look to attract a broader fan-base. There will be 8,000 new homes in the area so you would like to think you would be able to get new fans from the local area.

“We are not wedded to 40,000. There are opportunities to build a modular stadium, so you might start with a slightly smaller stadium and expand as the club develops.

“There is no point in building a new stadium without understanding what we have to achieve on the pitch as well. Premier League stability is the aim.

“We sold almost exactly the same number of season tickets this season as we did when we were in the Premier League. We can’t decide not to do anything. Staying here at Loftus Road is a difficult option if you want to build anything going forward.”

Beard conceded that QPR can afford no repeat of the scatter-gun spending in the transfer window that led directly to their catastrophic two-year spell in the Premier League.

The CEO believes that next summer could again prove a busy time of rebuilding, particularly if Rangers are promoted – but he insists that, this time around, the club will take a more measured approach to their dealings.

“There is no question that, with every club that goes from the Championship into the Premier League, there have to be some changes to the squad,” he said.

“It’s fair to say that over the last couple of years we have done too much too quickly without giving it the right time and attention to understand what the changes might result in.

“Harry [Redknapp] is very well equipped in that he can identify the type of player, the type of character he wants.

“I don’t foresee a huge amount of activity in January but what I can see is, if things go well and we get promoted, a lot of activity being planned after that.

“But we will be looking for the right type of character and the right type of squad for the Premier League – talented, motivated players who want to play together.

“We were running very fast without spending enough time analysing every decision that we made. You learn from your mistakes and we have learnt a lot. Hopefully the body of the squad will stay, but Harry will want a squad which can survive at any level.”

Beard confirmed that the site of their current ground will become a residential area. He said: “Loftus Road will be developed and the owners and investors will look at the best return. I think we are looking at about 500 residences.”
London 24

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QPR chief executive Philip Beard
 West London Sport


Interview with QPR’s Multi-Media Manager, Adam Hulme

Over the coming months, Emma Vetriano will be getting to know the leaders in digital sport discussing all things social media.
To kick things off, we have an interview with Adam Hulme, Multi-Media Manager at Queens Park Rangers.
Adam has been instrumental in the growth QPR’s social media footprint, and is responsible for creating and managing the club’s on-going multimedia content and campaigns across all of the club’s social media channels.
EV: How many fans do you have on your social channels (followers, fans, subscribers, etc)?
AH: Facebook Likes (231,558), Twitter followers (150,852), YouTube subscribers (7,377 and 2M+views), Google+ (8,570), Ustream (4,053 followers and 1.2M views), and Instagram (6,220).
EV: Which social platform receives the most engagement?
AH: There all receive high levels of engagement but obviously different platforms encourage different engagement. Twitter/Facebook/Google+ are pretty much 247, while Instagram/Ustream/YouTube are at their highest during a live event (London Call-In, Press Conference). But overall, I would say Twitter, due to the sheer number of followers and the close relationship that fans now have with football and Twitter. Not to mention, Twitter allows easy two-way conversations between ourselves and our fan base around the world.
EV: How important is the use of different types of content on the various social platforms?
AH: Very important. I think it’s important not to constantly replicate content across all your social media channels, otherwise what’s the point in following different platforms. Also, not every channel is set up in the same way, so it’s important to understand how fans use it and what they expect to get out of it.

EV: What do QPR use social media for?
AH: Several reasons, and I think it’s important to do so. Build a bigger online fan base, improve communications with our fans, raise awareness of QPR, allow us to break our news first… the list can go on!
EV: Do you have a preference for a specific social media channel? And if so why?
AH: Personally, I prefer Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Although I used to be a massive Facebook fans. From a club persepective, we don’t have a preference as we like to provide exclusive and engaging content across them all. Twitter allows us to be personal. YouTube allows us to be more creative. Instagram allows us to be more insightful. Facebook allows fans to communicate with each other more… they are all really good tools. I know that sounds like I’m sitting on the fence but I genially believe.
EV: Do you monitor players personal accounts to protect the QPR brand? How?
AH: Yes we do, as I imagine the majority of clubs do. We work closely with BlueClaw and their player monitoring tool ‘Social Pundit’.
EV: Will QPR be following in Southampton FC’s footsteps and joining Snapchat? If yes, how will you utilise this platform? If no, why not?
AH: It’s another great little social media tool, especially with a younger crowd. At the moment, we’re unsure. We don’t just jump onto any platform because other clubs have set up an account. Although it is something we are looking into, with a number of other ventures.
EV: Do you promote your social media channels offline?
AH: Yes, you’re obviously aware of our dugout use (see our previous blog post). We utilise the matchday programme, concourse TV and big screen for home games, as well as the obvious back grounds, etc.

EV: Whats the most challenging or exciting aspect of running the QPR digital campaigns?
AH: They’re always challenging, but in a great way. My favourite part is seeing fans reaction when a campaign gets launched. It’s always fascinating. I love seeing honest fan reaction and as a club we are very open to that, I think you have to be. Fans are at the soul of any football club.
EV: What was the best Digital Sport campaign you witnessed in 2013, non QPR?
AH: I like what our good friends at Southampton are doing. Always keep in good contact with them and I liked the hashtag/stand campaign. Another one, not really a campaign, more just a viral video was when LeBron James tackles a fan whom sinks a $75,000 shot!
Interview with QPR's Adam Hulme

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- Football Violence Around the World

The Star (Malaysia)Friday December 20, 2013
Co-owner of Championship leaders QPR and KL Dragons passionate about all things sport


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