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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bircham on Holloway, Waddock & McDonald

Birch's banter, Camden Times
nwl.sport@archant.co.uk15 February 2006

THE crowd on Saturday wasn't by any means one of the biggest we've had this season, but I thought they were absolutely fantastic.I t was absolutely right that everyone showed their appreciation for Ollie and then got right behind Gary Waddock, Alan McDonald and the team - I think that pretty much reflects how the players feel too.
On the one hand I feel gutted that Ollie's gone, on the other hand I'm 100 per cent behind Waddo and Macca and so's everyone else.After what's happened, it was clever to bring Macca back, because that's the only antidote the fans will swallow - he's a big hero and QPR has always been his club.It was so disappointing the way the club let him go to Swindon without offering him a job, but it's brilliant to have him back and it'd be even better if he stayed.
Little things have changed already in the pre-match preparation, the warm-up and so on - and it seems to be working because we got the result against Millwall.We were totally in control and should really have scored more goals, but it was good to get the result. ....

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