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Saturday, February 11, 2006

re "Gardening Leave" - League Managers Association Statement of Concern

League Managers Association (LMA) Statement Feb 10, 2006


The LMA have today voiced their concern at the growing trend of bosses being suspended instead of sacked.
Hartlepool boss Martin Scott and QPR manager Ian Holloway have both been suspended this month.
Chief Executive John Barnwell commented. "This is a growing trend which we are very unhappy with. "It means chairmen don't have to pay up a manager's contract up or even negotiate a settlement.
"The chairmen wait for a manager to get another job or say something which will breach their contract, meaning they don't have to pay them off.
"We would like to see a system in place where every manager has to have a licence.
"To get the licence, a manager would have to have a recognised coaching qualification.
"If they were dismissed, they would be entitled to a standard settlement."
Barnwell says Football League managers are particularly susceptible to being suspended and not paid off.
"The Premier League has a manager's arbitration tribunal," he said.
"Managers can go to it if a settlement has not been negotiated within 42 days and there is no appeal from it.
"We want to put this in place in the Football League. It would cut both ways, if a manager resigned from a club, he would not be able to join another club before compensation has been paid."

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