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Monday, February 06, 2006

Flashback: Paladini According to Holloway - 'You fucking bastard I am going to kill you. I am going to kill you, you fucking bastard..."

From The Independent November 6, 2005
Ian Holloway - In a league of his own
by Robert Chalmers

"....I ask Holloway how he gets on with Gianni Paladini."His personality is electric. You want to be in his company." At the same time, he says, "You wouldn't want to do anything wrong. He loves you or he hates you. When he loves you, there is no better company in the world. You can talk about Gianni being a waiter. You can talk about Gianni being Italian. You can talk about Gianni being an agent. But Gianni is a bloke. Gianni is a fella. A nice fella."What if you "do something wrong"?"If you upset him," Holloway explains, "he will hurl abuse at you. He doesn't mean it the following day. Hopefully I can help him learn from my experience of how I used to scream at deaf children."Does he swear in Italian?"Normally in English.
"Last year, Holloway recalls, he was at home, suffering from chronic diarrhoea, when he answered a call from Paladini."I was sat on the toilet - actually I couldn't leave the toilet. I had this virus. There had been rumours about me going to Wolves. Three days before, I'd bought flowers for some ladies in the office. Gianni assumed they were a leaving present."So you were on the toilet..."And Gianni was going: 'You fucking bastard I am going to kill you. I am going to kill you, you fucking bastard... where are you, you fucking... fucking hell where are you.'"And you said..."I am on the toilet. My wife is in the house. Ask her. He said: 'She could be at fucking Wolves with you.'"In the end, Holloway says, he had to drive up to Leeds, to reassure the Italian. It was a journey he remembers."It was a terrible virus. It was coming out of both ends. I had to stop at every service station. I shouldn't have gone. It was horrendous. I was totally dehydrated. My lips were stuck to my teeth. I ended up in hospital, the following day. I was in for a week. I had six drips put into me."It wouldn't be reasonable to invite any manager to criticise his chairman in public, but..."Well I have seen people saying Holloway 'supports' Gianni Paladini. Holloway supports QPR. But I am a man of principle. If I thought there was any just cause for [the unease some have voiced about the Italian], I wouldn't be here.... " http://news.independent.co.uk/people/profiles/article324844.ece

[NB: This of course was before Paladini became QPR Chairman]
[And for nostalgia: this was the match report of that game from November 2004)

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