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Monday, February 06, 2006

Paladini on Holloway - Some Other Statements This Season


Q: "Do you think that Ian Holloway has taken the club as far as he can, and do we need a manager that will be able to take us to the next level?
A: I think Ian is the man to take us forward, that's why we gave him a three year contract. Ian is a very good manager and I think he is the man to take us forward.Our relationship is very good, we speak everyday. I have commented on our relationship very often. I love Ian."
Q: How much truth was there in the rumour of Ramon Diaz coming to Rangers?
A: When I first joined I didn't know Ian Holloway. My friend Ramon Diaz came to watch our matches but he couldn't work for us anyway due to work permits. But once I got to know Ian then I knew he was the man for the job.

Q&A with Paladini - QPR NET
QPRnet.com: Do you target Ian Holloway before each season as to a league finish?
GP: At the beginning of the season I targeted him to finish in the play offs and to improve on last season as a minimum. Anything less than that is disappointing, we have to improve, there is no other way, so let’s see what happens....
QPRnet.com: What were your thoughts on our Club President calling for Ian Holloway to be sacked recently?
GP: He’s been a supporter of QPR for years and years and years has Harold. He’s a very passionate man, lovely fella and he’s helped the club many times. He has his own ideas and they haven’t changed, he was like this ever since I’ve known him. He’s not on the board and he doesn’t interfere but he’s entitled to his opinion and I’ve no problem with that. I said to Ian that I take stick as well and you have to get on with it.
QPRnet.com: So what about you? You said recently that you loved Ian and wanted him to be the man who builds the clubs future – do you stand by that?
GP: I like Ian as a man, he’s been very close to me over the years but at the end of the day we all know in football you forget about the good times very quickly. There’s a time span for everyone in football for me and for Ian but it won’t be me that ever sacks him it will be the fans, they will decide what’s right.
If it comes to that then it doesn’t matter how much you love somebody, you have to make a decision you don’t want to. At the end of the day, Ian knows his job as a football manager is to be successful and I know my job is to run this football club and make sure the finances are sound and if either of us don’t do that then we have to go. It’s OK being a lovely friendly person but if you are not a success then you can only be a failure.
QPRnet.com: Are you and Ian both aware that the fan base is split over his future?
GP: Of course but that happens at every football club, you can be the most successful manager in the world but the moment things don’t go right you get moved on. Look at the pressure Alex Ferguson is under after everything he has done.


"...Paladini also believes that the root of stability lies with the manager and that is why he hopes to sit down with Ian Holloway this week to discuss a new contract. "Ollie is responsible for so much that has happened here during the past few years. Our successes on the pitch are down to him and he should be rewarded accordingly."

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