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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ex-QPR Chairman, Bill Power Joins Swindon Board

Very, very best of luck to him, but very sad for QPR fans.

Swindon Official Site

Swindon Town Football Club's Board of Directors are delighted to confirm that Mr Bill Power is to join the club as a Director from Monday 15th May 2006.
Power brings with him a wealth of football experience, having been both a Director and Chairman of Queens Park Rangers FC.
Mark Devlin, Swindon Town FC Deputy Chairman, commented:
"It is fantastic news for the club that Bill has decided to take up the challenge at Swindon. I had the pleasure of working with Bill in my time as Chief Executive at QPR and always found his commitment, passion and business knowledge invaluable."
Bill Power is to join the Swindon Town Board of Directors
The Board have actively been looking for someone with the right credentials and financial strength to come on board to assist the Directors in taking the club forward.
"It is very apparent that, on the football side, things have not gone according to plan this season," said Devlin.
"Bill's football experience helps us to bridge a gap in the Directors team, and will allow other individuals to concentrate on working with the Council and supporters on The County Ground redevelopment plans."
Bill Power commented: "It was fantastic to have served on the Board of QPR at a very exciting time in their history, and since leaving Loftus Road, I have missed the involvement at a club. Mark Devlin and the Board explained the situation at Swindon and asked me if would be interested in getting involved.
"I am now looking forward to playing my part in trying to bring the good times back to Swindon and seeing the fans with smiles on their faces once again," he concluded.

Devlin on Power Arrival

Swindon Town Deputy Chairman Mark Devlin has given his views to the press following today's announcement that Bill Power is to join the club as a Director.
Power was Chairman at Queens Park Rangers during Devlin's tenure with the London club and will officially join Swindon Town on May 15th.
"It is a well-known fact that the club have been looking for an extended of period of time for someone to come in and share the burden of running the club. I spoke to Bill about the possibility of joining us and he has been down to see a few games, met the Board and he is keen to get involved," said Devlin.
Swindon Town Deputy Chairman Mark Devlin
"We have an understanding of where we are, and I must stress that we have not brought Roman Abramovich to the club. However, Bill is a passionate football fan and is looking forward to coming to Swindon and playing his part in taking the club forward.
"Sir Seton has put money into the club over recent years and that burden has fallen squarely on his shoulders. By bringing Bill Power to the club it does two things. Firstly it gives us a bit more financial strength and shares the burden of responsibility, as well as bringing someone in who can help out the Manager with transfer targets."
The Board believe that Power will bring a breath of fresh air to the club, with Devlin grateful to Power for accepting the challenge.
"Bill will be much more hands on that we have been used to before. I don't envisage him being here five days a week but I'm sure he will be in a couple of days a week or so, taking an interest in things all across the club," continued Devlin.
Bill Power is to join Swindon Town as a Director
"I am grateful to Bill for accepting the challenge here at Swindon Town as he is someone with a genuine passion for football. I am sure he can pass on his passion and knowledge and he will be an asset to this club.
"Bill is the type of guy who you enjoy working both with and for. He is a very humble person and has been very successful in business. His friendly and unassuming nature is something that strikes you and he is very much a people's person.
"His arrival will make a significant difference to many aspects of the club. It is really positive news as the Board look to make the most of the coming months as we look to pick up the pieces after what has been a fairly horrendous season and build toward trying for an immediate return to League One, if that is what we have to do," concluded Devlin.

This is Swindon
A significant step forward 27th April 2006

DEPUTY chairman Mark Devlin worked alongside Bill Power during their spell together at Queens Park Rangers. He tells JON RITSON why he feels Town have made a ‘significant’ signing to help take the club forward, although not to expect Roman Abramovich mark two! It’s a well known fact that we’ve been looking for additional help in terms of sharing the burden that Sir Seton Wills has had for years, putting money into the club.“The club have actively been looking for some time, years rather than months, and have spoken to several people and come very close on a couple of occasions, although it hasn’t quite come off.“A chance discussion between someone on the board and myself back in January suggested whether Bill Power, having known him from my QPR days, would be interested in getting involved in football.“My initial reaction without talking to Bill and knowing that he is a passionate QPR fan, is that he was a bit fractured by what went on at QPR and was unlikely to want to get involved in another club.“Fair play to Bill, I spoke to him on two or three occasions, brought him down here, he’s seen three or four games, got to meet members of the board has a good understanding of the situation the club is faced with, where we currently are and he’s really quite keen to get involved and use his knowledge and expertise and bring some additional finance.“It takes a bit of the burden off Sir Seton and maybe from time to time helping us to do things that at this moment we’re unable to do – looking at transfer targets that may carry a transfer fee.“I have to stress that we haven’t brought Roman Abramovich to Swindon.“Bill is a passionate football fan and he’s really looking forward to coming here and to helping put the club on the road again and take us forward.“From my perspective it’s a significant investment that Bill is putting in.“As we all know in football if you want to make a small fortune out of football you generally start with a big fortune and it gets nibbled away at.“There’s no definite outcome in terms of Bill ever getting his money back or even making money out of the club, irrespective of what people might feel.“I think he’ll be a great asset to the place. He’s very much a people’s person. a very humble guy, who’s done well in business.“He comes with no baggage, doesn’t have the last fractured decade of Swindon Town’s history with him.“There have been people the club have been speaking to that have had more than one eye on the development and any potential that might come out of that.“Bill has got involved in this because it’s a footballing opportunity.“I believe Bill’s addition to the board will make a crucial difference as we look to pick up the pieces after what has been a fairly horrendous season and try and use this close season as something positive.“At this moment in time we are not aware of any significant wealthy individuals or group of individuals who just wanted to invest in the club.“We don’t own our stadium, we’ve been losing money and it isn’t something that immediately gets the juices flowing when you’re looking to invest in something to make money for yourselves.“Despite several sightings of people with bulging pockets full of cash, they’ve not made themselves known to us so I’m very grateful to Bill that he’s accepted the challenge, and it is a big challenge, to help take the club forward.

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