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Friday, October 27, 2006

QPR's ABC Loan: What's Known #1

As there has been some recent increased fan focus on the issue of QPR's 10 million pound, 10% Loan from the "msterious" ABC Corporation, first some links to some previous QPR Report "Focus" on QPR's ABC Loan and who may be behind it. With just over six months to go till the halfway mark to the loan's repayment date, and with certain things possibly eligible to happen at the loan's half way mark, some a compilation might be useful..

May 27, 2006 Marking Four Years Since QPR Got Out of Administration...and entered into their ABC Corporation Loan

September 3, 2006 - Refocusing on QPR's Mysterious ABC Loan

July 5, 2006 QPR's Ongoing 10% per-annum ABC Loan & QPR's Efforts to Deal with it

August 27, 2006: Buying QPR: The Various Efforts Five Years Ago During Administration

April 14, 2006 ABC, QPR & Derby County - Looking Back

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