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Friday, March 09, 2007

Ian Holloway on His QPR Return: When He Left QPR "...There were some awful things said that weren't true"

BBC - Holloway The Return to QPR
... It was very emotional. I don't do relationships lightly. I'm very committed and I always have been. Whether you want all of me or not, you get it when you employ me.
I had five years at QPR and it didn't end how I wanted it to end but as a manager sometimes you're not in control of the situation.
There were some awful things said that weren't true and at the end of the day I had some great friendships there and when I went back I was fortunate enough to be supported by the whole of the crowd.
To go back under those circumstances and try to win a game - you have to do that otherwise you wouldn't be doing your job - was very awkward for me because I wish them all the very best.
You don't spend five years of your life there and not care about them - not if you're Ian Holloway.
I'm rooting for them and I'm very proud they made me stay at that club for that long but now I'm a Green Army man through and through. BBC

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