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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Memo to Club:" List Reserve & Youth Team Season's Results on Club Website

UPDATE: Within 24 hours of posting this "Memo to Club" - and seven months after the season - the club's official site now lists the results of the Reserve and Youth Teams. Good responsiveness on the part of the club!

The club obviously gives the results of the reserves and youth team games at the time they were played. (Or at least it ususally does. The club never mentioned, let alone reported on the club's match a few months ago against a young USA select team touring England.) But if one looks at the season's results, that's another matter.

Unfortunately, the club's Official Site lists Reserve Fixtures and results and Youth Team Fixtures and results. Unfortunately this section doesn't include the results of the Reserves and Youth Team: Not since the begining of the season.
Other clubs at our level in the Championship and in the even lower leagues manage, so QPR probably should as well. The Reserves and Youth teams are important to the club and to fans. The club's website should reflect this.

Also needed to be updated: in its First Team Fixtures it starts with " Pre Season Fixtures (for July August 2006) PRE SEASON
Sorrento - The venue for this year's pre-season tour . Rangers will kick off their 2006-07 season with warm up games against the following teams:
July 8 - Aldershot Town v QPR
July 19 - Stevenage Borough v QPR
July 22 - Gillingham v QPR
July 25 - Cavese FC v QPR
July 28 - Sorrento FC v QPR
August 1 - Lewes v QPR XI (7.45pm)
Before giving the Championship Fixtures AND for the first team, also the results.

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