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Sunday, June 07, 2009

John Gorman Reportedly Coming to Loftus Road: An Analysis of the Magilton Managership

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BBC - Gorman will be offered job at QPR
- John Gorman is to be offered the job of QPR assistant manager following Jim Magilton's arrival at Loftus Road.
- Gorman, 59, was Glenn Hoddle's right-hand man when he managed England and has also had spells in charge of Swindon, Wycombe and Northampton.
- He worked at Ipswich under Magilton, who was recently installed as Rangers boss and is keen for the Scot to join him at his new club.
- Magilton was sacked by Ipswich in April after nearly three years at the helm. BBC

Dave McIntyre/BBC 606 - Change in the air
- John Gorman’s expected arrival as assistant manager is likely to be one of several changes Jim Magilton makes during his first weeks at QPR.
- Gorman worked alongside Magilton at Ipswich and will be offered the chance to join him at Rangers when the Scot returns from a trip abroad.
- Best known for working as Glenn Hoddle’s right-hand man with England, Gorman also brings a wealth of experience as a coach and manager at various clubs.
- He is one of the most well-liked people in the game. Everyone I’ve heard speak about him likes the man very much.
- His personality could be an asset for Rangers and make him a popular figure among players and fans.
- Former Rangers player Simon Barker, who almost signed for Swindon when Gorman was their manager, is just one of many people who have talked about him in glowing terms.

- Gorman’s imminent appointment means Gareth Ainsworth’s future at the club is in doubt.
- Whether Ainsworth is offered a place among the coaching staff remains to be seen.
- He still has a year of his contract as a player left to run and one option is a loan move to another club, where he could undoubtedly still perform.
- But Ainsworth also has a definite taste for management after filling in following the sackings of Iain Dowie and Paulo Sousa. He clearly faces an important decision in the near future.
- Ainsworth is a big favourite with fans and the board, and has often been a useful bridge between the two.
- The top brass were keen to keep him in a prominent role when a new manager/coach was appointed. There was even talk that he would effectively be in joint charge if Gigi De Canio returned.
- But during four meetings with Magilton, he made it clear to them that he wanted Gorman alongside him.
- Despite Ainsworth’s popularity, Magilton’s insistence that Gorman be appointed made a good impression.
- The reason is simple. Sousa’s sidekick, Bruno Oliveira, was not popular with some inside the club, and his youth and perceived inexperience was the cause of some consternation.

- It meant Magilton pushed the right buttons by saying he wanted to work with the experienced Gorman.

- Magilton was also adamant that his title – and more importantly his agreed role – was to be manager and not coach, unlike his three predecessors.
- Many people will want to know if this means taking over responsibility for signing players from sporting director Gianni Paladini.
- The answer, strictly speaking, is yes.

- But this itself will not necessarily mean a major change of direction. More on that another time.

- There is also an agreement – in principle at least – to help the manager improve the club’s weak youth and scouting systems.
- This would be the biggest indication that Briatore and co are now willing to let a British-style manager have overall control of football matters.
- But it isn’t just a question of control. There’s also the question of funding, because any significant behind-the-scenes changes would cost money without an obvious short-term return
- Persuading owners who know little about football and are looking to limit costs to now invest in neglected areas of the club may not be easy.
- Time will tell what changes Magilton and his backroom team are able to make.
- He should at least get the opportunity to bring in a chief scout, which would be a significant and long overdue step forward.
- Rangers were already discussing the possibility of installing a chief scout or head of recruitment prior to Sousa’s exit, and a number of possible candidates were spoken to.
- It was later thought the appointment would be particularly relevant if De Canio returned or another foreign coach was hired, given their limited knowledge of British-based players.
- And even if there isn't another addition to the staff, Rangers should be stronger on the scouting front following Gorman’s arrival.
- Gorman’s background, which includes a spell as Southampton’s chief scout, means he is well connected and very much part of the football network QPR have too often been detached from in recent years. BBC606

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