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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The QPR Annual Report - The Accounts

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- Click Annual Accounts 07/08 to view the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the period 31 December 2008 - QPR

- QPR Holding Accounts Accounts

- Some Exended Excerpts re Finances


Ipswich Goalie Might Have Quit if Magilton Had Stayed

- Video Flashback: De Canio's QPR FA Cup Tie vs Chelsea

- Summer Transfers: A Club-by-Club List of Transfers Ins and Outs (thus far)

- Mark Yeates Joins Middlesbrough - Flashback Mark Yeates's QPR Loan Halted by Injury

- Flashback I: One Year Ago Today: Ledesma Joins QPR

- Flashback II: Two Years Ago Today: Nardiello Joins QPR

- Flashback III: Two Years Ago today: Warren Neil Signs up and Three Years ago today: Justin Skinner in as coach while Manager Waddock looks forward with new signings Paul Jones, Damion Stewart, Nick Ward and Armel Tchakounte

- The Selling of Michael Owen: The Complete Brochure

- Burnley Fans Refuse Cash Refunds

- Six Defunct Cup Competitions

- Ex-Derby CEO and Two Ex-Derby Directors Found Guilty...ABC!

- QPR Pre-Season in Croatia?

- The London Football Fan Census Findings re QPR

- Key QPR Dates for 2009-2010

- Pre-season Friendlies: Ticket Prices

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