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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

QPR's 2008/2009 Stats...Other Snippets...Bhatia Triathlon for QPR Charity

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- "The Magilton Diaries" (SATIRE!)

- QPR VIDEO Highlights: QPR's amazing win at Liverpool....QPR Destroy Spurs and QPR's credible draw against Manchester United

- The QPR Staff Directory and Playing Staff
- Two Years Ago Today

- Martin Allen Invites Supporters to recommend to him players

- Swindon Preparing for Life Without Simon Cox

- Andriy Arshavin Supposedly Wants a Raise because of Tax Increases

QPR STATS in 2008-2009
- QPR's 2008/2009 Stats
-(The club scored just two away goals in their first ten games)

- 2008-2009 Championship Attendances: Club by Club
QPR Attendance
2008/09 14,003
2007/08 13,958
2006/07 12,936
2005/06 13,440
2004/05 16,055
2003/04 14,784 (Promotion season)
2002/03 13,206

- 2008-2009 Championship Discipline: Club by Club

- Number of Players Used: Club-by-Club

- QPR Previous Season Stats

Football League Q&A With Simon Royce
..... "Most embarrassing moment in football?

"....The first time I went back to Southend when I was playing for QPR. We got beaten 5-0 and I made the mistake for the first goal when I kicked a back pass against Lee Bradbury and it rebounded into my net. The game was live on Sky and it was in front of all my mates and the fans who once used to chant my name. Football League

- 2009-2010 Schedule: Carling Cup Draw in a week...Leage Fixtures Out in Ten Days...Report back for training in about three weeks...First Game of the season in just over eight weeks

- Updated: 2009-2010 Championship Promotion/Relegation Odds


- Players Now Eligible to Switch International Allegiances?

- Good WSC Article "Moaning Players Steal From Fans"

- WSC Article re Players Fighting to Win Acceptance at a New Club

- Ken Bates Libel Case Continues

- Newcastle for sale on the website...West Ham's New Owners Face Bankruptcy...Liverpool Expenses

- BBC Ostensibly to Name "Bung" Managers


- John Gorman to QPR? An analysis of QPR under Magilton
- Magilton at Ipswich: Updated - Assessment and Flashback
- Posted Earlier: A lookback at QPR in the Summer of 2004
- The Rodney Marsh Question and Answer Thread

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