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Friday, October 23, 2009

QPR Report Football Snippets Friday...Routledge QPR's Best Player...Fans Trust Query re QPR Stewards

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BBC - Chris Charles/Review of The Week...re QPR
- "...And finally, I've kept schtum about my lot for the last couple of weeks but after 13 goals in the last three home games I think I'm allowed to get a little excited. Having missed the 4-0 tonking of Preston to look after the kids, I was bombarded with texts informing me it was the best performance for a decade and I'd missed the goal of the season. Thanks for that, fellas.
- Fortunately I witnessed us putting another four past Reading on Tuesday and will be watching the Derby game on the Beeb from the armchair, while being acutely aware of that old saying Pride Park comes before a fall.
- My four-year-old - eager to jump on the bandwagon - got her hands on some of those new football cards that are doing the rounds. She very kindly saved one for me and announced: "You'll like this Daddy because he's wearing blue like QPR" - before handing me a picture of....Michael Ballack. Oh well, back to the drawing board. BBC

- Ray Wilkins Takes Charge

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- Ex-QPR Chris Arthur Getting a Chance

- Recalling the "Rebuild QPR" Fan Effort

- Birthday for Ex-QPR Trevor Challis (34)

- Year Flashback: Boardroom Rumours and Statement re Ticket Pricing

- A Freeze on the Chelsea Transfer Ban!

- Interesting piece re Football in India

- Lack of Non-League Sponsorship

Highly-Ranked Routledge
- The Updated Actim Index sees Wayne Routledge as QPR's best player this season (Ranked #17 - and the only QPR player ranked in the top five in his position (midfield. Other players in the top 100: Cerny at #77 and Leigertwood at #100) - Actim Index

QPR1st - Heavy handed stewards cause concern
- Thursday, 22 October 2009
- QPR 1st has asked the club to look into concerns regarding the behaviour of stewards at recent matches. Trust committee members Stephen Dedridge and Neil Deyjothin have both written to the club regarding separate incidents at the Preston and Reading games where the actions of stewards appeared to be excessive.
- At the Preston game it was clear that stewards were trying to get fans in R block to remain seated. It looked to bystanders that stewards were trying to make an example of certain fans. This led to increasing tension between supporters and the stewards, and may have contributed to police involvement.
- A steward was also seen to tell a fan off for the kind of behaviour most of us would expect to see at Loftus Road when the Rs are winning a match. The incident appeared to be blown out of all proportion when another steward joining in with reprimanding the fan who became visibly upset.
- QPR 1st acknowledges that the club has a responsibility to conform to ground safety laws and regulations, but we are concerned that heavy handed stewarding only serves to antagonise areas of supporters who are key to generating a positive atmosphere in the stadium. It is also disruptive to fans who are trying to watch the game but have to suffer distractions of this kind.
- QPR 1st’s concerns have been forwarded to Steve Pike, QPR’s Operations Manager who is responsible for stewarding. We look forward to hearing his response.
- Have you witnessed or experienced heavy handed stewarding at Loftus Road? Have you any ideas on how it could be improved? Or do you think the stewards are doing a good job and it is the supporters whose behaviour and attitude need to change?
- The trust committee would like to hear from you. Please email us at info@qpr1st.com

Goal.com - Morocco’s Adel Taarabt: I Don’t Regret Picking Morocco
- The QPR midfielder still feels he made the right choice in choosing to play for the Atlas Lions instead of France...
- Moroccan international midfielder Adel Taarabt has told Mountakhab.net that he does not feel he made a mistake in deciding which national team to represent, even though the Atlas Lions have been eliminated from World Cup contention and are in danger of not qualifying for the African Cup of Nations.
- “I am happy to play for Morocco. The Moroccan supporters are always behind me and I receive a lot of encouragement. It warms my heart. Plus its not over, I still have 10 years with the national team and there’s everything to play for,” he explained.
- “In fact, I’m more sorry for the fans than for myself. Us players, we’re in the action and our destiny is in our hands while the public remain unsatisfied.”
- Furthermore, Taarabt said that he felt that the only way for thing to move forward in the North African kingdom will be for the side to be built with players who will play for a common cause. He insisted that the players, and the team’s technical staff, must do a lot more to create a good atmosphere in the squad which encourages hard work.
- Rami Ayari, Goal.com

- QPR Finance Director Quitting

- Could Fans Run a Football Club?

- QPR's Trainer of the last couple of seasons, John Harbin Returns Home to Australia ---- Recalling Harbin's arrival at and departure from QPR: And Harbin's "One More Round" Exhortation.

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