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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

QPR Report Tuesday: Very Positive Club/Fan Meet...Ex-QPR Mike Ferguson on Delivering Coal While a QPR Player


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- A number of QPR Fan groups/sites representatives met yesterday with Amit Bhatia and Ishan Saksena. It was by all accounts an extremely positive meeting..
[Groups attending: QPR1st, LSA, OSC, Friends of QPR, Indys and WATRB. Groups invited but not attending: QPRdot.org, LFW and QPR Report (Apologies if any other invitees have been left off this list)
- On behalf of the various moderators of the QPR Report Messageboard, we are very pleased that the club/fan meeting was held; we were very grateful to be extended an invitation (and we very much regret that no QPR Report representative was able to attend); and we look forward optimistically to an "Onward and Upwards" era at QPR!

- [Brief Meeting Reports]

- The Photoshop Neil Warnock: The Nineteen Entries

- Tonight: Reading vs QPR

- VIDEO of the Goals at Sheffield United vs QPR

- QPR's Almost Indian International Signing, Sunil Chhetri coming to play in the American MLS
- Flashback: Also "QPR's Supposed Indian Signing, Sunil Chhetri Rejected for Work Permit

- UPDATED: Ex-QPR MIKE FERGUSON Reflects on his time at QPR in the early 1970s including delivering coal to earn extra money; the influence of then QPR Captain Terry Venables and re the almost-release of either Gerry Francis or Martyn Busby (Questions to Ferguson Welcomed)
- Asked by a poster whether his memory was correct and that back in 1973, he'd seen Mike Ferguson delivering coal, Mike Ferguson replies:
"It is quite true,wages were not good and in the summer I used to help a real die hard Rangers supporter Dennis Sergeant,him and is Brother Barry never missed a game home and away ,they were great friends to me and my family,and it was a way of making extra money,another funny,we were delivering to a house in Harrow,I was black as the ace of spades,this man said to me 'your Ferguson arent you'I answered yes,he said no your not,brilliant...Imagine that story coming out after 40yrs,nobody at the Rangers ever new,even in them days I started with Dennis at 5-30am"

- Iain Dowie on Hull Managerial Shortlist

- QPR Helping Out Buckingham Town

- Part III Of BBC's "Your Place or Mine" - " Your Place Or Mine? is a three-week mini-series on BBC London & South East Late Kick Off. Three fans compete against each other to prove that their club's match-day experience is the best around. One fan from each division (Paul [Finney] from QPR, Kate from Millwall and John from Barnet) play host to the other two fans at a home game. The 'Fan Experience' will be judged by the supporters themselves and at the end of three weeks, a winner will be declared. The criteria will include a pre-match pub, food at the ground, match-day atmosphere and the quality of the football."

- Manchester United Sack Employee for wearing gold and green scarf

- Football League Awards: QPR didn't win but they were shortlisted in three categories and had a finalist for Goal of the season. QPR were in the Running for Three Football League Awards: 'The Football Foundation Community Club of the Year' "Marketing" and "Digital Content" - QPR Failed to Win any: Digital and Marketing - Not Community Award - Not Goal of the season....- Community Club of the Year Shared by Southend and Watford. (Congatulations to QPR on being shortlisted).. PLAYER IN THE COMMUNITY - Zesh Rehman

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