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Friday, May 14, 2010

Briatore Says Still Owns 20 Percent of QPR

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Arabian Business - Flavio of the month
by Joanne Bladd

Friday, 14 May 2010
"Banished from Formula 1, exiting football; what's next for sport's most flamboyant figure? Ex-Renault boss Flavio Briatore on scandals, starting over and setting up shop in Dubai.
It doesn't take long for flavio briatore's famed volcanic temper to make an appearance. Squashed into a suite at the back of his new Billionaire fashion store, circled by prowling press, an inept photographer elbows over a glass of water. Seconds later, a plate clatters noisily to the floor. Ex-Formula 1 boss Briatore erupts.
"Who," he bellows, like an enraged bull, "are these f***ing hooligans?"
Wild-haired - and a little wild-eyed - Briatore doesn't disappoint. From his blue-tinted sunglasses to his embroidered slippers, he is in person the same flamboyant, multimillionaire, supermodel-magnet of the headlines. And while he might be hotheaded, he's also a hot ticket, bringing his Midas touch to bear on everything from football, to racing to couture clothing.
It's the latter that has brought him to Dubai, to host the launch of his wincingly expensive men's fashion line, Billionaire, in a franchise deal with UAE-based BinHendi Enterprises. The Dubai Mall boutique, kitted out in black leather and crystal, is one of nineteen outposts worldwide and the first in the Middle East....
"...Much has been made of Briatore's potential return to Formula 1 in 2013. Coyly, the man himself won't rule it out. "When I stopped in 1996 I said I would never go back. I went back in 2000," he says, rolling his eyes. "You know, life is never-say-never. I have open eyes. I still have all my friends in Formula 1 - my best friend is in [the sport], Bernie.
"But I'm not looking for a job. It's nice to see Formula 1 from the side for once. You take away the emotion and you are a much better judge of the business."
Still, in three years Briatore might be looking for a fresh diversion. His other passion, west London football club QPR, was shunted to the back burner in February when he resigned his position as chairman after three years.
"I didn't walk away, I just decided to step down as chairman because, being honest, I didn't have the time. But I still hold my [20 percent] shares," he says.
And does he have any plans to sell them?
"No, no. I'm not in talks at the moment," he blusters. "But everything is for sale, everything is to buy. If you sell, you sell everything, you don't sell 20 percent
.".... Arabian Business

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