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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Newcastle Fan Perspective of Newcastle on and Off the Field and View of QPR


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By QPR Report Correspondent MaudesFishnChips

Many thanks to St1pe from NUFC-forum.com

How long have you supported nufc?
- All of my life really but I started understanding, or at least paying more attention, to Newcastle at the end of Keegan's first reign as manager at the club.

How did you get to your site?
- I actually just googled Newcastle forums because I wanted to be more aware of what was going on when we sacked Keegan during his second spell here.

Is there any rivalry between other nufc message boards?
- None that i'm aware of.

What is your view on mike ashley? How has he affected nufc?
- He makes terrible footballing decisions but sound business ones. I'm at a position where I will probably never forgive him for the s*** he has put us through but sacking Hughton last season was the final nail in the coffin for me. Everything else since then is just a further kick in the balls.

How does nufc treats its fans?
- Like we are a piece of s***.

What are your opinions on alan pardew? His signings and selling this summer?
- A hard question to answer but to keep in brief; We have made some decent signings but sold some very important players, we will just have to see if the newcomers can add to what we already have and have lost. On Pardew, i'm still 50-50. He is doing ok but he can't stop talking and its resulted in him making promises he can't keep.

Who are your dangermen/players to watch?
- Cabaye is a very useful player on the ball and i'm sure he will cause more and more problems as the season goes on. At present we don't really have anyone fit I'd regard as a dangerman but Obertan looks like he will cause a lot of problems if given space.

Are you happy with the youth coming through? Is the academy working?
Yes actually. This season should see the emergence of another Ameobi who is showing alot of promise. We also have Vuckic on the treatment table who could eventually become very very talented player.

Who is the best newcastle player you have personally seen? Who is your favourite all time newcastle player?
- It has to be Shearer but on a far less obvious choice I'd say Woodgate is probably one of the most naturally gifted players i'd ever seen live, especially in his prime.

Where do you see nufc in 5 years time?
- Its impossible to say with our owner. I'd like to say in 5 years time we would be challenging the Europa League spots and maybe attempting to get a cup finally but its just too hard to say.

What is your prediction for newcastle this season?
- Despite our good start I think we will be one of the bottom 10 clubs trying to avoid the drop, I just hope we have enough not to get too dogged down in it. We have a very light squad and if we hit an injury or two in the wrong positions we're f*****.

Do you know of any player or manager links between our two clubs?
- Nope

What are your feelings on the barton transfer?
- He's an amazing player, I didn't want him to leave and on a free It feels like you raped us. You will see this season the impact he can have on the oppostion.

What are your thoughts on QPR as a club? Our owners, our manager?
- I watched quite abit of the Championship last season and despite you lot winning it with little fuss, despite a brief scare, I thought your squad would be too weak to stay in the Premier League. That was until you have just bought s*** loads of new players and now your guess is as good as mine. It will depend on how they all settle but there is a couple of solid buys in there, Campbell, Barton and SWP standout. As for your manager he complains abit too much for my liking but most managers do.

Who is your most memorable QPR player?
- Trevor Sinclair for that overheadkick

Your score prediction for monday night?
- 2-0 QPR

What question would you of liked me to ask!?
- I think you covered pretty much everything.

[Many thanks again St1pe from NUFC-forum.com and to to PR Report Correspondent MaudesFishnChips

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