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Saturday, September 24, 2011

QPR Report Saturday Update: Aston Villa Preview...Warnock's QPR Perspective




Many thanks to QPR Reports Maudesfishnchips for conducting this interview. And many thanks to Aston Villa fan, Damian Dugdale http://www.thevillablog.co.uk/

How long have you supported Villa?

All my life

How long have you been involved with your Blog? Why did you decide to do it?

The blog started in 2005 and I started it for fun as I had an opinion and it basically developed from that.

Who's Villa’s biggest Rival (or Rivals)?

Biggest rival - Manchester United. The Clowns (Birmingham City) don't really register as rivals. They are a small club and will never be close to what we have achieved in the game.

Are you happy with your team and how things are? – What are your opinions on Alex Mcleish? His spending/selling this summer?

The team is fine. Alex McLeish it turned out was the best our owner wanted to get, so we have to live with him for now. In terms of buying and selling, we are going to have to see but the business he did at The Clowns wasn't the most inspiring.

What do you think of your current Owners? WHY are they involved? WHO ARE THEY?! What do you expect? Could they
realistically have done more to boost your chances?

Randy Lerner is the owner and he has done okay. He is making money and his investments to date are fairly safe. What do I expect from him is easy, I just look back to what Doug Ellis used to do. A big spend followed by a season or three of not really spending, then spend again. He isn't here to buy the league, but I'm not really convinced he is here to try and win it organically either. I'm fairly sure he is here for what he can get out of it though.

How do you think Villa treats its fans? Appreciates them? Listens to them? Screws them?

The club tell the fans what they want to hear, but I think that is true of most clubs these days. They treat us like any other club too. free scarves every now and then, the odd coach trip and a flag once or twice a season. Nothing that hasn't happened elsewhere, but of course we think it is special.

Who are you Dangermen/Most valued/most overrated/most underrated players?

For me, the most important players are the younger ones coming through like Barry Bannan, Marc Albrighton and Ciaran Clark but the most valuable is Darren Bent. When he gets into his stride, he'll start scoring for fun. Most overrated will be Gabby Agbonlahor. He has had another good start to the season, but by Christmas he'll be back to his one goal every 4 games ratio.

Are you happy with your youth set up? Is your club doing enough to bring young/local talent through the ranks?

Our youth set up for many years has been considered one of the best in the land but we need to give more youngsters a chance in the first team or they'll not continue to develop through the system, instead picking somewhere else to play. We bring a few local players through,
but we also scout younger players and bring them to the club - but they need game time when they are ready to step up and while they play every now and then, we will only really see how good they are if they get a proper run.

Who would you say was the greatest Villa player that you yourself
personally saw? And past player? (You can name more than one if it's that close!)

Greatest I ever saw was Paul McGrath - as gifted defensively as Pele was up front. As for past player - too many to name.

What is your prediction for Villa this season?

Top half. Just

Are you aware of any player or manager links between our two clubs past and present?

John Gregory managed you and us and you've just signed Luke Young and there must be more, but pub is open and I'm thirsty.

What is your opinion of the Luke Young transfer? Have we gained a good player?

You've got a great player, but he wanted out for the cash and he got it. He'l do well and work hard - not the best going forward but will keep trying.

What is your view and the general Villa view of QPR (If we even
feature in your consciousness) or of Neil Warnock and our owners?

Neil Warnock could do a job this season and you've brought in some decent players and you've got a fantastic old stadium - or did have. I've not been there for years and years. Nice honest club that for some reason, should be in the top flight - probably because you were when I was growing up.

Who(if any) is your most memorable/favourite QPR Player over the years?

Gotta be Les Ferdinand. I used to bump into him quite a bit when he lived in between St Albans and Hatfield - or had a house there anyway. Top bloke.

Your score prediction for QPR v Aston Villa?

I've got to say 2-1 to us, but if that was reversed it wouldn't
surprise me. If you're a betting man, get your money on a draw.

What, realistically, do you think Villa are capable of achieving in
the next five years?

Much the same as we will achieve this year unless we get a multi billionaire owner or the game is fixed.

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