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Friday, December 30, 2011

QPR Report Friday: AirAsia Sponsorship...Most Popular QPR Player...OSC Deadline...Next: Arsenal


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- UPDATE: Alessandro Pellicori Mentioned re Italian Football Scandal

- REMINDER: QPR Official Supporters Club (OSC) AGM & EGM Scheduled - Saturday December 31st Deadline to Attend or Apply

- Interesting article re New London Stadia, including for QPR: "Finance and fans prove obstacles to new Stadia"

- Three Year Flashback: Briatore on Running QPR....Sixteen Year Flashback: Nigel Quashie Made his QPR Debut.

- NEXT: Arsenal-QPR: Past Games/Reports/Photos..."Played for Both Clubs"

- What the Premiership Table Looked like a Year Ago: Blackpool 8th with 25 points

- QPR-Indian Connection Continues

Ed Wyman/Bleacher Report- Robin Van Persie and the EPL's Most Popular Players from Each Team

By Ed Wyman (Featured Columnist) on December 29, 2011 712
- Everyone has a favourite player; it is not necessarily the footballer they think is the best (though it might be), but it is one who for some reason has set himself apart from the rest.
It might be down to hard work, a special goal, loyalty or entertaining interviews. Whatever the reason, ask a fan who his favourite player is and who the best player is and you might well get two different answers.
So, lets not focus on who is the best for once, but on who each Premier League club's favourite player is. It is a difficult question to which there is rarely a definitive answer, so don't take offence if you don't agree with the player I have chosen from your club.
I have made this a list of players who, I believe, are popular among their own club's supporters, not necessarily in the wider footballing world, so Emmanuel Adebayor is not ruled out because Arsenal fans hate him, for example, nor Wayne Rooney because of Everton fans...

QPR: Paddy Kenny

Paddy Kenny is not the most glamorous QPR player; Adel Taarabt and Joey Barton both draw far more attention. However, Kenny is not as controversial as Barton, and has not fallen from grace as Taarabt has.

Instead, he has been consistently excellent, as evidenced by his recall ahead of Radek Cerny, despite the Czech's excellent performances in recent weeks.

The 33-year-old has overcome an unfortunate drug suspension, and his move to QPR seems to have reinvigorated him.

QPR are dangerously close to the relegation zone and will need Paddy Kenny to keep out as many goals as he possibly can if they are to stay up." Bleacher Report


Not quite clear about this article, given that their was announcements in September re Air Asia/QPR Sponsorship


December 30, 2011

AirAsia Extends Sponsorship Of 1Malaysia Racing Team

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 (Bernama) -- AirAsia Bhd has extended its sponsorship agreement with 1Malaysia Racing Team Sdn Bhd for a period of one year effective from Jan 1, 2012.

In a filing to Bursa Malaysia today, AirAsia said it had entered into an extension to the sponsorship agreement dated May 26, 2011 with 1Malaysia Racing Team to be an official team partner of Caterham F1, the F1 racing team formerly known as Team Lotus and title sponsor of the Caterham F1 Driver Development Programme.

"Under the extension, AirAsia shall be an Official Team Partner of Caterham F1 and title sponsors of the programme for the duration of the 2012 F1 racing season at the same terms as provided in the agreement, except in relation to the sponsorship amount from the company to Caterham F1," AirAsia said.

The sponsorship amount from AirAsia to Caterham F1 includes RM5.36 million for company media value/space and RM1 million for further expenditure in relation to advertising, on ground and public relations-related activities with Caterham F1.

AirAsia said through continuous association with F1, the company intended to elevate its brand perception from that of a low-cost carrier to a brand associated with high-end sports and cutting-edge F1 technology.

AirAsia intends to use sports sponsorship and sports branding to drive consumer aspirations and build sports-related themes in relation to sales campaigns for various flight destinations.

In a separate statement, AirAsia said that it had today signed an agreement with QPR Holdings Limited, the parent company of Queens Park Rangers Football Club, for the sponsorship of the QPR away shirt in the Barclays Premier League.

In consideration of the rights to be made available to the company, Airasia will pay QPR GBP350,000 for a term of one year as sponsorship fees.

AirAsia will receive among others the rights to be the official "Away Shirt" sponsor of QPR, the designation of "Official Partner of QPR" for advertising and promotional purposes, and the licence to use QPR Intellectual Property for advertising and promotional purposes.

Others include the rights to advertise at the QPR Loftus Road Stadium on match days and advertising in QPR official match programme and other QPR publications.

On Sept 12 this year, AirAsia signed a term sheet with an intention of signing today's agreement with QPR for the sponsorship of the QPR away shirt in the Barclays Premier League.



Malaysia Today -RM18 mil for EPL at the expense of Sabah

Queville To | December 30, 2011

The move to re-route flights from Sabah has made foreign investors 'jittery', says DAP.

KOTA KINABALU: Was the decision to cancel outgoing flights from Sabah to Japan, Korea and Australia aimed at ‘allowing’ MAS to blow RM18 million on sponsorship of the English Premier League (EPL) to beef up Tony Fernandes’s image?

This is the question that’s sizzling through the local grapevines following a recent report in a national daily.

The controversial sponsorship of an EPL club by AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has further incensed locals who are already stewing over MAS’ irrational decision to cancel outgoing flights to the east from Sabah.

Sabah DAP has questioned the two airlines for their multi-million ringgit sponsorship of Queens Park Rangers (QPR) whilst trimming flights in and out of the state to purportedly “save money”.

State DAP secretary, Dr Edwin Bosi said MAS sponsorship of the home jersey of QPR together with AirAsia’s sponsorship of the away jersey is a first for the English Premier League and celebrates MAS’s recent collaboration framework with AirAsia.
Quoting MAS executive director Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, an English daily reported that the sponsorship for the QPR home jersey in the Barclays Premier League will cost the national carrier some RM18 million.

It was reported that the two-year sponsorship fee for both MAS and AirAsia for the club totals some RM30 million.
AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes only recently acquired a stake in the football club. He is currently its chairman.
“While MAS complains of losing in many of its sectors, their sponsorship of Queens Park Rangers is questionable. The sponsorship is not cheap and there is no guarantee of returns.
“Most analysts according to the report are not thrilled by this MAS sponsorship deal. They feel that MAS should be focusing on strengthening its flagging financial status and showing some concrete moves towards this end. Sabah DAP concurs with this view.

“It looks like MAS is being used to support the “recreation” of AirAsia’s chief steward and major shareholder who is the chairman of QPR,” Bosi pointed out in a statement issued here yesterday.
Foreign investors jittery

He also said Sabah DAP sympathizes with the Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) government for not being able to do anything about MAS recent decision to suspend four regional routes from Sabah next year, apart from the eight international flights taken off its schedule in 2012, despite a strong-and-friendly relationship with the federal government.
“What is the point of (the state government) just expressing being upset?
“The state government should read and take heed of the grouses of the players in tourism, hotels and manufacturing sectors. They are the experts and the engine of economic growth in Sabah.
“With this type of behaviour, even the foreign investors will be jittery and lose confidence.

“Sabah DAP would like to reiterate that only with a change of government in Putrajaya we will be able to do something about MAS.
“As a national carrier MAS has failed the people of Malaysia for downsizing its operations. The government is partly to be blame for the gradual demise of MAS in this sector,” he said.
In a separate statement, MP for Kota Kinabalu, Hiew King Cheu urged MAS to reconsider its decision, stressing that travellers must first be adequately consulted.
Inconvenience all around
He said he had received a flood of complaints from the public angered by the re-routing of these international flights via Kuala Lumpur instead of flying directly to the various overseas destinations like China, Japan, Australia, and even to Sandakan.
“This has caused much inconveniences and problems to many travellers. The re-routing via Kuala Lumpur may not suit every one’s travel plans not forgetting the time spent waiting for connecting flights,” he said.

He claimed that this has inevitably resulted in many travellers cancelling their earlier booking with MAS and switching to the other airlines despite paying more.
“MAS should compensate the travellers in cancelling the particular route to overseas. This is necessary because the travellers have to spend extra money to book on to other foreign airlines in the region,” he said.
Hiew also reminded the national carrier not to ignore its social responsibility to Malaysians.
“Some of these international routes might not be profitable but in order to serve the community and meet their needs, these routes must be maintained even at a loss,” he said. Free Malaysia Today

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And just of interest, re Tony Fernandes and QPR: From a few weeks ago

Borneo Post

Let’s talk about Tony
by Ghaz Ghazali. Posted on December 4, 2011, Sunday
Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has been called many things — from a ‘no-frill CEO’ to downright ‘crook’.
“It’s unbelievable to hear what people have been calling me. An MP once called me ‘kucing kurap’ (ringworm-infested stray cat — an expression to denote the less desirable members of society),” said the co-founder and captain of the nation’s first low-cost carrier (LCC) AirAsia.

THE FORTUNE KING: Dressed as the Chinese God of Wealth, Fernandes met guests at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal in Sepang and gave ‘ang pow’ to children.
Ever the outspoken one, he quickly added: “The Japanese, however, chose me as one of the 100 most influential people in their country alongside two other only foreigners — Apple founder, the late Steve Jobs, and Tesla Motors chief executive Elon Musk.
“Don’t you think there’s something not right here,” he jokingly told thesundaypost. This year marks the 10th anniversary of AirAsia. What started as a two-plane airline a decade ago is now operating a fleet of more than 100 aircraft. But it has not come without challenges.
“There have been so many misconceptions. While I have no regret, I do wish I don’t have to fight so much for what I believe is right. There has been so much ‘blood’ with Malaysia Airlines …a nd now, with Malaysia Airports.“I know there are so many who want to hang me now,” he laughed.
Fernandes was in the news recently, venting his frustrations at Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd in the social media for raising airport taxes on passengers as well as aircraft landing and parking charges for airlines. Fernandes said while he’s not losing too much sleep over it, it was a shame AirAsia was always made out to be the villain.
“Perhaps along the lines I’ve been a poor communicator. Perhaps we are too different but it would’ve been nicer if people understood what we’d been trying to do, and supported us all the way instead of villifying us without even coming to see us and discuss.”
Ultimate challenge
Nevertheless, Fernandes said there’s still much to do – like finding a successor. To him, it remains the company’s ultimate challenge.
“A good leader should know when to step down. If I’m a good leader, I’d go when I can be sure the new leader can run the company better. Only then I’d be considered successful.
“The question is who’s going to take over from me and Kamarudin (AirAsia’s co-founder and deputy chief) perhaps in the next five years? There has to be a new chief by then.
“Having said that, a great thing about AirAsia is that there’s lot of good and capable people here and in Thailand,” Fernandes disclosed.
But the man still has heaps on his plate right now.
“It would be a lie to say it’s easy. I’m sure Aziz Laikar, (AirAsia’s commercial and communications spokesperson) has nightmares trying to co-ordinate my time — plus I’m all over the world, making statements he knows nothing about.
“But you know what? Live life once. If I were hit by a bus tomorrow, I won’t complain – I had a great life. A Malaysian, growing up and then suddenly realising I own an airline, a football club and a Formula One racing team – unbelievable! It’s tough on my body, yes, but would I not repeat it? Definitely not – but I won’t change anything at al either,” he said.
Different ball game
Speaking of football clubs, Fernandes – who owns the English Premier League Club, Queen Park Rangers (QPR) – said he has plans for the fans here and Sabah.
“We want to put on record that AirAsia has done a lot for Sarawak all these years, and we can and want to do more. What I want is for people to approach and tell me about their problems, their ideas and so on. I’m planning to do this thing for QPR fans in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu in the first week of January next year.”
Most likely, Fernandes hinted, he might bring QPR players here to meet the fans.
“Rather than bringing the players to Kuala Lumpur, I want to fly the team to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. I know AirAsia owes a lot to East Malaysia. As such, we want to say thank you.
“It would be great if we could do something different. I believe the QPR team would love Sarawak and Sabah,” he added.

Upcoming plans
With his journey almost reaching the end, 47-year-old Fernandes is happy he and the team have delivered a profitable airline alongside the right strategy and a few viable joint ventures.
“It’s quite sad really. Somebody told me in three years I would hit ‘Hawaiian Five-0’ but I never consider myself old.”
He said AirAsia wouldn’t be what it is today without the support of Sabah and Sarawak. “This is my first 10-year interview, and I believe it’s significant for me to speak to the people of Sarawak and Sabah. I’m the sort of person who never forgets anyone who has helped us. Don’t think for one minute AirAsia will ever abandon Sarawak and Sabah.
“Were only 10 years old. Imagine what we can do for Sarawak and Sabah over the next 10 years. Give us the support and we’ll do a lot more,” he added.
“If only the whole ofMalaysiawere likeSarawakandSabah, we’d have a better country.”
Borneo Post

QPR Official Site
In-form striker Heidar Helguson has penned a new deal at Loftus Road.

The 34 year-old Icelandic international, who has bagged seven goals in twelve appearances in the Premier League this season, has been rewarded for his stunning start to the campaign with a new deal which runs to the summer of 2013.

Article continues

Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk, a delighted Neil Warnock said: "I fought tooth and nail to keep Heidar here over the summer, because I knew he could be a threat for us in the Premier League.

"He's proved time and again what a good player he is.

"He's more than earned this new deal - no-one deserves it more.

"He's a credit to his profession and it couldn't happen to a nicer lad."

Helguson has now scored 26 goals in the famous Blue and White Hoops and Warnock added: "We know he's not going to play every game at his age, which is why we need to add to our options in that department.

"It's something we're working on and we're quite hopeful we'll be successful in our pursuit."

Warnock also revealed he hopes to tie down a few more of his current crop to new deals in the coming weeks, adding: "With a little bit of luck hopefully we can get one or two more of the lads that are here to sign new contracts over the next few weeks." QPR

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