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Saturday, December 03, 2011

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QPR Report Correspondent, Maudesfishnchips Q&A Offering a WBA Fan Perspective. Many thanks to this week's interviewee.

a big thanks to crazedwbafan18 from http://westbrom.com/forum/index.php#c11

How long have you supported WBA?

Im a relatively new supporter, only joined the bandwagon in the last couple of years

Who are West Brom’s biggest Rival (or Rivals) and why?

It depends on your age, for me it is wolves, but for most of the older folk on here it'd be villa anyday. beating them on their own turf was certainly a great day!

Are you happy with your team and how things are to date? – What are your opinions on your manager Hodgson? His spending/selling this so far?

I'm relatively happy on the team. there were huge fears earlier on with respect to our lack of choice at left back, but so far we have looked defensively astute. Our strikers need to start getting the goals though, as our lack of firepower up front does worry me a bit. having said that, shane long is a great player, with a great workrate. Hodgson is a good manager in fairness, with a lot of experience to his name. he is very defensive minded, making a huge change to di matteo last season, and has changed our style of play massively. it is certainly a gamble, and we are changing our reputation from giant slayers like last season, to ones who are grinding out the wins where they matter.

What do you think of your current Owner? WHY is he involved? What do you expect from him?

Jeremy Peace isnt a flashy man; keeps relatively quiet and doesnt spend highly. i expect more high cash dealss from the man, but we all know that wont happen!

How do you think West Brom treats its fans? Appreciates them? Listens to them? Screws them?

A bit on the expensive side in my opinion, though the whole concessions for students is good. I think there is respect to the fans though, especially by introducing a few games this season where adults can enter for 15 pounds.

Who are you Dangermen/Most valued/most overrated/most underrated players?

Main dangerman lie in long and dorrans when he hits form in my opinion. as for underrated, cant speak highly enough of mulumbu. a great holding midfielder who works his socks off. tchoyi is an interesting character in our squad. has moments of brilliance, and awfulness

Are you happy with your youth set up? Is your club doing enough to bring young/local talent through the ranks?

I am happy with it. We have a lot of potential in players like Berahino and Thorne, who has had first team chances but needs more experience first. I think the youth to first team link up is good, with a great academy down halfords lane.

Who would you say was the greatest Albion player that you yourself personally saw? And past player? (You can name more than one if it's that close!)

Greatest past players lie with the likes of Jeff Astle, Cyrille Regis, and Tony Brown, though im too young to remember them im afraid! Personally though, the best albion player i think ive seen is probably Mulumbu for now, which says a lot! Great player though.

What is your prediction for WBA this season?

Dont like to tempt fate so i dont know haha

What is your view and the general West Brom view of QPR (If we even feature in your consciousness) or of Neil Warnock and our owners?

I think its a decent club to be fair, nice cosey ground. I have respect for Warnock, honest manager and i probably shouldnt say this but i prefer his interviews to hodgsons, seems to say it as it is rather than make excuses(sorry roy!)

Your score prediction for QPR v WBA?

Sneaky away win i hope! 1-2 WBA

What, realistically, do you think WBA are capable of achieving in the next five years?

Premier league stability and a trophy thrown in for good measure hopefully!


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