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Monday, December 12, 2011

QPR Report Monday Update: Warnock Award...Manchester United - An Early Preview


(Photos from the Bushman Archives)
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Posted on: Sun 11 Dec 2011

Neil Warnock has been named BBC London Sports Personality of the Year 2011 following an amazing 12 months at Loftus Road.

The R's gaffer guided the Club to Premier League promotion by winning the Championship in May - an incredible achievement considering Rangers occupied 20th spot in the second tier when he arrived just 14 months earlier.

Now, 15 games into the new campaign, QPR occupy a healthy position in the Premier League.

Warnock, pictured being presented with the award by BBC London's Phil Parry, said: "This is fantastic and I really do appreciate it.

"We have just loved every minute of being in London. Moving down here has changed my whole opinion of the place.

"This award is a fantastic achievement for me, and the last 12 months ranks as high as it can go.

"The most memorable moment for me isn't a great win. It was when we were 6-0 down at Fulham this season and our fans started singing 'There's only one Neil Warnock'.

"I can't tell you how much that meant to me. The fans know how far we have come in such a short space of time." QPR

Strange story about a months-old "issue" (which really wasn't a big issue even)
MAIL/Joe Bernstein
- QPR owner Fernandes accused of short-changing fans after season ticket promises

- QPR owner Tony Fernandes has backed down on plans to give 'significant refunds' to season-ticket holders and handed them vouchers for the club shop instead.
- Fernandes earned plenty of good publicity when it was reported he would refund season ticket holders shortly after he bought the club from unpopular owners Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore in August.
QPR fans were up in arms at the time about 40 per cent increases imposed by the Ecclestone regime that pushed up some season tickets to £999 and viewed Fernandes, owner of Asia's first cut-price budget airline, as an incoming hero.
-Hero or villain?: Tony Fernandes was welcomed with open arms by QPR fans
- But four months later, it appears Fernandes has watered down his original 'promises'. Instead, season ticket holders have been sent £50 vouchers that have to be spent by the end of the year.
-[b]John Reid, secretary of the QPR Loyal Supporters' Association (LSA), said: 'We have asked the club for a meeting to discuss pricing and other matters and we are still awaiting a reply.[/b]
-'At the moment our club is going forward and the atmosphere has never been better. But euphoria is often shortlived.'
While Fernandes is viewed in a positive light, fans are keen to see the new owner live up to his promises.
- Brian Beard, the club's chief executive, said in August: 'These changes show how serious we are about taking the fans' views on board.' Mail

NEXT: QPR vs Manchester United

QPR Report Poster and Moderator, HarlowRanger, produced this QPR vs Manchester United Preview for the QPR Report Messageboard. QPR Report poster and moderator, Bushman, supplied some additional photographs

QPR welcome Manchester United FC

Well , Alex Ferguson and Manchester United are on there way to Loftus Road !
Who would have thought that a few years ago ?

Surprisingly I expected to welcome them as Division leaders which is not the case this year , but this has be our biggest game to date doesn't it?

It certainly feels as big as Manchester City and Chelsea to me !

There has been many memorable encounters over the years but the 4-1 victory at Old Trafford on the 1st of January 1992 was very special indeed. .

That win being our only away victory in the 19 seasons we have faced each other .
The other five victories coming at Loftus road including two on the bounce in 1974 and 1975 .

Our previous League encounter being on the 16th March 1996 which was in the Premiership , the match at Loftus Road finished in a 1-1 draw with a late Cantona leveller!

We have only contested 38 League games over 19 seasons .
There has been 4 meetings in the FA Cup all of which the lost ,the closest coming to a result was in January 1989 when we drew 0-0 at Old Trafford in the 3rd round , drew 2-2 at Loftus Road in the replay before finally losing 3-0 in the second replay.

There was a futher loss in the League Cup in 2008 which was our most recent meeting and we played each other in the English Charity Shield in 1908 which we lost after a replay.

Past Results

English Premier League
Queens Park Rangers...1-1...Manchester United

Manchester United...2-1...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...2-3...Manchester United

Manchester United...2-0...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...2-3...Manchester United

Manchester United...2-1...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...1-3...Manchester United

Manchester United...0-0...Queens Park Rangers

English Division One (old)

Queens Park Rangers...0-0...Manchester United

Manchester United...1-4...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...1-1...Manchester United

Manchester United...3-1...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...1-2...Manchester United

Manchester United...0-0...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...3-2...Manchester United

Manchester United...0-0...Queens Park Rangers

Manchester United...2-1...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...0-2...Manchester United

Queens Park Rangers...1-1...Manchester United

Manchester United...1-0...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...1-0...Manchester United

Manchester United...2-0...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...1-3...Manchester United

Manchester United...3-0...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...1-1...Manchester United

Manchester United...3-1...Queens Park Rangers

Manchester United...2-0...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...1-1...Manchester United

Manchester United...3-1...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...2-2...Manchester United

Manchester United...1-0...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...4-0...Manchester United

Manchester United...2-1...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...1-0...Manchester United

Queens Park Rangers...3-0...Manchester United

Manchester United...2-1...Queens Park Rangers

Manchester United...8-1...Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers...2-3...Manchester United

Cup Results

English FA Cup

r6...Manchester United...2-0...Queens Park Rangers

r3...Manchester United...2-1...Queens Park Rangers

r3r2...Manchester United...3-0...Queens Park Rangers

r3r...Queens Park Rangers...2-2...Manchester United

r3...Manchester United...0-0...Queens Park Rangers

r4...Manchester United...1-0...Queens Park Rangers

English League Cup

r4...Manchester United...1-0...Queens Park Rangers

English Charity Shield

r...Manchester United...4-0...Queens Park Rangers


Manchester United...1-1...Queens Park Rangers

League Meetings

38 League Meetings(19 Seasons)

QPR wins = 6 , including 1 win (4-1) at Old Trafford

Manchester United wins = 22 , including 7 wins at Loftus Road.

Draws 10

QPR goals 41.

Manchester United goals 67 .

Premiership Meetings

Of the eight games we have faced each other in the Premiership , QPR have managed
No wins , 2 draws and 6 defeats and only managed to take two points out of 24 points available.

Fact – There has never been a 2-1 winning scoreline to QPR in the League or Cup.

Last League Meeting- 16th March 1996- Premiership
QPR 1 Man Utd 1


‘Cheat, cheat, cheat!’ – How Cantona’s late strike at QPR put United on course for the Double Double in ’96
Giles Oakley

In the shadow of Loftus Road

I’ve always enjoyed matches at Queens Park Rangers whose small, intimate stadium always creates a crackling atmosphere when United come to town.Loftus Road is only a block or so away from the BBC and many a time I have seen the floodlights gleaming enticingly in the distance over roof tops from offices at Television Centre.

The nearby White City Estate had quite a rough reputation in those days,entitling BBC staff to be escorted by security to nearby car-parks at night and I have seen a surprising number of violent incidents at QPR matches over the years. Nevertheless, the BBC sometimes used to hire office space within the stadium and I’ve often been to view rough cuts or approve fine-cuts in make-shift cutting rooms there.

Many of the terraced working class streets around Loftus Road are named after Boer War sites, such as South Africa Road and Bloemfontein Road which run right alongside the stadium. When I see them they always remind me of my Great Uncle Fred who died in that imperial war in 1901.

He was part of the force that took the city of Bloemfontein, where he played cricket for his regiment, the Shropshires against the Worcesters, top scoring and taking most wickets in the match. We Oakleys don’t forget our sporting triumphs. Tragically he died of enteric fever some weeks later when an untrained nurse who took a fancy to him gave him bunch of grapes, which finished him off.

When the War Office sent the family a telegram announcing his death they got his serial number wrong so in the next message they said he was alive. Unfortunately the first telegram was correct, as sadly confirmed in the third and final wire. I guess most people don’t think of such distant tragedies when going to a football match.

Kat and I got buses to Shepherds Bush but we got caught up in a huge traffic snarl-up and we were nearly late, missing our planned leisurely lunch. As we half-ran to Loftus Road we encountered straggly groups of United fans in the side streets chanting ‘Ooh Aah, Cantona’ songs with all the swaggering bravado of ten successive wins. We just got into our seats in the Ellerslie Road stand as the match kicked off.

Saturday 16 March 1996: QPR 1 Man United 1
In the first half United were vastly superior, creating chance after chance as one would expect of a team who had won their previous ten matches against a team who’d only won one in their last ten, and who were staring down the barrel of relegation.It seemed inconceivable that United would fail, especially with the incentive of going to the top of the table if they won or drew, with Newcastle not playing until Monday.

Equally, having played two more games than Newcastle a defeat would be a huge blow, perhaps fatal. As Andy Cole, David Beckham,Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane all missed good openings, Cole twice, I was beginning to get quite twitchy, worrying that it would be ‘one of those days’.

QPR had some good players, such as Danny Dichio, Simon Barker and today’s ever-popular favourite, the wholehearted Ian Holloway,now such a strong character as manager of Blackpool. Keane and Brian McClair were struggling to stem the tide in mid-field as Rangers passed the ball about purposively and I was getting very nervous, all my natural pessimism coming to the fore.

In the second half Rangers, who always tried to play thoughtful, constructive football, began to capitalise on some sloppy mistakes by United who began to look curiously lethargic. It was no real surprise when Rangers suddenly scored, Dichio netting with a powerful drive from the edge of the area after a perceptive pass from Holloway .

The United players looked stunned, if not affronted. They quickened the tempo in resonse and began pouring forward again, launching attack after attack, but they kept missing chances. On came United’s subs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Lee Sharpe. The silly errors still abounded but at least the urgency had returned, with even Schmeichel pushing forward now.

It was Rangers’ fans’ turn to get nervous. Their 1-0 lead looked very precarious and they were desperately whistling for the ref to blow for time. The gnarled old man next to me was getting more incensed by the second as the ref indicated with three fingers there were three minutes to go, when everyone thought we were already deep into injury time.

Then centre-back Steve Bruce powered into the opposition half, won the ball and fed it to Giggs who had burst forward for the umpteenth time, this time down the left. Giggsy lofted a perfect cross over to the far post where there was the inevitable figure of Eric Cantona to crash the ball into the net with controlled violence. Pandemonium, 1-1. The Rangers fans went absolutely berserk and some tried to get on the pitch, presumably to lynch the ref.

The police grappled the intruders to the ground, and hauled them off.
‘Cheat, cheat, cheat!!’
‘Cheat, cheat, cheat!!’ they chanted in frothing fury when the ref blew the final whistle moments later. Kat and I kept our heads down as the rage of anger swirled around us.

She had tentatively donned a United scarf at half-time when hostility levels were low, even in the heart of the QPR members’ stand. I think she actually liked it when the match boiled over.

Even as the players left the pitch with the boos ringing in their ears there was a near punch-up on the grass which got the QPR folk back on their feet in fury. None of it worried Kat as we left and she she commented that Mum would hate all the crowds and noise whereas she took after me and loved all the aggro.

I’d promised her I’d get her a United hat so we walked all round the ground inspecting the stalls selling scarves, bobble hats, badges, t-shirts and posters, ignoring the bitterly contorted faces of the aggrieved QPR fans.

She chose a Giggs poster and a discreet little red devil metal badge, then we hurried off while the QPR fans carried on their pointless ‘Cheat, cheat, cheat!’ screams at anyone in red & white. We just smiled to ourselves and made our escape.

United had rescued a vital point at the death, thanks to the great Eric Cantona, although given the heroic efforts of Bruce and Giggs in the build-up to the goal it was yet again evidence of that tremendous team spirit that was powering United back to the top. This was the first time United had been top of the table all season, and it was a huge psychological boost for the kids.

There were plenty more twists and turns in the run-in, but United now knew they had it in them to go for the big prizes.There was a growing feeling that the Double Double really was on again.
For me, it was a beautiful 50th birthday present. Kat and I went back home and got ready to party party for the rest of the night with friends and family. Not a bad way to reach your half century, with Manchester United top of the table, just as they are now, when I’m 65.

One sad footnote to this tale. QPR did get relegated in 1996, and have never returned to the top division. It would be terrific if they can finally get back up into the Premiership this season so we can resume battle in that right little, tight little stadium in Loftus Road. (Yes we did )


Game 1
1st January 1992 – Division One (old)
Manchester United 1 QPR 4 VIDEO


Wednesday 1st January 1992 - Barclays League, Division One
Dennis Bailey thrilled the live television audience with a glorious hat-trick as Rangers won at Old Trafford for the first time in their history.
This New Year's Day fixture kicked-off at 5.00pm to accommodate ITV's cameras. Manchester United topped the table that morning and ranked as 9/2 ON favourites to lift the title. Meanwhile, the Super Hoops were just below halfway, but had gone six games undefeated.

Against all the odds, the R's put on an invigorating performance and forged into an early 2-0 lead! After just three minutes, Roy Wegerle and Simon Barker combined to set up Andy Sinton for a powerful finish.

Barely two minutes later, Bailey held off a challenge from United's Clayton Blackmore and shot home from 15 yards via goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel's hands.
QPR's neat passing football and solid tackling continually troubled the home side. Bailey lashed over and Wegerle missed an open goal as the chances piled up.

Then on 59 minutes, Sinton tickled through an inviting pass which Bailey pounced upon and fired into the net in magnificent fashion.
Brian McClair pulled back a consolation goal for United on 82 minutes, but until then R's keeper Jan Stejskal had not been forced into making a save.

Bailey completed the scoring with five minutes to go, following up to tap home after Sinton's swerving drive was pushed onto the post by Schmeichel. This sealed United's worst home defeat since 1977.

Rangers boss Gerry Francis said afterwards: "It was a very good performance. But as Brian Moore said in the TV commentary, we are playing well enough to match anybody."
Bailey, a devout Christian, said: "This is a dream come true for me at Old Trafford. My first ever hat-trick and at a ground I have only ever been to once before. That was eight years ago when I was a fan supporting Tottenham in a Cup match.

"I could not quite believe what happened to me out there on the pitch against United. But I am convinced that I did it with God's assistance. God helped me do this - as he always helps me. I will be saying prayers of thanks for what has occurred here.

"I go to church - the Pentecostal in Brixton - every Sunday anyway, when I reflect on the week just passed. I am totally convinced that I always have God on my side.
"And because of my beliefs, I won't deride Manchester United now. Sure we hammered them and I enjoyed every moment of it, but you won't hear me rubbing it in."

United boss Alex Ferguson said: "That was just unbelievable and we got what we deserved. It was a lack of determination in clearing the ball and defending properly. We hadn't even got started when QPR were 2-0 up."

Manchester United: Schmeichel, Parker, Blackmore, Bruce, Pallister, Webb, Ince, Phelan (Giggs), McClair, Hughes, Sharpe.
QPR: Stejskal, Bardsley, Wilson, Wilkins, Peacock, McDonald, Holloway, Barker, Bailey, Wegerle, Sinton.
Attendance: 38,554.

Game 2
8th May 1989 – Division One (Old)
QPR 3 Manchester United 2

Game 3
15th March 1986 – Division One (old)
QPR 1 Manchester United 0

Game 4

19th April 1977 – Division One (old)
QPR 4 Manchester United 0 VIDEO

Game 5

13th September 1975 - Division One (old)
QPR 1 Manchester United 0

Great footage this of the 1-0 win , should have been more , Webb scores from Gillards flick then Dave Thomas brought down for a QPR penalty which Stepney saves from Bowles twice .
Interview with Stan and Dave Webb too. VIDEO

Game 6
1st January 1974 – Division One (old)
QPR 3 Manchester United 0

A fine 3 - 0 victory by London Club Queens Park Rangers, newcomers to the English First Division, plunged the once mighty Manchester United deeper into trouble today (Tuesday, January 1). Before a big Bank Holiday crowd, Rangers produced some superb attacking football to keep their place among the top half dozen clubs in the First Division.

Manchester United, despite the half-million pounds spent by manager Tommy Docherty on new layers, were never in contention. but Docherty's latest signing, left-back Steward Houston signed from London club Brentford for GBP 50,000 last Saturday, at least made a promising debut.

Alex Stepney, in the United goal, also had fine game. He had already pulled off several memorable saves when, in the 18th minute, Rangers mounted a quick attack and Givens scored with a fierce drive. The second goal, 16 minutes later, came from a setpiece corner -- Stan Bowles heading the ball into the net.

Bowles completed the humiliation of United with an extraordinary goal 20 minutes into the second half. He dummied his way past at least four paralysed United defenders and scored with an angled shot beneath the diving Stepney. Final score: Rangers 3 United 0.

SYNOPSIS: A big Bank Holiday crowd tuned up at Loftus Road on Tuesday to see the London club Queens Park Rangers take on Manchester United. Rangers, playing from right to left, are newcomers to the English first division this season. And they soon showed the sort of attacking football that has made them among the top half-dozen clubs.

Besides good teamwork, Rangers were also showing plenty of individual flair. Here, it's Gerry Francis making a brilliant run ... and bringing an equally fine save from United goalkeeper Alex Stepney.

But even Stepney's courage couldn't prevent Don Givens putting Rangers in the lead after a quarter of an hour.

Rangers went further ahead from a corner on the half-hour. Stan Bowles rose above the Manchester Untied defence to head the goal.

In the second half, now, and Queens Park Rangers still on the attack. Though United manager Tommy Docherty has spent a half-million pounds strengthening his team, his entire defence was mesmerised by Stan Bowles who scored another good goal. Final score -- Rangers three, United nil.


11th November 2008 Round 4
Manchester United 1 QPR 0 VIDEO I ..VIDEO II

Other Footage

13th January 1984 -Division One
QPR 1 Manchester United 1 VIDEO

QPR Defeat

27 th August 1983 – Division One
Man Utd 3 QPR 1

QPR Drubbing 19th March 1969 – Equalling our highest Scoring loss with Mansfield.
Man Utd 8 QPR 1


Original Press photograph of a goalmouth incident during the game played on March 19th 1969. George Best lies prostrate on the ground.

Manchester United once again showed their dominance against a loose Queens Park Rangers team in this Premier League match on March 19,1969.

The goals came from United legend George Best, who was followed to build the dazzling scoreline of 8-1 by John Aston, Brian Kidd, Willie Morgan and Nobby Stiles.

English Charity Shield – Neutral Ground.

27th August 1908
Manchester United 1... QPR ...1

29th August 1908
Manchester United 4... QPR ...0

1907/08 F.A. Charity Shield
Monday 27th April 1908
Venue: Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC
Manchester United 1 (Meredith)
Queens Park Rangers 1 (Cannon)

Half-time 0-1
Attendance: 12,000

The Charity Shield match was between the 1907/08 Football League champions, Manchester United, and 1907/08 Southern League champions Queens Park Rangers. The match was played at the end of the season in which they won their titles.

Manchester United: H Moger, G Stacey, H Burgess, R Duckworth, C Roberts, A Bell, W Meredith, J Bannister, J Turnbull, A Turnbull, G Wall.
Queens Park Rangers: C Shaw, J MacDonald, J Fidler, E Lintott, J McLean, S Downing, F Pentland, F Cannon, P Skilton, A Gittins, W Barnes.

1907/08 Charity Shield Replay
(the replay - the only time a Charity Shield went to a replay - was played at the start of the 1908/09 season).
Saturday 29th August 1908
Venue: Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC
Manchester United 4 (Turnbull 3, Wall)
Queens Park Rangers 0

Half-time 2-0
Attendance: 10,000
Manchester United: H Moger, G Stacey, H Burgess, R Duckworth, C Roberts, A Bell, W Meredith, J Bannister, J Turnbull, J. Picken, G Wall.
Queens Park Rangers: C Shaw, J MacDonald, J Fidler, E Lintott, J McLean, S Downing, J McNaught, F Cannon, P Skilton, A Gittins, W Barnes

The 1908 FA Charity Shield was the first Charity Shield, a football match contested by the winners of the previous season's Football League and Southern League competitions. The match was played on 27 April 1908 between 1907–08 Football League winners Manchester United and 1907–08 Southern League champions Queens Park Rangers.

The match was played at the neutral venue of Stamford Bridge, London, and ended as a 1–1 draw, goals coming from Billy Meredith for Manchester United and Frank Cannon for Queens Park Rangers.

Since extra time was not played, and penalty shoot-outs did not exist in the early 1900s, the match went to a replay, also at Stamford Bridge. The replay was played four months after the original match, on 29 August 1908, and finished in a 4–0 victory for Manchester United, crowning them as the first ever Charity Shield winners.

Jimmy Turnbull scored a hat-trick for United, the other goal coming from George Wall. The 1908 Charity Shield raised £1,275 for charity and is the only Charity or Community Shield to date to have required a replay.

Charity Shield 28th August 1908: Billy Meredith of Manchester United in action during the first ever FA Charity Shield match against Queens Park Rangers. Following a 1-1 draw, United won 4-0 in the replay.

Players that played for both Clubs !
(4 - 5 game sequence of their Clubs they played for)

1)QPR > Man Utd? Reg Allen

2)Man Utd > Hull City(loan) > Bristol R(loan) > QPR > Radcliffe Borough?Nick Culkin

3)Man Utd > QPR > Tulsa Roughnecks > Newcastle Utd?David McCreery

4)Man Utd > QPR >Derby County >Gillingham ?Gary Micklewhite

5)Fulham > QPR > Man Utd > Derby County > Sheff Utd ?Paul Parker

6)Aston Villa > Sheff Weds > QPR > Man Utd >Chelsea ?
7)Man Utd > QPR > Sydney Olympic ?

8)Man Utd > Milan > Paris St Germain > Rangers >QPR ? (+Manager QPR)Ray Wilkins

9)Carlisle > Newcastle U > Man U > QPR > Scarboro ?

10)Man U > Luton T > QPR > Birmingham City ?Don Givens

11)Millwall > Man U > Derby County > QPR > Montreal Manic ?Gordon Hill

12)Man Utd > Barnsley >QPR >Blackpool > Exeter ?Daniel Nardiello

13)Celtic > Man Utd >Sunderland > QPR > Hibernian ?Liam Miller

Managed both Clubs -playing career
14)Luton Town > West Ham > Leyton Orient > Brighton H A > Crystal Palace ?Dave Sexton

15)Ipswich > Tottenham > Man Utd > Coventry City > QPR ?

LOANS 16 /17

16)Man Utd > QPR(loan) > Oldham ?

17)Man Utd >Swindon (loan ) > Cardiff (loan )> QPR (loan) > Cardiff ?Tom Heaton

Managed QPR /Player Man U player-playing career
18)Chelsea > Brentford > Man Utd > Sheff Utd >Colchester United ?Stewart Houston

Possibly in the wrong order this one?
19)Barnet > Man Utd > Shelbourne > QPR ?

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