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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

QPR Report Tuesday: QPR Supporters Committee Resigns...Flashbacks: Manager John Gregory on Plot to Destroy #QPR... QPR Reach Wembley...QPR's Championship-Winning Season...Next Sunderland


30 Years Ago QPR's Champions Season 


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- 30 Years Ago Today: QPR's Champions Season - QPR 6 Middlesbrough 1 (Video)

- QPR Part-owner Lakshmi Mittal, #41 on Forbes World's Richest Billionaires List

- Six Years Ago: QPR Manager John Gregory Speaking
"...John Gregory believes there is a powerful caucus of people close to the club who are plotting to kill off Queen's Park Rangers...."
  "...there's people out there trying to destroy the club, people who are close to it. You've got some on the internet message boards slagging everything off and giving out details about financial aspects, which are confidential. A few former employees might be feeding them stuff, spreading a lot of poison. It's quite sad really..."

Forty-Six Years Ago Yesterday: QPR Win the League Cup

OSC Committee Resigns En Masse

Monday, 4 March 2013,
Statement from OSC Committee (sent by Linda Favell on behalf of all Committee Members)

We announce that, with immediate effect, the Committee members of the QPR Official Supporters Club (OSC) have resigned en masse and have no wish to continue serving in their respective roles. 

It has become evident that the role of the OSC Committee has been diminishing increasingly of late. The historical objectives and purposes as listed in its Constitution are rarely sought by the Club.  With technological media advances in recent years, the Club is able to communicate with individual supporters in ways that render the OSC Committee unnecessary.  The Committee members have been keenly aware of this decline in the recent past, feel under-utilised and consider their contributions unappreciated and unacknowledged.

Ultimately, the decision was reached as a result of the sharp disdain experienced at the recent Fans Forum where seemingly fresh topics were brought to the Forum by various supporters’ groups and individuals despite the OSC having discussed the same issues with the Club over the past 18 months.  The Club's demonstration of concern at the Forum suggested that the its executives and staff had been blithely unaware of some of these issues.  This, in turn, has also demonstrated that the efforts made by the OSC Committee in voicing concerns on behalf of supporters - in an attempt to improve the match day experience - had at best been given minimal recognition, if not entirely dismissed. 

The Committee, as a whole, has adopted the viewpoint of no confidence and stands down in the belief that working with the Club has been and will continue to be a futile exercise.

Topics raised at previous OSC meetings:
Date of meeting
Topic Raised
John Reid (LSA) complained that the LSA had written several letters to the Club, with no responses.
Philip Beard wanted to commit to open lines of communication with fans groups.  He wanted to arrange and diarise a set of regular meetings throughout the year.  
Stewarding, ticket sales, loyalty points, website information.
Items to be raised at future OSC meetings (see below).
Fans Liaison Officer.
Philip Beard said Club needed to prioritise and would be unlikely to be able to fund necessary headcount for this role. He considered communication should be straightforward.
Loyalty Points
Philip Beard recognised the need to review the Loyalty Points scheme.
OSC Committee meeting
29.2.2012 attended by Becky Grote and Dan Laryea
Stewarding issues
No further action despite several individual emails to the Club.
OSC Committee meeting
1.8.2012 attended by Philip Beard, Becky Grote, Dan Laryea, Jon Davies
OSC Membership (what benefits?) and Function
Philip Beard suggested OSC membership should be “opt-in”.  He asked the Committee what it wanted the OSC function to be. 
OSC Committee meeting
1.8.2012 attended by Philip Beard, Becky Grote, Dan Laryea, Jon Davies
Family Stand – OSC stated that the issue should have been handled more sensitively, with prior consultation.
Philip Beard said the decision had to be made quickly and that the Lower Loft was the easiest section to change.  The decision stands.
OSC noted that the Box Office staff had worked well when moving supporters’ seats.
OSC Committee meeting
1.8.2012 attended by Philip Beard, Becky Grote, Dan Laryea, Jon Davies
Ticket Touts brought up at meeting and emailed to Box Office.  What controls in place to prevent this.  Can tickets be tracked back to individuals?
Club encouraged use of Viagogo. 
Nothing could be done to stop ticket touts. 
OSC Committee meeting
1.8.2012 attended by Philip Beard, Becky Grote, Dan Laryea, Jon Davies
Club tradition and history. Wanted contact maintained with ex-players and staff to keep tradition alive.
Philip Beard happy to have a viable scheme set upif there was a particular purpose.
OSC Committee meeting
1.8.2012 attended by Philip Beard, Becky Grote, Dan Laryea, Jon Davies
Hospitality too expensive for most regular supporters. Asked whether less expensive facilities could be provided for supporters’ special occasions.
All hospitality packages to be sold at maximum cost in order to accrue maximum profits.

- Two Year Flashback: (Bhatia-Mittal?) Bid for QPR

QPR Official Site - March 4, 2011 - CLUB STATEMENT
In response to recent press speculation relating the potential sale of a 67% shareholding in QPR Holdings Limited (the 'Company'), the Company confirms that it has entered into preliminary discussions, which may or may not result in an offer being made.
It is emphasised that these talks are at an early stage, and that there is no certainty that an offer for the Company will be forthcoming. Thread/Updates

"....QPR in those days were small, proud, well-run, maximizing their resources, innovative and playing attractive football. When you told someone you supported QPR you usually received a positive reaction."

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