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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

#QPR Fan Forum Thursday - Just No Board Representative Responding to Questions

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This Thursday (tomorrow), Queen's Park Rangers Football Club will be holding a Fan Forum. In the Club's words, "(Manager] Harry Redknapp [and Players] Rob Green and Charlie Austin will be in attendance while CEO Philip Beard will also be present to provide an update on key club matters." QPR Official

However the club has made clear that CEO Beard will NOT be responding to Forum attendee Questions. And there will no be Chairman Fernandes or other members of the QPR Board to whom questions can be addressed.

This is a contrast to the last QPR Fan Forum which the club finally reinstituted after a multi-year gap which lasted for the entire Briatore-Ecclestone "Era" and the first year of Fernandes Chairmanship.

Prior to the Briatore-Ecclestone "Interregnum" QPR for many years consistently held fan forums. All the ones I can recall, included the Chairman and/or CEO.

To state the obvious: Many of the most central questions involve areas of the club which are not the purview or even central interest of Harry Redknapp. (Who knows whether Redknapp will even still be at the club a couple from years from now.)

The club has responded to this "observation" about the non-Board role, by saying that Beard will be giving an update and that there are other fan-club meetings where questions can be addressed. 

That is obviously true. But those other meetinsg are carefully structured and not open to public viewing. And there are many questions which are of deep interest and concern to QPR Fans which should be addressed.

Hopefully fans will reiterate this at the Fan Forum.

[The last QPR Fan Forum in February, 2013 consisted of Harry Redknapp, players Jamie Mackie and Clint Hill...and CEO Philip Beard. Full Report]

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